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Rikki Kitsune (Japanese: リッキ Kitsune Rikki, リッキ キツネ Rikki Kitsune is also seen.), commonly known simply as Rikki, has been an user of Bulbapedia since January 2008, but became active only in August 2008. His favorite Pokémon is Espeon and his favorite character of the Pokémon Anime is Misty. His real name is Paulo Henrique Testoni, he was born in 1993 and he lives in Brazil.


My first contact with the Pokémon Anime was on middle 1999's, when I was six. It was in a kids morning TV program called Eliana & Alegria. After some time (like... two years?), due to the lack of new episodes in open TV, I stopped to watch Pokemon until it started to be again shown in open TV, in 2005, with the Master Quest saga. Then, I begun to become more and more interested in Pokémon Media.

So, I set to play Pokémon games, and find in the internet more and more about this franchise. Somewhere around this "search", I arrived here, in Bulbapedia!


I simply thought that Bulbapedia was really awesome, in first sight! In primary contacts, I used to read, read, and read much information as I could about Pokémon here. Then I decided to create an account in order to help this big community with the little that I can transmit!

Today, I try to correct what isn't, add what I know, standarize similar pages, put templates, and some more.

One of my bigger tasks was pass by all Pokémon's pages adding anime dex entries available in Theryguy512's project (with his permission), and correcting the one's that already were there. It was a mess. I completed, but since new dex entries are added every time, I have to stay in patrol!

My most recent (or not) task is developing the page about Pokémon in Brazil for Project Globe.

Besides this, I say that my objective is only one: improve bulbapedia as I can.


In the games, normally I choose the male player, and put Rikki as his name. In some cases I've chosen the girl player for random purposes, putting Blue for Leaf's name (because of her Special counterpart), and Rika (リカちゃん Rika-chan) for Kotone's (due to the similarity with Rikki, suggestion of Sayaka), and so I decided to since then, always use Rika for a female player, if I return to play with one.

I do not have the practice of playing both of the first versions of every Generation, usually choosing that which call me more attention (combining aspects like version mascot, color, name, etc). The third version sometimes makes me playing it, because of it being sightly different from the other two, but it's not always.

In-game, I prefer to choose the Water-type starter, Chikorita being a notable exception. My teams tend to be balanced, generally with a Water-, a Flying-, a Grass-, an Electric-, a Normal- and a Random-type. Obviously, this can change.

I was somewhat-absent in Generation III games, because of my "absence from the Pokémon World" between 2001 and 2005.


In 2005~2006, I used to be member of Pokémon Village, and Brazilian fandom website, as News Editor and Webdesigner, besides other functions. I participated also in PSBR fansub, helping in the Pokémon Special manga translation to portuguese.

Nowadays I have contact with important people of Brazilian Fandom, but I'm almost out of action.

Espeon in the anime.

Favorite Pokémon

My favorite Pokémon is, for sure, Espeon! Since I first saw it in a brazilian magazine about Pokémon, I liked it much! I don't know if I became identified with it or not, but for me it is one of the best Pokémon!

My favorite type, though, is the Water-type. However, the Psychic-type is also one of my favorites!

Among my favorites, there are (in numerical order, except for cross-generational evolution families):

So much @.@

Spr HGSS Misty.pngAnime

Favorite Characters

Misty's Original Series outfit.

Misty (カスミ Kasumi) - The BEST Pokémon character ever! I think that the way she loves the Water-type Pokémon is so nice! And since my favorite type is it... perfect match! I simply hate the way that the twerps writers gave her at the Johto League saga. Only a very few episodes were focused on her and/or with somewhat important participation of Misty. When she was "kicked" from the anime main cast, I became so depressed that took much time to pass, and that goodbye's episode is so sad! At least she became much more mature and strong since this. Nowadays I'm used to the idea that she won't come back to the main cast, but at least I expect some new special appearences, like May's from DP075 to DP079.

May (ハルカ Haruka) - One of the best Pokémon Coordinators ever! She simply OWNS when the theme is Contest. I like much her presentations and I thinks she has a very good spirit for this! I loved her re-appearence in Sinnoh and I hope the three Pokémon girls may meet themselves together!

Dawn (ヒカリ Hikari) - I like much her Contest side too, but not as May's. I don't know certainly why, but I like much this girl, also. Maybe it's due to her personality.

Dent (デント Dent) - Pokémon Sommelier! He's so gorgeous and everything! A character like him in Ash's gang is different, but awesome!

Jessie (ムサシ Musashi) - The diva of the anime. She is so beautiful and funny! I like much her rage moments, as well as the diva ones. XD

James (コジロウ Kojirō) - It is so funny when he crossdresses, lol. Also, I like so much his 'normal' way. He is also so nice, just like Jessie.

Tracey Sketchit (ケンジ Kenji) - I like much this guy due to his liking in observate the Pokémon's habits. In some ways I identify with him, and I wish he could get a bigger part in the anime nowadays.

Sakura (サクラ Sakura) - I think that my linking on her was mainly because she has an Espeon. But, I think that her battle style is very cool! Her gym battle with Misty was awesome!

Harley (ハーリー Harley) - The funniest ever! I laugh so much every time he appears! His way, talkings ("Pin~pon! :D" LOL) are just hilarious. I simply died the time he crossdressed as May! >XDDD

Reggie (レイジ Reiji) - Don't know exactly why I like him. He is so different form Paul. He's a nice breeder.

Kellyn (ハジメ Hajime) - My favorite spin-off games are from the Pokémon Ranger series. I like much the Rangers in all thing! Capturing, clothing, etc. Kellyn is my favorite one!

Barry (ジュン Jun) - I already liked much Pearl's character design, and I admit that I wasn't waiting his appearence in the anime, and it surprised me! I like so much his freaky way.

Belle (ベル Belle) - She's so similar to Jun! Physically and in manner! XD I like her so much!



Ash's Butterfree
Ash's Squirtle
Ash's Lapras
Ash's Chikorita → Bayleef
Ash's Snorunt
Ash's Chimchar
Misty's Togepi → Togetic
Misty's Politoed
Misty's Corsola
Misty's Azurill
May's Bulbasaur
May's Munchlax
May's Squirtle
Dawn's Piplup
Dawn's Pachirisu
190 f.png424 f.png
Ash's Aipom → Dawn's Ambipom
Dawn's Swinub
Brock's Ludicolo
Brock's Bonsly
Brock's Happiny
Tracey's Marill
269 f.png
Jessie's Dustox
James's Chimecho
James's Mime Jr.
James's Carnivine
Mimey (Delia's Mr. Mime)
Sakura's Espeon
Madame Muchmoney's Snubbull
Nurse Joy's Blissey
Francesca's Chingling


PokéShipping (サトカス SatoKasu) [ Ash & Misty ] - My favorite Shipping at the original series. I like much the way that Misty showed hints in this episodes.

OrangeShipping (ケンカス KenKasu) [ Misty & Tracey ] - Okay, it seems controversial to like two of Misty's Shippings, but this one I like only on Pokémon Chronicles saga. The two were very close in this time. Also, in The Right Place and the Right Mime the two were very good with Marill and Azurill.

ContestShipping (シュウハル ShuHaru) [ May & Drew ] - My favorite in Advanced Generation series, I think. Their rivalry is very cool and I like much when Drew gives roses for May.