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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon Gold and Silver.
These pages follow the original Game Boy Color iteration, not HeartGold and SoulSilver. The guide for those games can be found here.

Goldenrod City

Goldenrod City

Welcome to Goldenrod, the largest metropolis in Johto and sister city to Saffron in Kanto. This sprawling city boasts several major attractions, including a Pokémon Gym, Bike Shop, Game Corner, Radio Tower, and Department Store. There is so much to do in the big city that it's easy to forget about a single shady character. But with a Team Rocket grunt keeping tabs on the Radio Tower, expect to save the city sooner or later. But first thing's first, let's see the sights!

Bike Shop

The Bike Shop has moved to the city's southeast neighborhood from Cerulean City in Kanto, but demand has not been very strong. Since you're traveling so much, the owner asks to loan you a Bicycle in the hopes that the advertising will increase interest, and business will pick up. Riding your new bike is faster than traveling on foot, and he gains new customers—everybody's happy!

Game Corner

Unlike Celadon's Game Corner, this one has no secret entrance to an underground Rocket base. Unfortunately, the games are off-limits without a Coin Case, so Trainers who want to try their luck will have to find one first. After doing so, coins can be purchased at 50 for PokémonDollar.png1000, or 500 for PokémonDollar.png10,000. Leave the Game Corner for the southwest, and enter the building marked Underground Entrance.

Left Clerk
TM Ice TM14 (Blizzard)
TM Electric TM25 (Thunder)
TM Fire TM38 (Fire Blast)
Right Clerk
063 Abra
023 Ekans*
027 Sandshrew*
147 Dratini

Goldenrod Underground

The Goldenrod Tunnel runs north-south under the west side of the city, with a small access hallway leading to the basement of the Department Store. The underground hallway widens just beyond the first two Trainers, allowing more room for the three shops here.

Bargain shop

The northern bargain shop is only open on Monday mornings, 4am to 9am. This merchant deals in valuable items; while having no use themselves, they can be resold elsewhere for decent profit. Having some of these items on-hand will help replenish your money if you are defeated in battle.

Bargain shop
Nugget Nugget
Pokémon Dollar4500
Pearl Pearl
Pokémon Dollar650
Big Pearl Big Pearl
Pokémon Dollar3500
Stardust Stardust
Pokémon Dollar900
Star Piece Star Piece
Pokémon Dollar4600

Pokémon Salon

The Pokémon Salon, the center shop, is operated by two brothers. Their services will raise a Pokémon's friendship, though at different rates. The younger brotherSuWeFr charges PokémonDollar.png300, while the older brotherTuThSa charges PokémonDollar.png500. Their shop is closed on Mondays.

Herb Shop

The Herb Shop, the southern-most shop, sells medicinal herbs that heal or revive Pokémon and are cheaper than their traditional counterparts. The downside is that Pokémon do not enjoy their bitter taste, so their friendship rating will decrease slightly as a result. This shop is only open on weekends.

Herb Shop
Energy Root Energy Root
Pokémon Dollar800
Energy Powder EnergyPowder
Pokémon Dollar500
Revival Herb Revival Herb
Pokémon Dollar2800
Heal Powder Heal Powder
Pokémon Dollar450

Bill's house

Bill, the inventor of the Pokémon PC Storage system, lives on the city's western coast with his mother and sister. He is currently away on business in Ecruteak City, but since you are using his system, his sister gives you his phone number. This is a useful way to check how many Pokémon are stored in the current box.

After meeting him in Ecruteak, he returns home to Goldenrod. Stop by his house afterwards to receive a gift from him.

Name Rater

The Name Rater lives in the house to the west of the Goldenrod Gym. Like his counterpart in Lavender Town, the Name Rater evaluates a Pokémon's nickname, and allows Trainers to think up new nicknames for them.

Mood Tester

There are certain Pokémon, like Espeon and Umbreon, that can only be acquired when a Pokémon is happy with its Trainer. The woman in the house near the Bike Shop will evaluate the friendship rating of the first Pokémon in your party. There are many things that a Trainer can do in order to raise a Pokémon's friendship, like grooming it or feeding it vitamins.

Radio Tower

The Radio Tower stands tall directly aside of the train station. The man behind the counter runs a lottery, and hands out prizes if any numbers on your ticket match your ID number. Speak with the woman behind the counter to participate in a quiz, with a Pokégear Radio Card as a prize. Once installed, Trainers can tune into the following programs.

Program Host(s) Channel Description
Pokédex Show (no host) 4.5
(4am - 10am)
A show that broadcasts Pokédex entries gathered by the player.
Professor Oak's Pokémon Talk Mary and Oak 4.5
(10am - 4am)
Talk show discussing locations where Pokémon can be found.
Pokémon Music Ben 7.5 Broadcasts different music depending on the day of the week.
The Pokémon MarchSuTuThSa increases the wild encounter rate, while the Pokémon LullabyMoWeFr decreases it.
Lucky Channel Reed 8.5 Broadcasts a random OT number; any Pokémon with a similar ID number earns its Trainer a prize from the welcome center. Changes every Friday.

Magnet Train Station

Next to the Radio Tower is the Magnet Train Station. Currently shut down, this bullet train normally runs between Johto's Goldenrod and Kanto's Saffron twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The other major method of travel between regions—sailing on the S.S. Aqua—runs much less frequently, making the Magnet Train the ideal method of transportation.

Goldenrod Department Store

Located just east of the Pokémon Center, the Goldenrod Department Store is the largest shop in Johto. The behemoth building consists of eight floors, including the rooftop and basement, and has a wide array of items up for sale. With so many supplies at your disposal, you should have little trouble at the Goldenrod Gym.


While there are no shops in the basement, you can take the elevator downstairs to find an Ultra Ball, a Burn Heal, and an Ether.


The Trainer's Market sells basic equipment and items that Trainers may find useful while on their journey.


The Battle Connection sells temporary stat-enhancing items.


A pharmacy known as the Medicine Box sells permanent stat-enhancing items.


The TM Corner on the fifth floor offers a handful of different Technical Machines for sale. TM02 is available after first acquiring it in Ilex Forest. TM08 is available after first acquiring it on Route 36.

On Sundays, there is a second shopkeeper working here, and she will give out TM27 (Return) if a Trainer's lead Pokémon is happy, and TM21 (Frustration) if it is unhappy. Speaking with the little girl here unlocks the Mystery Gift option. There is also a man who wants a Drowzee, for which he is willing to trade his Machop, a Fighting Pokémon that will have an advantage at the local Gym.


Like at the Celadon Department Store, the Rooftop Square has vending machines that dispense tasty, health-restoring drinks.

Goldenrod Gym

Goldenrod Gym


The Incredibly
Pretty Girl!

The Goldenrod Gym is devoted to Normal-type Pokémon. It's a good idea to trade for that Machop in the Department Store, as only Fighting-type Pokémon get a power bonus when battling Normal types. Ghosts like Gastly cannot be hit by Normal moves, but need a non-Ghost-type attack to damage Normal-type Pokémon. Whitney's Miltank can be very difficult to defeat; in addition to having high Defense and Speed, it can use Milk Drink to restore its high HP. As Miltank is female, its Attract move prevents male Pokémon from attacking 50% of the time. The best strategy is to use status ailments; either poison it and bide your time, or put it to sleep and chip away at it.

Goldenrod Gym
The Plain Badge

Whitney sobs uncontrollably when she loses, ignoring you altogether. Unable to receive the Badge, you turn to leave when Lass Bridget steps in. She speaks to Whitney, and the Gym Leader finally gives up the Plain Badge, which gives a Speed boost to your Pokémon and enables the use Strength in the field. She also gives you TM45 (Attract) as a prize.

Goldenrod Flower Shop

Before you leave for Route 35, stop by the flower shop just east of the Gym. The two women inside talk about an odd tree on Route 36 that actually squirms around to avoid contact with water. One woman gives you a Squirtbottle so you can see it for yourself.

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