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The Pal Park Retire glitch is a glitch performable in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl that allows the player to run a script in a map under unexpected circumstances. It is a subglitch of the void glitch and is most notable for allowing the player to battle and catch Arceus without an event or any external device. The glitch was first documented by user Cryo on January 10, 2017[1].

To perform the glitch, the player must first perform the void glitch and travel to Pal Park in the void. Upon entering the Pal Park map, the game will run a script that starts the Catching Show, replacing the player's Bag and Save menu options with the Retire option. The game is programmed to undo this change only when the Catching Show is complete or the player retires. However, as the player is still in the void, they can proceed to exit the Pal Park map and continue traversing the void without losing the Retire option. At this point, traveling to any map other than Pal Park and selecting Retire from the menu will cause the game to run the fourth script that normally loads in that area (by load order, not game data order). In Pal Park, this would be the usual Retire script.

If the player leaves the Pal Park map and traverses the void to the Hall of Origin, the fourth script that normally loads in this area is the script that would usually run when the player steps onto the glass platform at the top of the Hall of Origin. Therefore, selecting Retire from the menu while in the Hall of Origin will trigger the exclamation point over the player's head, followed by Arceus's cry, the player automatically stepping forward, and the battle with Arceus commencing.

To safely exit the void after performing this glitch, the player should return to the Pal Park map and select Retire from the menu normally, which will warp the player back to the lobby of the real Pal Park building area.

The aforementioned script is not responsible for checking if the player has already caught Arceus, as this responsibility belongs to the script that usually runs when the player uses the Azure Flute. In addition, it does not require the player to ever interact with or even see the Arceus sprite. As a result, the above procedure to catch Arceus can be repeated an unlimited number of times.


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