Rand's House

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Rand's House タルガのいえ
Talga's House
Rand's House
Connecting locations
North None
South Curl Bay
West Latolato Trail
East None
Rand's House on the map of Oblivia
Location of Rand's House in Oblivia
Ground floor
Second floor

Rand's House (Japanese: タルガのいえ Talga's House) is a location in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs.

It is located north of Curl Bay and east of Latolato Trail on Renbow Island. As the name implies, Pokémon Ranger Rand lives here with his wife Leanne and daughter Nema. In the game, it can be counted as the player's Ranger Base. Rand's house is two stories with the upstairs being Leanne's study and the room to the right on the first floor being Nema's room.

After the main story of the game, Nema will give the player a quest to help her create a machine. Once the machine is completed, the "Many times, anytime capture machine" (Japanese: いつでもなんどでも キャプチャに トライできるんだマシン Try to capture anytime as many times machine) will be available for the player to use whenever they would like inside of her room. The Pokémon captured while using the machine will not join the player and Nema will recharge the player's Capture Styler after each battle.



Pokémon Poké Assist Field
158 Totodile Water Assist.png Water Soak 1
398 Staraptor * Flying Assist.png Flying Fly -

Nema's Room (By using machine)

Pokémon Poké Assist Field
006 Charizard Fire Assist.png Fire Crush 4
123 Scyther Bug Assist.png Bug Cut 2
131 Lapras Water Assist.png Water None
132 Ditto Normal Assist.png Normal None
150 Mewtwo Psychic Assist.png Psychic None
154 Meganium Grass Assist.png Grass Cut 4
157 Typhlosion Fire Assist.png Fire Tackle 4
160 Feraligatr Water Assist.png Water Tackle 4
169 Crobat Poison Assist.png Poison Cut 1
212 Scizor Steel Assist.png Steel Cut 4
243 Raikou Electric Assist.png Electric None
244 Entei Fire Assist.png Fire None
245 Suicune Water Assist.png Water None
251 Celebi Grass Assist.png Grass None
376 Metagross Steel Assist.png Steel Cut 1
380 Latias Psychic Assist.png Psychic None
381 Latios Psychic Assist.png Psychic None
389 Torterra Grass Assist.png Grass Tackle 4
445 Garchomp Dragon Assist.png Dragon Crush 3
462 Magnezone Electric Assist.png Electric Electrify 3
464 Rhyperior Rock Assist.png Rock Tackle 4
469 Yanmega Bug Assist.png Bug Cut 4
473 Mamoswine Ground Assist.png Ground Tackle 4
486 Regigigas Normal Assist.png Normal None


  The Forbidden Song
Rand's House
Find the book containing the fourth poem.
Retrieve the book from the Old Mansion.

  A Fun Ride in the Sky
Rand's House
Go with Nema while she rides a Z.Z.flyer.
When the Z.Z.flyer malfunctions, dodge all the energy balls.

Power for Nema

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Maison de Targos
Germany Flag.png German Talugas Haus
Italy Flag.png Italian Casa de Raimondo
Spain Flag.png Spanish Casa de Rodel

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