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PS122 : Querulous Qwilfish
Gold, Silver & Crystal arc
PS124 : Scrappy Skarmory
Debonaire Dragonair
VS ハクリュー
VS Hakuryu
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 123 in Vol. 10
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 123 in Vol. 10
Series Pokémon Adventures

Debonaire Dragonair (Japanese: VS ハクリュー VS Hakuryu), titled VS Dragonair in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 123rd chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 33rd chapter of the Gold, Silver & Crystal arc.


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The evening after Crystal starts looking for Suicune, it appears in Blackthorn City, thinking about the Gym Leaders.

At the Blackthorn Gym, Clair is battling her apprentice Ryu. Ryu is using a Seadra and Clair is using her Kingdra. Seadra uses Twister, then Smokescreen. Clair switches out Kingdra for her Dragonair and has it use Safeguard, protecting itself. Then it uses Dragon Breath, knocking out Seadra and defeating Ryu. He mentions that she is the Gym Leader of Blackthorn City and the grandchild of the leader of the clan. When Clair wonder if there is anyone who is strong enough to battle her, Ryu mentions that she once lost to her cousin Lance. She lashes out at him and tells him to never speak of him. While heading to the Dragon's Den, Clair wonders where her cousin went.

Upon arriving at the Dragon's Den, Clair calls out to the Dragon Pokémon to battle with her. Three Dragonite and three Gyarados rise out of the water, but do not attack. Instead, they make way for Clair peacefully. Suddenly, Suicune appears and attacks. Clair jumps onto Dragonair's head. Dragonair blocks Suicune's attack with its tail, but one of the crystal balls on its tail shatters. Suicune jumps behind Clair and creates a mist. Clair, seeing a silhouette, has Dragonair use Dragon Breath on it. Suicune jumps out of the way, and the sound it makes causes Clair to think its body is made of crystal. She then throws a Great Ball at it, but the Great Ball bounces off. Clair sees the block of ice she attacked and realizes the real one is in the mist. She turns around and sees Suicune, who promptly uses Bubble Beam, defeating her. Suicune then leaves.

Afterwards, Clair's grandfather and the chief appear. Clair's grandfather talks about Suicune's legend and a prophecy in a language that only the chief can understand. Clair wonders if Suicune is searching for a Trainer.

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  • In the Chuang Yi version, Blackthorn is misspelled as Blackhorn in two panels.
  • In the Chuang Yi version, Clair's name is misspelled as "Claire" when Ryu mentioned Lance being the only Trainer Clair lost to.

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PS122 : Querulous Qwilfish
Gold, Silver & Crystal arc
PS124 : Scrappy Skarmory
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