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If you were looking for the town in Unova known as Kanoko Town in the Japanese version, see Nuvema Town.

554Darumaka.png The subject of this article has no official English name.
The name currently in use is a fan romanization of the Japanese name.
カノコ Kanoko
Fort Leader Kanoko
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region Trading Card Game Islands
Trainer class Fort Leader
Generation II
Games Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR!
Leader of GR Water Fort
Badge Psyduck Coin
Specializes in Water Water
Member of Team Great Rocket
Rank Fort Leader

Kanoko (Japanese: カノコ Kanoko) is a member of Team Great Rocket and the Fort Leader of GR Water Fort from Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR!.

In all duels against her, the Mirage Place (Japanese: にげみずの Place of Bitter Water) rule is active. thus the Retreat cost of all Water Pokémon is one Colorless less than it would normally be.

When defeated, she gives out two We Are Team Rocket booster packs and the GR Water Coin, also known as Psyduck Coin, which grants the player to enter GR Fighting Fort if the player also has the GR Fire Coin.


Water Stream Deck

Main article: Water Stream Deck (TCG)
Quantity Card Type Rarity
Goldeen Water Common
Seaking Water Uncommon
Staryu Water Common
Dark Starmie Water Uncommon
Lapras Water Rare Holo
Articuno Water Rare
Professor Oak T Uncommon
Gust of Wind T Common
Mr. Fuji T Uncommon
PlusPower T Uncommon
Pokémon Trader T Rare
Bill T Common
19× Water Energy Water E
Double Colorless Energy Colorless E


TCG2 Kanoko.png TCG2 Kanoko Win.png TCG2 Kanoko Loss.png TCG2 Kanoko OD.png
Main sprite from Pokémon
Trading Card Game 2
Win sprite from Pokémon
Trading Card Game 2
Loss sprite from Pokémon
Trading Card Game 2
Overworld sprite from Pokémon
Trading Card Game 2

Fort Leaders of GR Island
GR Grass Fort Golbat Coin
GR Lightning Fort Magnemite Coin
GR Fire Fort Magmar Coin
GR Water Fort Psyduck Coin
GR Fighting Fort Machamp Coin
Colorless Altar Snorlax Coin
GR Psychic Stronghold Mew Coin

King: Biruritchi
Big Bosses: KanzakiRui
Fort Leaders: MorinoCatherineHiderō
GR Grass Fort Members: MidoriYūtaMiyuki
GR Lightning Fort Members: RennaIchikawa
GR Fire Fort Members: JesYūkiShōko
GR Water Fort Members: MiyajimaSentaAira
GR Fighting Fort Members: GraceGōda
GR Psychic Fort Members: KevinMiwaYōsukeRyōko
Colorless Altar Members: NishijimaSamejima
Disguised members: GR1GR2GR3GR4GR5GRX

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