Luka's great-grandfather

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Luka's great-grandfather

Luka's great-grandfather is a character of the day who appeared in Mantine Overboard!. He was a seafaring captain of his own ship, the I.S.S. Raspberry.

He enjoyed studying Water-type Pokémon and deep-sea diving while searching for treasures. He eventually acquired a Silver Wing after twenty years of searching. One day, his ship sank following a powerful storm off the coast of Ogi City. While he and his crew survived, the Silver Wing went down with the ship. Luka's great-grandfather attempted to recover it on several occasions to prove that it existed, but the diving expeditions all failed. His legacy went on to inspire three generations of his family, including his great-granddaughter Luka.

Prior to the events of Mantine Overboard!, Luka had been searching through some family heirlooms when she uncovered a diary containing a map marked with an 'X' left by her great-grandfather. Later, she, Ash, and his friends located the remains of the I.S.S. Raspberry and recovered the Silver Wing, which was still in its chest. Afterwards, Luka began carrying the Silver Wing in a locket around her neck. Luka was able to unlock the mystery behind the Silver Wing in The Mystery is History, where it was revealed to be a feather from Lugia.

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