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グズマ Guzma
Guzma anime.png
Art from the Sun & Moon series
Gender Male
Eye color Gray
Hair color White
Hometown Unknown
Region Alola
Trainer class Team Skull Boss, Pokémon Trainer
Game counterpart Guzma
Anime debut The Dealer of Destruction!
English voice actor Evan Maltby
Japanese voice actor Yasuyuki Kase

Guzma (Japanese: グズマ Guzma) is the leader of Team Skull and a recurring character who appeared in the Sun & Moon series.


Guzma debuted in The Dealer of Destruction!, where he watched from Team Skull's base at the Shady House as Professor Kukui announced the Alola League on TV. The next day, he; Plumeria; and Team Skull Grunts Tupp, Zipp, and Rapp arrived on Melemele Island. There, he met Team Rocket and quickly defeated them. Guzma later arrived at the Pokémon School and confronted Professor Kukui, before being challenged to a battle by Ash, which he accepted.

Guzma battled Ash's Pikachu with his Golisopod, but the battle ended prematurely after Golisopod returned to its Poké Ball due to Emergency Exit. Afterwards, he swore that he would destroy the Alola League himself before leaving with his allies. Later, Guzma went to his room at the Shady House and punched the wall after recalling Professor Kukui asking him if he was running away from a challenge, as he had done in the past with the island challenge and Island Kahunas.

In SM128, Guzma and Plumeria intervened in a confrontation Tupp, Rapp, and Zipp were having with Ash and his friends at Manalo Stadium. He was about to battle Ash's group, but Professor Kukui and Hala arrived. Guzma confronted Professor Kukui and revealed that he had enrolled as a contestant in the Manalo Conference; furthermore, he announced his intention to destroy Professor Kukui's dreams by becoming Champion and then ensuring another Pokémon League would never take place in Alola.

After Guzma and his teammates left, Hala explained that in the past, both Guzma and Kukui were his apprentices, but Guzma grew disillusioned with Hala's teachings and rejected them both, instead resolving to become strong on his own without the need for a Z-Ring or Z-Crystals. Later, Guzma and Plumeria were among the Trainers gathered at the party commemorating the Manalo Conference's opening. He grew angry upon seeing the celebratory mood of Professor Kukui and the other attendees, drawing Plumeria's concern.

In SM129, Guzma competed in the Manalo Conference with his Scizor. He was able to progress to the Top 16, although Plumeria and the other participating Team Skull Grunts were defeated. The match-ups revealed that he would be battling Ilima.

In SM130, Guzma went up against Ilima, using his Scizor to battle Ilima's Kangaskhan. Despite Ilima Mega Evolving Kangaskhan, Scizor was able to defeat its opponent by positioning itself so that Kangaskhan's baby was always in the middle, endangering its well-being and causing the mother to hesitate often enough to be defeated. This allowed Guzma to advance to the second round.

In SM131, it was revealed that Lana would be Guzma's opponent in the second round. In SM134, Guzma and Lana began their battle, with Guzma using Golisopod against Lana's Primarina. With his ruthless tactics, Guzma was able to defeat Lana with relative ease and advance to the semifinals. The match-ups revealed that he would battling Ash in the semifinals. In SM135, Guzma assured his Grunts that he would destroy the entire League and brushed off Plumeria's concerns about him facing Ash.

Right after, in SM136, Guzma went up against Ash, using his Scizor to battle his Torracat. He quickly recalled Scizor in favor of using Golisopod, only for Golisopod to activate Emergency Exit during the match and send Scizor out in its place, resulting in it being quickly defeated by Fire Blast. Angered by Golisopod's cowardice, Guzma sent it out again and berated it on having made Scizor lose.

The battle continued in SM137, during which Guzma finally started to realize his own cowardice through defeating only weak opponents and running away from battles against strong ones. Despite the strength of Ash's Pikachu, Golisopod still wanted to continue battling, but the battle ultimately led to Guzma's loss. The audience applauded for the great battle and Kukui hoped to see Guzma participating next year as well, but Guzma considered his reputation ruined and was ready to disband Team Skull. However, Plumeria and the Team Skull Grunts were so fired up by the battle that they wanted stay by his side and learn to battle as well as he did.

Guzma reappeared in a flashback in SM138.


Guzma's trophies

Guzma has a great amount of determination, which was best showcased during the Manalo Conference, where he entered with the strong hopes of destroying it from within. Guzma uses dirty tactics in order to win, as seen during his battle against Ilima, where he had his Scizor position itself so that Kangaskhan's baby was always in the middle, endangering her well-being and causing the mother to hesitate often enough to be defeated. This was seen again during his battle against Lana, when he had Golisopod ruthlessly attack Primarina without mercy.

Although his fighting style is questionable, he never breaks the rules. Despite his brutality, he is a careful fighter who observes his opponents and adapts his Pokémon's next moves accordingly, both by not falling for the same tricks twice and by trying to find a weakness he can exploit. All of this is done with cold and calculating precision, with him taking full advantage of any chance that comes.

Guzma completely defied the use of Z-Rings and Z-Crystals because, in his youth, he never learned to understand them properly and was bitter for always losing exercise battles against Kukui, despite the latter always commending his growth as a Trainer. After resolving to become strong in his own, Guzma built his reputation among Team Skull as "the Undefeated" by actually defeating only weak Trainers and retreating from battles against stronger Trainers with an excuse that he would have won anyways due to the damage his brutal tactics would do to his opponents' Pokémon. It was only during his battle against Ash in the Manalo Conference when Guzma was finally forced to admit his own cowardice and Golisopod, who had previously shared the same personality traits as him, now convinced him to let go of his fear of losing and keep battling until the end.


This listing is of Guzma's known Pokémon in the anime:

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Guzma's Golisopod
Golisopod is Guzma's first known Pokémon. It was first used to battle Ash's Pikachu, but the match ended prematurely when Golisopod returned to its Poké Ball due to Emergency Exit. It was used again in the second round of the Alola League, where it emerged victorious against Lana's Primarina.

In SM136, Golisopod was sent out against Ash's Torracat in the semifinals. Despite having a type advantage, the two were evenly matched, with Golisopod taking several hard hits. Golisopod proved to be a cowardly Pokémon, as it used Emergency Exit once faced with a Fire Blast, forcing its teammate Scizor to come out and take the attack despite having a double type-disadvantage to it. This led to Scizor being knocked out, infuriating Guzma, who had a different strategy in mind that was now ruined. Following this, Golisopod was sent back out. The battle continued in the next episode, where Golisopod managed to defeat Torracat, but was knocked out by Pikachu soon after.

Golisopod reappeared in a flashback in SM138.

Golisopod's known moves are First Impression, Pin Missile, Liquidation, Poison Jab, and Throat Chop, and its Ability is Emergency Exit.

Debut The Dealer of Destruction!
Voice actors
English Ryan William Downey
Guzma's Scizor
Scizor is Guzma's second known Pokémon. It first appeared in SM129, where Guzma used it during the Manalo Conference preliminary round, defeating a Kommo-o. It was one of the 16 Pokémon that remained standing by the end, allowing its Trainer to advance to the actual tournament.

In SM130, Scizor was used by Guzma to battle Ilima and his Kangaskhan. Despite Ilima Mega Evolving Kangaskhan, Scizor was able to defeat its opponent through strategy, allowing Guzma to progress to the second round.

In SM136, Scizor was the first Pokémon Guzma used during his battle against Ash in the semifinals, where it went up against Torracat. After using U-turn, Scizor returned to its Poké Ball and switched with Golisopod due to it having a double type-disadvantage against Torracat. However, Golisopod retreated from a Fire Blast and sent out Scizor without warning, leaving it with no time to prepare for or counter the move. As a result, Scizor took a direct hit and was knocked out immediately.

Scizor reappeared in a flashback in SM137.

Scizor known moves are Bullet Punch, Agility, X-Scissor, and U-turn.

Debut SM129
Voice actors
Japanese Ryota Iwasaki

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 加瀬康之 Yasuyuki Kase
English Evan Maltby



Language Name Origin
Japanese グズマ Guzma From Guzmania
English, French,
Dutch, Portuguese
Guzma Same as Japanese name
German Bromley From Bromeliengewächse (German for Bromeliaceae, the family that contains Guzmania)
Italian Guzman From Guzmania and Anastasio Guzmán (which Guzmania is named after)
Spanish Guzmán From Guzmania and Anastasio Guzmán
Korean 구즈마 Gujeuma Transliteration of Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 古茲馬 / 古兹马 Gǔzīmǎ Transliteration of Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 古茲馬 Gújīmáh Transliteration of Japanese name
Russian Гузма Guzma Transcription of English name

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