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(Insert general time of day here), everyone!

Ongoing work

  • Adding bits here and there on articles relating to some side games
  • Playing a ridiculous amount of Gates to Infinity as... um, field research?
  • Thinking about what mainspace edits I thought about making before I actually had an account, but have now forgotten
  • Learning how to make more complex edits by looking at examples
  • Looking at the talk pages of other users to learn what NOT to do

As a Bulbapedia contributor...

  • Strengths: Side games, small bits needed for the sake of completeness, fixing minor grammar mistakes.
  • Weaknesses: Anything besides the games.

While you're here...

  • Think the Primal Dialga article needs a recolored Gen IV sprite for the moveset boxes? If so, see if an admin agrees, and I'll get on that.

Not real usertags

This user’s favorite Pokémon is Porygon-Z.

This user designed an alternate evolution for Lampent.

This user mostly prefers dual-type Pokémon over single-type ones.

This user doesn’t have the patience to use strategies involving status moves.

This user tried and failed to get through Victory Road in Ruby without using Flash.

This user catches Pokémon in aesthetically-pleasing Poké Balls.

This user obsessively farms Health drinks in the Mystery Dungeon games.

This user carries a real Trainer Card at all times.

This user finds unique usertags to be highly amusing and wishes they could change the above fake tags into real ones, but is too lazy to figure out how and doesn’t want to get yelled at by admins for spending too much time in the userspace and treating it like a social network billboard.