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Pokémon Harvest Moon

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A new journey begins as You set forward to make a Pokémon Farm.


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You start of with one pet a Growlithe, but if you befriend some of the wiled Pokémon the will fallow you home and be pets.


Bug House

Bugs are raised in the bug house there inexpensive and easy to care for. They eat berries.


Wurmple is the lest expensive of the live stock, they make silk once every 4 days.

Spr 4p 415 f.png

Combee Cute Combee will make honey for you once a day


You can collect the spores from Paras. That cam be made into medicine or sold for money


Shuckle Make juice for you if you put fruit in there holes


Smil birds are raised in the hen house. They eat Pokéblock


Torchic Lay an egg an day


Farfetch'd Lay a more valuable egg every other day and you need a pond to keep them


Tranquill lay two less valuable eggs everyday.


Large Pokémon are raised in the Barn they are mostly expensive and eat Poffin


You can ride Rapidash in order to get around town quicker


Miltank can be Milked every day the Milk is very valuable


Girafarig Can be milked twice a day but it's not as valuable as Miltank

Spr 4h 180.png

Flaffy grow fluffy wool that can be shred for profit, they can be shred once every weak.


Lopunny Shed there own wool every three days. It's not as valuable.


Whimsicott Grow a softer more cotton every Ten days like wool it is highly valuable.


Sawsbuck produce higher quality milk every other day.


Bouffalant, You can milk them every other day for high quality milk every three days and shear them for wool every ten days.


The Most expensive animal in the game Dodrio can lay an egg every 3 days and you can ride them.


Braviary A flaying mount, just for fun have he comes with his own barn space.


You can like in most Harvest Moon Games grow fruit and vegetables to earn profit. Crops can be leveled up to earn higher profit. Prophets listed are at level one.

Spring Crops

Cabbages Seed cost: 200G Sell for: 90G Growth time: 7 days Multi-Crop: No

Potatoes* Seed cost: 200G Sell for: 80G Growth time: 6 days Multi-Crop: Yes

Turnips Seed cost: 200G Sell for: 80G Growth time: 6 days Multi-Crop: No

Summer Crops

Tomatoes Seed cost: 300G Sell for: 100G Growth time: 9 days Multi-Crop: Yes

Corn Seed cost: 300G Sell for: 120G Growth time: 13 days Multi-Crop: Yes

Autumn Crops

Eggplants Seed cost: 300G Sell for: 80G Growth time: 7 days Multi-Crop: Yes

Green House Crops

Strawberries Seed Cost: 500G Sell for: 150G Grows in: 6 days Multi-Crop: Yes


Tress take a long time to grow but there crop is wonderful.


Spr FRLG Misty.png


Likes fish, flowers, Milk, Pikachu

Dislikes bugs

Misty is an easy going Girl that lives on the Beach. She Is very friendly and is easy too woe.

Spr HGSS Jasmine.png


Likes Cake, watermelon, ore

dislikes, Barris, Growlithe

Jasmine is the Blacksmiths daughter and utility helps him out. She is kind of shay but sweet.

Spr RS Flannery.png


Likes Hot spring eggs, fire flowers,

Dislikes fish

Flannery is a Worker at the local Bath House, She has a bit of a Temper.

Spr DP Candice.png


Likes, Rice Balls, ice berries

Dislikes Fire flowers

Candice, Has a larger than life persona and is always happy.

Spr FRLG Sabrina.png


Like Flowers, jewelry

dislikes bugs fish pets

Sabrina is the hardest girl to who. You can find her at the book store.

Spr BW Skyla.png


Likes: Chocolate, sweets, Eggs

Disslikes: Bugs, fossils.

You can find her at the airport. This is a bright energetic girl.



Yes you can marry a Gardevoir as both a Boy and a girl. You can find her in the forest most days.


Spr FRLG Brock.png


Likes Fosiles, Milk eggs

Dislikes Fish, flowers

Brock lives with his dad Bruno and Sister Maylene He may seam cold at first but he is easy to wo.


Likes Flowers, Amber, Curry

Dislikes Fire flowers, Ice Barry's, bugs

Drew work with his mother at the Flower shop. He is very hard to please will take a lot of work to win over

Spr RS Brawly.png


Likes fish, corn, cheese

Dislikes Bugs, crystals

Brawly is a fisherman and a beach bum. He lives alone in a shack by the sea.

Spr HGSS Falkner.png


Likes, Home Cooking, Eggs, milk

Disslikes, fruit

Falkaner works on the chicken farm, he is shy but nice.

Spr DP Volkner.png


Likes Rice grapes, berries

Disslikes Choclate

Volker is hotheaded but and OK guy, besides Drew he is the hardest guy to woe. Where you can find him is everyere but you might want to start looking at town square.

Spr BW Burgh.png

Likes: bugs Paint, flowers, honey, silk

Dislikes: Eggs, milk.

An artists with a studio deep in the woods. He is kinda strange but easy to please.

Towns People

Spr FRLG Oak.png Spr DP Maylene.png Spr FRLG Bruno.png