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So You Wanna Learn Something About Me? Look Below!
Marillrocks! 我只是说真棒!'
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Current Location: Somewhere in Calfornia
Current Mood: Relaxed
Favorite Band: The Killers
Favorite Video Game: Wind Waker
Favorite Pokémon Game: Pokémon White
Favorite Frontier Facility: Battle Pike
Favorite Frontier Brain: Lucy
Favorite Pokémon Character: Cynthia
Favorite SSBB Character: Zero Suit Samus
Favorite Pokémon: Ani007MS.pngSquirtle
Hometown: Nacrene City
Most Recent (Real) Vacation: Shanghai
Current Team


List of Favorite Pokémon

Hey! My name's DrP (short for DrPamplemousse). I first joined Bulbapedia on July 12, 2008. I was a lurker long before that date. I've made some small contributions since then, but still kinda remained a lurker... just a bit. I found out early on that editing your userpage more than three times a day rolled some eyes.

About Me

Well, let's begin. I turned 20 in May of this year and I am a university student at a California university studying Accounting. I have been with Pokémon since I unwrapped that Gameboy Pocket with Blue and I fell in love with the series ever since! Once the Anime came out in the United States, that was basically my "Confirmation" into the Pokémon Fandom. The day I unwrapped that Booster Pack containing a Holographic Charizard was also a great day in the history of my Pokémon Fandom. The first video game I ever played was Ocarina of Time, so I have to give the Zelda series more credit at times (and remains to this day as my favorite video game series, with Pokémon following a CLOSE second)

So, I've played every "mainstream" game released for the handheld console (and own) and I've played the occasional N64/Gamecube/Wii versions and I'm giving PMD a shot. Many of my other Pokémon-obsessed friends call me a Pokémon expert, but just like everything else I'm in to, you can always learn more. I'm pretty helpful and hopefully I can really do some serious damage in making Bulbapedia even better than its epicness that it already contains (I just gotta learn this wikicode stuff, though)

If you want to see the nicknames of some of my Pokémon teams, just highlight over their sprite. Just go over to the "other teams" tab!

Favorite In-Game Characters

My Favorite In-Game/Anime Character!
Johanna is just plain awesome
  • Cynthia: My favorite character from the Pokémon series, Cynthia (or Shirona for others), maintains a balance within the games as well as helps the traveller out moreso than other champions like Lance, Steven and Blue. Cynthia knows what to do whenever a situation arises, especially when dealing with Team Galactic. Cynthia would be an amazing character addition to a future SSBB when it comes out whenever!
  • Saturn: This guy is cool. He reforms at the end because of Charon and his issues. He is probably my favorite admin from a criminal organization, he is followed by Mars and Ariana.
  • Barry: This guy is nuts. He reminds me of myself, always on and hurrying places when I could take my time. Though his constant losing to my character is a letdown to him, he just tries harder each time!
  • Sabrina: She is quite mysterious and the leader for one of my favorite types, so she could basically be my "role model" for training Psychic types. She would seem like a cool person to hang around if I existed withing the non-existant Pokémon world.
  • Maylene: Like Greta, she's determined and ready for action. She's basically my personality type at the moment, preparing for the future. I'm determined to be the best, just like what Maylene is heading towards.
  • Fantina: My French influences are affected by "la fantôme" and Fantina, though some of the French words are in wrong context or mispronounced in the anime, she is a powerful trainer to emulate, especially when im training a Gengar or other Ghost Pokémon
  • Lanette: The computer nerd who has a messy workspace is definitely someone who I can relate to! Lanette basically took Bill's PC Storage system and gave it a new, easier to use UI, which Bebe took even further. I maintain an organized mess in my room, trying to find papers and stuff. I have forgotten what my carpet looks like! haha.
  • Riley: That mysterious dude who gives you the Riolu egg is pretty awesome! He seems a lot like Eusine, but just training on Iron Island instead of chasing after Suicune.
  • Lucy: Being the Pike Queen is hard work, and especially with her facility and how awesome is. Lucy can be a sweetheart at times, and a real hardass at others, so in that sense, she shares many personalities with me.
  • Karen: Well, Karen is protrayed as a girl who gets annoyed by something she doesn't like, and in my friend's fanfic, Aaron really angers her, and they show the Ash/Misty relationship with much more bickering. Dark types are also at the top of my list with Psychic and other types
  • Johanna: Dawn's famous mother. She really knows how to run things and seems like a cool mom. (I just wish I had a mom like that)
  • Bianca: She's a lot like me. Always running around and seemingly too busy to really think. I hate it sometimes, but I guess it's me. I am not as clumsy, though.

Favorite Anime Characters

I miss the original three from the anime
May's Pretty Awesome!
Iris is pretty awesome

(If also found in the game, they will be listed above)

  • May: Probably my most favorite character from the anime. She goes on in the series, not really banking on what outcome she's hoping for (basically my complete opposite).
  • Misty: Misty is pretty amazing, too. Her relationship with Ash during their travels was certainly... colorful. The bickering, especially in the beginning, was the best part. Misty always does the dirty work, even when others are capable of doing it.
  • Dawn: Dawn was a changeup from Misty and May. Constantly worried about her hair and her overly confidently used phrase "No Need to Worry!" (which has been assimilated into my vocabulary) have definitely cause a few laughs on my part. She is like May in the sense of the "new trainer" out on the journey, but Dawn already had the ambition to get into Contests
  • Jessie and James: Those "three watt light bulbs" crack me up, in every episode, they do something stupid and funny... and they have gotten "lax" on their evilness, because back in the Indigo League journey, they almost got away with stuff. Meowth is probably my favorite Pokémon in the anime, folowed by Charizard, Squirtle and Bayleef.
  • Brock: Brock reminds me of myself in many ways, except I dont try to get Nurse Joy or any other beautiful girl to fall in love with me the instant I meet them. I have the maternal feeling, cooking and doing all that other stuff (no sewing!). I'm off to college soon and those skills I developed (as well as Brock) will come in handy in the few months ahead
  • Lyra: or Kotone, really has the carefree attitude that is just super awesome! She can kind of be like Barry in a way of just constantly talking about stuff, and not to mention her perception of Ash and Dawn being in a relationship was absolutely hilarious.
  • Iris: She's pretty epic. She has an amazing energy that is pretty awesome!

Wanna Hunt Me Down

Well, I'm also a regular on the Ninsheetmusic forums, so you can contact me there. I'm not sure if I can get PMs here, but just go on my talk page and you can get everything from there. You can check "Hunt Me Down" on the user box for the stuff I use. Twitter is also a way to get ahold of me!


I found the Calendar template stuff somewhere... someone please claim it!