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Seagallop シーギャロップごう
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Seagallop Ferries.png
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Location: Vermilion City, the Sevii Islands
Region: Kanto and Sevii Islands
Generations: III
Kanto Vermilion City Map.png
Location of Seagallop in Kanto.
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The Seagallop (Japanese: シーギャロップごう Seagallop-gō) ferries are a series of boats in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen which operate within the Sevii Islands and between Vermilion City and the Sevii Islands. The player can ride the Seagallop ferries between these locations.

In the games

When the player leaves the Cinnabar Gym after obtaining the Volcano Badge, Bill invites the player to travel with him from Cinnabar Island to One Island using a Seagallop ferry. Upon arriving there, the player obtains the Tri-Pass from Celio at the Pokémon Network Center. This initially allows the player to use the Seagallop Hi-Speed 2 to travel between One Island, Two Island, and Three Island (with no way to return to mainland Kanto so far). After the player explores the three islands and ultimately rescues Lostelle at the Berry Forest, the player can talk with Celio in order to travel back to Cinnabar Island with Bill on a Seagallop ferry. From this point onwards, the player can also use the Seagallop Hi-Speed 7 to travel between Vermilion City and any of the three islands.

If the player has not obtained the HM01 (Cut) from S.S. Anne yet, this ship remains docked in Vermilion City until the player does so. The player can still go normally to Sevii Islands (and travel between the three islands) when invited by Bill regardless of the S.S. Anne. However, after returning to mainland Kanto, the player will be unable to travel to Sevii Islands again as long as S.S. Anne is still docked in Vermilion City.

If the player goes back to One Island and talks with Celio again after the Pokémon League is defeated and the National Pokédex has been obtained, Celio will ask the player to go find the Ruby. Once it is found, Celio will update the Tri-Pass to a Rainbow Pass so the player can go find the Sapphire for him too. This allows the player to use some additional Seagallop ferries to travel between Four Island, Five Island, Six Island, and Seven Island as well.

If the player has the Rainbow Pass, the event-only items MysticTicket and AuroraTicket also grant access to Navel Rock and Birth Island, respectively, using different Seagallop ferries. The option to travel to these two event-only islands is only available in Vermilion City, and once the player is in either of the event-only islands, they can only travel back to Vermilion City too.


Ticket Destination Games
Tri-Pass Tri-Pass One Island, Two Island, and Three Island FR LG
Rainbow Pass Rainbow Pass One Island, Two Island, Three Island, Four Island, Five Island, Six Island, and Seven Island FR LG
MysticTicket MysticTicket Navel Rock FR LG
AuroraTicket AuroraTicket Birth Island FR LG


There are seven different Seagallop ferries, all of which are referred to as Seagallop Hi-Speed (Japanese: シーギャロップハイスピード Seagallop Hi-Speed), followed by a number. Before boarding a Seagallop ferry, a sailor will announce the model of the ferry, which varies according to the ferry's destination and port of origin.

Ferry Routes
Seagallop Hi-Speed 2 Between One, Two, and Three Islands
Seagallop Hi-Speed 3 Between Four and Five Islands
Seagallop Hi-Speed 5 Between Six and Seven Islands
Seagallop Hi-Speed 6 From any island in one of the three Sevii Islands groups to any island in one of the other two groups
Seagallop Hi-Speed 7 Between Vermilion City and any of the Sevii Islands (except Navel Rock and Birth Island)
From Navel Rock or Birth Island to Vermilion City
Seagallop Hi-Speed 10 From Vermilion City to Navel Rock
Seagallop Hi-Speed 12 From Vermilion City to Birth Island
Seagallop (unidentified) Between Cinnabar Island and One Island (with Bill)

In the manga

The Seagallop in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

FireRed & LeafGreen arc

The Seagallop first appeared in Now You See Me..., where Red, Blue, and Green boarded the ferry at the Vermilion Harbor for One Island. During the entire arc, the Seagallop was used by the main characters and Ultima as their main way of moving from Sevii Island to another.

Emerald arc

Seagallop reappeared briefly in Epilogue as one of the ships transporting masses of people, including Ultima, Lorelei, Celio, Bill, Mr. Fuji, Baoba, A, and Green's parents, to visit the Battle Frontier.


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 海烈焰馬號
Mandarin 海烈焰馬號 / 海烈焰马号 Hǎilièyànmǎ Hào (Taiwan and Mainland China)
希加罗普号 Xījiāluōpǔ Hào (Mainland China)*
France Flag.png French Flèche des Mers
Germany Flag.png German Seesprint-Fähre
Italy Flag.png Italian Pokéscafo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 시갤럽호 Seagallop Ho
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Galope Marinho
Spain Flag.png Spanish Surcamar Veloce
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Tàu Sea Gallop

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