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I'm Drake. I've been into Pokémon since the days of Yellow, but don't watch the anime anymore. My early work here consisted of minor error corrections, pointless trivia, and mostly editing wherever I find things to be done. Larger scale edits have been List of Contest Opponents (the Gen 3 section), Trick House, and Pokémon Conquest-related content. I also do work here and there as I see things that need doing.

Completed games:

Gen I: Yellow, Red, Blue
Gen II: Gold, Silver, Crystal
Gen III: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed
Gen IV: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, Soul Silver
Gen V: White, White 2
Gen VI: X, Omega Ruby

Currently host a living Pokedex on Omega Ruby, sans Volcanion and Magiana. Don't care if the former is hacked somewhere, waiting for a legitimate release.

Favorite Pokémon

I don't do defense, I like speed, power, and lots of them. The closest I ever came to a staller was my Magmar with Rest and Toxic, but I'm an aggressive battler, if i teach a move to a Pokémon it either does a lot of damage or inflicts a status ailment. I love my dragons, my dinosaurs and my sweepers, so I find and raise the toughest powerhouses I can. I also love large movepools, being able to teach my team nearly anything I need whenever I need it. I like to plan my team out early in the game, once I play through a game the first time I know what I can catch and when, allowing me to decide who to use when and who's going to the Elite Four on replays.

Among my more treasured engines of destruction are:


Hated Pokémon

Jynx. I don't care about the controversy, personally I think the idea it was racist is a load of crap. Anyway, first off the thing is ugly. It's a bad design, and purple or black skin, it is just an ugly Pokémon, horrible design. Second, its voice is annoying, its cry is loud and obnoxious and makes no sense. Granted, a lot of Pokémon cries sound nothing like their names, but Jynx's cry sounds like nothing. Third, it's attack. Lovely Kiss? If I got kissed with those ugly purple throw pillows, forget being put to sleep, I'd hang myself. Jynx is really, just a badly designed Pokémon. I can't stand it.

And Gen V brings us Scraggy and Scrafty. My problem with them is simple...what the fuck are those things supposed to be? Scraggy is some sort of lizard thing holding up pants of its own skin, what happens if it lets go, does the skin fall down? Does it have to hold it up all the time, what if it has to run? And it has a mouth like a car grill set in an eternal frown, or is it eternally chewing on its lower lip? And what kind of name is Scraggy? It doesn't even mean anything, yeah it's derived from words, but it isn't a pun or funny like other Pokémon. And its evolution Scrafty is just as ugly, same stupid pants thing, same dumb mouth, except now it's eyelids are drooping so it looks stoned/hungover as well as ugly. God this thing looks stupid.


I've caught a Shiny Caterpie in Fire Red and subsequently evolved it into Shiny Butterfree. I've caught a Shiny Magikarp on Ruby that I didn't evolve. In Crystal I got myself a Shiny Magby from the Daycare Egg and evolved it into a Shiny Magmar. Pink is not its color, it really isn't.


User:Drake Clawfang/Sandbox

User:Drake Clawfang/Sandbox2

Gen VI Team

ORAs Secret Base QT

My Own Game Set-up

I was bored, so made up my own Legendary trio, myth, and Gym Leader roster. It kinda sucks but meh, it's just something I did out of boredom.

User:Drake Clawfang/Original Game