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Battle Tower (Generation III)

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Battle Tower バトルタワー
Battle Tower
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Battle Tower RS.png
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Location: South of Route 130
Region: Hoenn
Generations: III
Hoenn Battle Frontier Map.png
Location of Battle Tower in Hoenn.
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The Battle Tower (Japanese: バトルタワー Battle Tower) in Generation III is located in the Hoenn region, and is a post-Pokémon League battle arena located in Hoenn's southeastern sea, inaccessible except by boat, as it connects to no routes. Its purpose is to provide a challenge to all comers, with the best and brightest Trainers from all over flocking to it to see who is the strongest.

Carrying over its functions from the Battle Tower in Pokémon Crystal into Ruby and Sapphire, the Battle Tower is expanded on in Pokémon Emerald where it becomes one of the seven facilities in the Hoenn Battle Frontier and allows for Double Battles as well as Multi Battles (with the player being able to partner up with a computer-controlled Trainer or a linked human-controlled one).


Single battles

This battle mode carries over the same rules and regulations as the Battle Tower that appears in Pokémon Crystal, expanded to include Generation III Pokémon. Players go through a series of seven battles in a row, with three Pokémon per side, with the levels varying depending on which mode is chosen. In level 50 and level 100 modes, all opponent Pokémon will be of the specified level, however, in "open level" mode, which replaces level 100 mode in Emerald, all will be the level of the player's highest-level Pokémon (with a minimum of level 60). No two Pokémon used by the same Trainer can be holding the same item.

In Emerald, Salon Maiden Anabel appears as the 35th and 70th opponent, the last battles in the fifth and tenth passes through the tower, respectively.

Double Battles

The rules of Single Battle mode apply to Double Battles as well, however, each Trainer uses a party of four, rather than three, and battles with two Pokémon at once. This mode appears only in Pokémon Emerald, however, Anabel does not appear, as she only challenges the player during Single Battle mode.

Multi battles

In multi battles, rather than having two Trainers using two Pokémon at a time, four Trainers use one Pokémon apiece in a Double Battle. Only two of the player's Pokémon are allowed to compete at once (with the same rules followed as before). This mode can either be used alone (where the player is accompanied by an apprentice or another computer-controlled Trainer) or when linked to another copy of Pokémon Emerald (via the Link Cable or Wireless Adapter accessories for Game Boy Advance), where another player contributes his or her Pokémon.


Any Pokémon can be entered for battle, except for the following Pokémon:

Mewtwo Mewtwo Mew Mew Lugia Lugia Ho-Oh Ho-Oh Celebi Celebi
Kyogre Kyogre Groudon Groudon Rayquaza Rayquaza Jirachi Jirachi Deoxys Deoxys
Normal Forme
Egg Egg


In Ruby and Sapphire, a prize will be given away after each set of seven matches. A single, random prize will be given away, depending on the length of the player's winning streak. In Emerald, like all other facilities in the Battle Frontier, Battle Points are awarded instead of prizes.

Streak of 7-35

Item Location Games
Bag Protein Sprite.png Protein 7-35 wins  R  S 
Bag Iron Sprite.png Iron 7-35 wins  R  S 
Bag Carbos Sprite.png Carbos 7-35 wins  R  S 
Bag Zinc Sprite.png Zinc 7-35 wins  R  S 
Bag HP Up Sprite.png HP Up 7-35 wins  R  S 

Streak of 35 or more

Item Location Games
Bag Leftovers Sprite.png Leftovers 35 wins  R  S 
Bag White Herb Sprite.png White Herb 35 wins  R  S 
Bag Quick Claw Sprite.png Quick Claw 35 wins  R  S 
Bag Mental Herb Sprite.png Mental Herb 35 wins  R  S 
Bag Bright Powder Sprite.png BrightPowder 35 wins  R  S 
Bag Choice Band Sprite.png Choice Band 35 wins  R  S 
Bag King's Rock Sprite.png King's Rock 35 wins  R  S 
Bag Focus Band Sprite.png Focus Band 35 wins  R  S 
Bag Scope Lens Sprite.png Scope Lens 35 wins  R  S 


After reaching streaks of certain lengths, special prizes will be given out.

Item Location Games
SilverShieldSprite.png Silver Shield 50 wins  R  S 
GoldShieldSprite.png Gold Shield 100 wins  R  S 
Winning Ribbon.png Winning Ribbon Awarded to all participating Pokémon after 50 straight wins in level 50 mode  R  S 
Victory Ribbon.png Victory Ribbon Awarded to all participating Pokémon after 50 straight wins in level 100 mode  R  S 

In Pokémon Emerald

In Pokémon Emerald, the Battle Tower is now a part of the Battle Frontier.


Silver Symbol challenge

Gold Symbol challenge


Main article: Cloning glitches#Generation III

In Pokémon Emerald, players may exploit the Battle Tower to clone their Pokémon.


Battle Tower interior E.png Battle Tower hallway E.png Battle Tower arena E.png
Inside the Battle Tower Hallway after exiting the elevator Before battle in the Battle Tower

In the anime

The Battle Tower in the anime

A Battle Tower appeared in Destiny Deoxys, in LaRousse City, where Ash and Tory Lund battled Rafe and Sid. Like most things in the city, this Battle Tower was almost completely high-tech.


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