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Nicholas (Japanese: ヨシト Yoshito) is a minor recurring character who first appeared in Weekend Warrior. He is the son of Jeremy and Mandy.

Nicholas and his mother interrupted his father's appeal in the Silver Town Contest to convince him to give up his dream of competing and come home. Jeremy explained what competing means to him, and the audience and other competitors cheered him on to continue competing. After seeing what this dream means to him, the both of them let him complete the Contest.

Nicholas went on to watch his father make his way through the battle rounds and eventually to the finals, where he faced off against May. He was impressed by his father's efforts and surprised by Jeremy's Venusaur, who he thought was a lazy Pokémon. After confronting his mother, she informed him of how Jeremy was once a rock-n-roll musician and traveling Trainer. The family was last seen leaving the Silver Town Contest, with Nicholas looking forward to hearing more about his parents' pasts.

Nicholas briefly reappeared in Thinning the Hoard!, where he was seen watching the Kanto Grand Festival at home with his father and mother.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 勝杏里 Anri Katsu
English Bill Rogers
Finnish Petri Hanttu
European French David Macaluso
Italian Massimo di Benedetto
Brazilian Portuguese Celso Alves
Spanish Latin America Gabriel Ortiz
Spain Pablo Tribaldos

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