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Sleep types (Japanese: 睡眠タイプ Sleep type) are properties that apply to the Pokémon that can be encountered in Pokémon Sleep, as well as to the player's own sleep sessions. Sleep types determine which Pokémon will gather around the player's Snorlax in the game.


A Pokémon can have only one sleep type. There are three sleep types in the game, each corresponding to a real-world sleep stage terminology.

When a player finishes tracking a sleep session, the game will analyze the time that the player spends on each sleep stage, and will categorize the player's sleep as Dozing, Snoozing, Slumbering, or Balanced (a middle ground between the three). The category of this sleep session will then determine the species of Pokémon that would gather around the player's Snorlax (with a Balanced sleep, the Pokémon that will gather will be of a variety of sleep types).

List of Pokémon by sleep type

Dozing-type Pokémon

# Pokémon Name Type
0001 Sleep Menu 0001.png Bulbasaur Grass
0002 Sleep Menu 0002.png Ivysaur Grass
0003 Sleep Menu 0003.png Venusaur Grass
0010 Sleep Menu 0010.png Caterpie Bug
0011 Sleep Menu 0011.png Metapod Bug
0012 Sleep Menu 0012.png Butterfree Bug
0023 Sleep Menu 0023.png Ekans Poison
0024 Sleep Menu 0024.png Arbok Poison
0054 Sleep Menu 0054.png Psyduck Water
0056 Sleep Menu 0056.png Mankey Fighting
0057 Sleep Menu 0057.png Primeape Fighting
0069 Sleep Menu 0069.png Bellsprout Grass
0070 Sleep Menu 0070.png Weepinbell Grass
0071 Sleep Menu 0071.png Victreebel Grass
0092 Sleep Menu 0092.png Gastly Ghost
0093 Sleep Menu 0093.png Haunter Ghost
0094 Sleep Menu 0094.png Gengar Ghost
0127 Sleep Menu 0127.png Pinsir Bug
0147 Sleep Menu 0147.png Dratini Dragon
0148 Sleep Menu 0148.png Dragonair Dragon
0149 Sleep Menu 0149.png Dragonite Dragon
0152 Sleep Menu 0152.png Chikorita Grass
0153 Sleep Menu 0153.png Bayleef Grass
0154 Sleep Menu 0154.png Meganium Grass
0197 Sleep Menu 0197.png Umbreon Dark
0214 Sleep Menu 0214.png Heracross Bug
0225 Sleep Menu 0225.png Delibird Flying
0228 Sleep Menu 0228.png Houndour Dark
0229 Sleep Menu 0229.png Houndoom[a] Dark
0248 Sleep Menu 0248.png Tyranitar Dark
0288 Sleep Menu 0288.png Vigoroth Normal
0302 Sleep Menu 0302.png Sableye Dark
0316 Sleep Menu 0316.png Gulpin Poison
0317 Sleep Menu 0317.png Swalot Poison
0334 Sleep Menu 0334.png Altaria Dragon
0353 Sleep Menu 0353.png Shuppet Ghost
0354 Sleep Menu 0354.png Banette Ghost
0359 Sleep Menu 0359.png Absol Dark
0453 Sleep Menu 0453.png Croagunk Poison
0454 Sleep Menu 0454.png Toxicroak Poison
0470 Sleep Menu 0470.png Leafeon Grass

Snoozing-type Pokémon

# Pokémon Name Type
0004 Sleep Menu 0004.png Charmander Fire
0005 Sleep Menu 0005.png Charmeleon Fire
0006 Sleep Menu 0006.png Charizard Fire
0019 Sleep Menu 0019.png Rattata Normal
0020 Sleep Menu 0020.png Raticate Normal
0025 Sleep Menu 0025.png Pikachu Electric
0026 Sleep Menu 0026.png Raichu Electric
0035 Sleep Menu 0035.png Clefairy Fairy
0036 Sleep Menu 0036.png Clefable Fairy
0039 Sleep Menu 0039.png Jigglypuff Fairy
0040 Sleep Menu 0040.png Wigglytuff Fairy
0050 Sleep Menu 0050.png Diglett Ground
0051 Sleep Menu 0051.png Dugtrio Ground
0052 Sleep Menu 0052.png Meowth Normal
0053 Sleep Menu 0053.png Persian Normal
0058 Sleep Menu 0058.png Growlithe Fire
0059 Sleep Menu 0059.png Arcanine[a] Fire
0079 Sleep Menu 0079.png Slowpoke Water
0080 Sleep Menu 0080.png Slowbro Water
0115 Sleep Menu 0115.png Kangaskhan Normal
0122 Sleep Menu 0122.png Mr. Mime Psychic
0132 Sleep Menu 0132.png Ditto Normal
0133 Sleep Menu 0133.png Eevee Normal
0135 Sleep Menu 0135.png Jolteon Electric
0136 Sleep Menu 0136.png Flareon Fire
0155 Sleep Menu 0155.png Cyndaquil Fire
0156 Sleep Menu 0156.png Quilava[a] Fire
0157 Sleep Menu 0157.png Typhlosion[a] Fire
0176 Sleep Menu 0176.png Togetic Fairy
0179 Sleep Menu 0179.png Mareep Electric
0180 Sleep Menu 0180.png Flaaffy Electric
0181 Sleep Menu 0181.png Ampharos Electric
0196 Sleep Menu 0196.png Espeon Psychic
0199 Sleep Menu 0199.png Slowking Water
0202 Sleep Menu 0202.png Wobbuffet Psychic
0243 Sleep Menu 0243.png Raikou Electric
0280 Sleep Menu 0280.png Ralts Psychic
0281 Sleep Menu 0281.png Kirlia Psychic
0282 Sleep Menu 0282.png Gardevoir Psychic
0287 Sleep Menu 0287.png Slakoth Normal
0289 Sleep Menu 0289.png Slaking Normal
0468 Sleep Menu 0468.png Togekiss Fairy
0700 Sleep Menu 0700.png Sylveon Fairy
0702 Sleep Menu 0702.png Dedenne Electric
0764 Sleep Menu 0764.png Comfey Fairy

Slumbering-type Pokémon

# Pokémon Name Type
0007 Sleep Menu 0007.png Squirtle Water
0008 Sleep Menu 0008.png Wartortle Water
0009 Sleep Menu 0009.png Blastoise Water
0055 Sleep Menu 0055.png Golduck Water
0074 Sleep Menu 0074.png Geodude Rock
0075 Sleep Menu 0075.png Graveler Rock
0076 Sleep Menu 0076.png Golem Rock
0081 Sleep Menu 0081.png Magnemite Steel
0082 Sleep Menu 0082.png Magneton Steel
0084 Sleep Menu 0084.png Doduo Flying
0085 Sleep Menu 0085.png Dodrio Flying
0095 Sleep Menu 0095.png Onix Rock
0104 Sleep Menu 0104.png Cubone Ground
0105 Sleep Menu 0105.png Marowak Ground
0134 Sleep Menu 0134.png Vaporeon Water
0158 Sleep Menu 0158.png Totodile Water
0159 Sleep Menu 0159.png Croconaw Water
0160 Sleep Menu 0160.png Feraligatr Water
0172 Sleep Menu 0172.png Pichu Electric
0173 Sleep Menu 0173.png Cleffa Fairy
0174 Sleep Menu 0174.png Igglybuff Fairy
0175 Sleep Menu 0175.png Togepi Fairy
0185 Sleep Menu 0185.png Sudowoodo Rock
0208 Sleep Menu 0208.png Steelix Steel
0246 Sleep Menu 0246.png Larvitar Rock
0247 Sleep Menu 0247.png Pupitar Rock
0333 Sleep Menu 0333.png Swablu Flying
0360 Sleep Menu 0360.png Wynaut Psychic
0363 Sleep Menu 0363.png Spheal Ice
0364 Sleep Menu 0364.png Sealeo Ice
0365 Sleep Menu 0365.png Walrein Ice
0438 Sleep Menu 0438.png Bonsly Rock
0439 Sleep Menu 0439.png Mime Jr. Psychic
0447 Sleep Menu 0447.png Riolu Fighting
0448 Sleep Menu 0448.png Lucario Fighting
0459 Sleep Menu 0459.png Snover Ice
0460 Sleep Menu 0460.png Abomasnow Ice
0462 Sleep Menu 0462.png Magnezone Steel
0471 Sleep Menu 0471.png Glaceon Ice
0475 Sleep Menu 0475.png Gallade Fighting
0759 Sleep Menu 0759.png Stufful Fighting
0760 Sleep Menu 0760.png Bewear Fighting
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Currently not available in the wild


  • The Sleep Type Quiz in the official Pokémon Sleep website categorizes Diglett as a Slumbering-type,[4] even though it is Snoozing-type in the game.


  1. Professor Neroli: "Since your sleep type was deemed to be Dozing type this time... it has caused Dozing-type Pokémon to gather. Dozing-type Pokémon tend to include Grass and Bug types."
  2. Professor Neroli: "Since your sleep type was deemed to be Snoozing type this time... it has caused Snoozing-type Pokémon to gather. Snoozing-type Pokémon tend to include Fire and Electric types."
  3. Professor Neroli: "Since your sleep type was deemed to be Slumbering type this time... it has caused Slumbering-type Pokémon to gather. Slumbering-type Pokémon tend to include Water and Ground types.
  4. Diglett|Sleep Type Quiz — Pokémon Sleep Official Webpage

In other languages


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese うとうと Utouto
Chinese Cantonese 淺淺入夢
Mandarin 淺淺入夢
France Flag.png French Ptidodo
Germany Flag.png German Halbschlaf
Italy Flag.png Italian Sonno leggero
South Korea Flag.png Korean 꾸벅꾸벅
Spain Flag.png Spanish Ligero


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese すやすや Suyasuya
Chinese Cantonese 安然入睡
Mandarin 安然入睡
France Flag.png French Bondodo
Germany Flag.png German Leichtschlaf
Italy Flag.png Italian Sonno intermedio
South Korea Flag.png Korean 새근새근
Spain Flag.png Spanish Medio


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ぐっすり Gussuri
Chinese Cantonese 深深入眠
Mandarin 深深入眠
France Flag.png French Grododo
Germany Flag.png German Tiefschlaf
Italy Flag.png Italian Sonno profondo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 쿨쿨
Spain Flag.png Spanish Profundo


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese 特徴なし
Chinese Cantonese 沒有特徵
Mandarin 沒有特徵
France Flag.png French Équilibré
Germany Flag.png German Unbestimmt
Italy Flag.png Italian Equilibrato
South Korea Flag.png Korean 평범한 수면
Spain Flag.png Spanish Equilibrado

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