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Poké Coupons (Japanese: ポケクーポン Pokécoupon) are a form of currency used in Orre and Pokétopia. In Orre, they are merely supplemental to the normal currency of Pokémon Dollars; however, in Pokétopia, they are the only way to get new clothing and Mystery Gift items. The abbreviation for Poké Coupons is pt in Orre (without a space between the amount and the abbreviation) and pts. in Pokétopia (with a space between the amount and the abbreviation).

In Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

In Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, Poké Coupons are used only at Mt. Battle. These can be used to purchase several kinds of rare Berries (most of which can only be obtained this way in Generation III outside of various Event Pokémon), a number of held items, and some powerful TMs. Poké Coupons can also be spent to use the services of the Move Reminder or the Mew Move Tutor in XD.

After defeating an entire area of Mt. Battle, the player will earn a number of Poké Coupons, with the amount increasing as Trainers make their way up the mountain. In Pokémon Colosseum, Poké Coupons can also be earned by winning a Battle Mode tournament. These can be awarded either in Colosseum or a GBA game using the party team. In the Japanese Colosseum Bonus Disc, this is the only way to earn Poké Coupons in GBA games to receive rewards. In Pokémon Colosseum's Battle Mode and Pokémon XD's run of Mt. Battle, however, the number of Poké Coupons earned for each area is less if the player has any Legendary Pokémon in their party. Specifically, the player earns 13% less Poké Coupons per Legendary Pokémon in Colosseum's Battle Mode, while in XD, the player earns 15% less Poké Coupons per Legendary Pokémon.

In addition to this, Poké Coupons can also be gained in XD at Realgam Tower. This is done either by completing all 50 Battle CDs (for which the reward is 15,000 Poké Coupons) or by playing Battle Bingo.


In Pokémon Colosseum, when the player has obtained a certain number of Poké Coupons, the Poké Ball symbol in the P★DA will change colors, identical to a rank system. This is similar to the Trainer Card level mechanic from the core series games.

Rank Poké Coupons Obtained
Normal N/A
Bronze 2,500
Silver 5,000
Gold 30,000

Items for purchase

Below is a list of all of the items available for purchase at Mt. Battle. The items available and the number of Poké Coupons required can vary between the two games.

Item Price (Colo.) Price (XD)
Battle items
Bright Powder BrightPowder 10,000pt 8,000pt
Choice Band Choice Band 10,000pt 8,000pt
Focus Band Focus Band 10,000pt 8,000pt
King's Rock King's Rock 10,000pt 8,000pt
Leftovers Leftovers 10,000pt
Mental Herb Mental Herb 8,000pt 6,000pt
Quick Claw Quick Claw 10,000pt 8,000pt
Scope Lens Scope Lens 10,000pt 8,000pt
Shell Bell Shell Bell 8,000pt
White Herb White Herb 8,000pt 6,000pt
Apicot Berry Apicot Berry 15,000pt 15,000pt
Ganlon Berry Ganlon Berry 15,000pt 15,000pt
Petaya Berry Petaya Berry 15,000pt 15,000pt
Salac Berry Salac Berry 15,000pt 15,000pt
TM Ice TM13 (Ice Beam) 4,000pt 4,000pt
TM Electric TM24 (Thunderbolt) 4,000pt 4,000pt
TM Psychic TM29 (Psychic) 3,500pt 3,500pt
TM Ghost TM30 (Shadow Ball) 4,500pt
TM Normal TM32 (Double Team) 1,500pt
TM Fire TM35 (Flamethrower) 4,000pt 4,000pt

Move Reminder

In Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, the player can spend 1,000 Poké Coupons to teach one of their Pokémon any move that its species is able to learn at an earlier level.

Mew Move Tutor

Main article: Mew Move Tutor

Also found in XD, the Mew Move Tutor in the lobby can teach Mew moves for the cost of 5,000 Poké Coupons. This can only be done after beating the game, but it can be done multiple times. Unlike other Move Tutors, this one does not give the player a direct choice in what Mew learns. Instead, he asks a few questions and then offers a full set of moves for Mew.

This Move Tutor can teach Mew any move it can otherwise learn by TM, HM, or from any other Generation III Move Tutor, plus the moves below:

Move Type
Faint Attack  Dark 
Fake Out  Normal 
Hypnosis  Psychic 
Night Shade  Ghost 
Role Play  Psychic 
Zap Cannon  Electric 

In Pokémon Battle Revolution

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In Pokétopia, they are won every time a Colosseum is cleared. The amount of Poké Coupons the player can win is proportional to the current difficulty rank of the Colosseum, which increases every time the player wins. Most clothing does not require much of them to purchase, however, all of the Mystery Gift items require a large amount of Poké Coupons to be saved up.


Main article: Pokémon Battle Revolution → Shop

The player can spend Poké Coupons to buy items that can be sent to the Generation IV core series Pokémon games.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Pokécoupon
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