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If you were looking for the Trainer who battled Ash in the Indigo League, see Mandi.


Mandy (Japanese: ヨシエ Yoshie) is a minor recurring character who first appeared in Weekend Warrior. She is the wife of Jeremy, a businessman who enjoys Contests.

Mandy as a child

May first met Mandy and her son, Nicholas, while they were searching for Jeremy through the backstage at the Silver Town Contest. Mandy eventually stormed onto the stage to convince Jeremy to give up his dream of competing and come home, being concerned of how Jeremy's childish behavior would affect the family's reputation. Jeremy explained what competing meant to him, and the audience and other competitors cheered him on. After hearing Jeremy's speech, Mandy allowed him to complete the Contest, though she remained disgruntled and left the Contest Hall.

Nicholas watched on and later told his mother that Jeremy had made it to the finals. This led Mandy to think about how she met Jeremy: she attended one of his rock-n-roll concerts when she was younger and the two became closer. This finally prompted her to support Jeremy's dream. While Jeremy didn't win the Silver Town Contest, she still agreed to cook him dinner and was happy to have remembered her own youth.

Mandy briefly reappeared in Thinning the Hoard!, where she was seen watching the Kanto Grand Festival at home with her husband and son.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 寺瀬今日子 Kyōko Terase
西村ちなみ Chinami Nishimura (young)
English Ellen Shanman
European French Julie Basecqz
Portuguese Brazil Priscila Ferreira
Portugal Isabel Ribas
Spanish Latin America Liliana Barba
Spain Gemma Martín

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