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These are Irida's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Jubilife Village - Floaro Main Street
"There you go again, insisting on your false image of almighty Sinnoh as a ruler of time! My people follow the true almighty Sinnoh—the font of all creation and ruler of space!"
"Excuse me? Are you really suggesting that you make better use of your time than we make of vast Hisui's space?"
"Me, get lost? In almighty Sinnoh's great gift to the Pearl Clan—in our world's very basis? You wish!"
"I believe it was you who started this!"
Galaxy Hall - Kamado's Office
"Who, then? Would the Diamond Clan have the Pearl Clan bring down one of its own honored nobles?"
"You might as well have said it, you fool! Look—we don't even know what drove Lord Kleavor into such a violent frenzy."
"If you came from beyond the space-time rift... could you be from the space where almighty Sinnoh is said to reside?"
"I'm Irida, leader of the Pearl Clan! Caution and foresight are my watchwords. Which is why I have trouble believing such a tale. Could you really have passed through that rift?"
"You'd send this stranger, who supposedly fell from the rift, to study Kleavor? This newcomer with no experience?"
"Being a good leader isn't a matter of time—it's a matter of embracing Hisui's vastness without fear!"
"That whole practice bothers me! Almighty Sinnoh made Hisui vast so Pokémon could live freely throughout. We're meant to stand alongside Pokémon, not count ourselves above them!"
"The Lord of the Woods—Kleavor—is descended from a Pokémon that was blessed with almighty Sinnoh's own power. No other Pokémon you've yet encountered can compare to his strength. Be warned."
Obsidian Fieldlands - Grandtree Arena
"The ancestors of Kleavor, Wyrdeer, and their cohort drew on almighty Sinnoh's own power to protect Pokémon and people alike—so it's said. It's by their grace that our clan—that any of us— still lives in vast Hisui today!"
"As you say, Kleavor's grown even stronger, but I'm afraid that strength poses a problem for us. If he was indeed struck by that lightning...could the bolts have been sent by the false Sinnoh that the Diamond Clan bows to?"
"Kleavor means so much to our clan... I'd hoped we could bring this situation under control ourselves, not throw our hands up and ask some outsider for help..."
"But we must save Kleavor from this frenzy. Every moment it continues, the danger grows. If more people and Pokémon are attacked, it will lead to conflict with both the Diamond Clan and the Galaxy Team."
I'll figure something out: "Very well! Lian and I will gather foods that please Kleavor, in hopes that we might be able to get close enough to make him a proper offering. As for you—find a way to quell his frenzy, even if you must search every corner of vast Hisui!"
I don't know: "Your commander tasked you with investigating this mess, didn't he? Lian and I will gather foods that please Kleavor, in hopes that we might be able to get close enough to make him a proper offering. As for you—find a way to quell his frenzy, even if you have to search every corner of vast Hisui!"
  • If talked to again
"We can't let Kleavor remain some pariah. It isn’t right!"
"Hold on, Lian! Don't get ahead of yourself."
"Whatever the plan is, you'll need Kleavor's favorite Plump Beans. I've brought them, as promised."
"I admit, as we haven't been able to solve this ourselves, we seem to have little choice but to turn to the Galaxy Team."
"But even I still have my doubts about whether we should entrust such a thing to an outsider. These Galaxy Team people don't share our customs or our values."
"So prove to me you're worthy to stand in the presence of our noble Pokémon! You may battle by ordering about the Pokémon you've caught in your little Poké Balls... But on my side, I have a Pokémon as close to me as a sister—as one of my blood!"
"If you can defeat Glaceon and me, I will entrust you with Kleavor's fate. Will you battle us?"
Hold on...: "I'm not surprised that this would be too much to ask of a strange outsider from the sky."
Yes, I will: "Then allow Glaceon's true strength to chill you to your depths!"
"I see now... Poké Balls are simply your tools of choice, not products of disregard for Pokémon. You still understand the Pokémon that you've caught and treat them as partners. I feel better putting my trust in you now, I think. Let me see to your Pokémon's wounds."
"Now, explain the Galaxy Team's plan. What do you mean to do with these foods?"
"So because you have to keep your distance, you'll mash Kleavor's favorite foods together, ball them up, and try to quell his frenzy by... throwing them at him? Interesting. So you’ve developed soothing balms of sorts to calm our lord..."
"Very well. If it'll help soothe Kleavor's frenzy, let's make these balms with our very hearts and souls!"
  • If talked to before battling Kleavor
"Come on! You're the one with the best chance of using these balms to the fullest!"
  • Before battling Kleavor
"Listen well, <player>—keep your focus on Kleavor! Dodging will be vital. Try to avoid his moves as you're throwing the balms!"
  • After quelling Kleavor
"Does this confirm that the strange lightning was to blame for Kleavor's unnatural power?"
Regardless of choice: "Well...this is what I think, after all we've seen."
"We know strange lightning came from out of the space-time rift the other night... Those bolts must have struck Kleavor and driven him into his frenzy after all."
"Calm yourself, Lian. Remember that the Lord of the Woods has long been our protector, keeping the Pearl Clan safe from dangerous Pokémon that might harm us."
"Would power sent by the true almighty Sinnoh have driven Kleavor to turn on us and attack people and Pokémon indiscriminately? I doubt it. What <player> accomplished just now... It needed to be done."
"I'm glad we could settle this without further strife with the Diamond Clan or the Galaxy Team. If you come across other Pokémon in the grip of this painful frenzy, please help them."
"Please, take these—on behalf of the Pearl Clan. Consider it my apology for having spoken rudely to you earlier...and a token of my thanks."
"Let me care for your Pokémon as well. In appreciation for fighting on our behalf!"
"I think I've finally come to believe that you truly did fall out of the sky... Though I still cannot imagine the reasons at play."
Galaxy Hall - Kamado's Office
"Allow me to explain."
"We did have a lord in the coastlands...until a few years ago. A tragedy took him from us."
"There are serious concerns—and moreover, my clan just can't tolerate this desecration of our late lord's seat! Normally, I'd entrust this to our warden in the coastlands, but her situation is...complicated."
"I'll meet you in the Cobalt Coastlands. I do love it there—it's a beautiful area."
"Oh, and...I know this must be a bewildering situation to be dropped into. I'm sorry, <player>"
"Indeed. <player> quelled the Lord of the Woods. I've seen both his/her strengths and his kindness firsthand."
Cobalt Coastlands - Crossing Slope
"I do love the flute. It feels as if its tones carry to the very ends of space. But I am here, and so are you. So now I'm going to focus everything I have on battling you!"
Why?: "I need to understand my weaknesses. Please do this for me!"
I'm game!: "Very good. You who have seen the vast space beyond the rift... Here I come!"
"Ah, now I feel better! The world is vast...and I am small within it."
"Thank you! Allow me to heal your Pokémon."
"All right. With you... I think with you I can be frank."
"I can't afford to look weak in front of the Diamond Clan's leader or your commander, but in truth..."
"I sometimes wonder how I've ended up with the burdens I bear."
"You see, we have a warden in the coastlands— a lovely woman named Palina."
"But she tends no lord or lady. And she will not raise a successor to fill the late lord's empty seat, either."
"Some people have started to question her worthiness to be a warden at all."
"But Lina—that is to say, Palina—she's very dear to me, no matter what anyone might say. We were both in the running to become leader of the Pearl Clan. We strove to surpass one another, but...she taught me a great deal, too."
"Having said all this, I have a favor to ask of you. Please help her raise the Pokémon she looks after into a true heir to his father—the late lord!"
"With the help of your strength, I think our late lord's heir would grow into a worthy successor. And if he succeeds, it should silence Lina's naysayers."
"I don't know of anyone I'd trust more to help with this than the person who helped the Pearl Clan by quelling Kleavor's frenzy!"
"You'll be able to find Lina up on the headland. Head down this hill, and turn left. You should find a slope leading up onto the ridge."
Cobalt Coastlands - Firespit Island
"What are you going to do about Growlithe— I mean, Arcanine?"
"We'll need to make some balms!"
"I'm the leader of our clan! Is it so surprising that I know a little more of these things than you, Lina?"
"I've learned a little about these frenzies as well. There's a special method for dealing with them. We can make balms—pouches containing a mix of the lord's favorite foods—and throw them from a safe distance. Isn't that right, <player>?"
"Be on your guard—the late Lord Arcanine would launch devastating attacks after standing still and gathering light around himself! Remember that while you're dodging, moves will slip right by you. Good luck!"
  • After quelling Arcanine
"<player>... I wasn't much use just watching from the side, was I..."
"You know, when Lina wouldn't raise Growlithe to be the new lord and people in our clan were doubting her fitness as a warden... I urged her to put Growlithe through the proper training, but she snapped at me."
""This poor Pokémon saw his own father die," she told me. "Is it a warden's duty to force a child in such pain through that training?" Those words left me with...much to consider."
"And even when Arcanine became Lord of the Isles and grew frenzied, all I could do was watch."
What about the balms?: "Please. All I did was arrive late and help explain about the balms—something you could have done without me. Is that so praiseworthy? Do I deserve to be recognized for such a slight contribution?"
That's not true:
"I took on leadership of the Pearl Clan so young, with no grand vision for what it should be... Still, I tried to respect our old customs and sites, even as some called me old-fashioned for it. But watching you, I finally see. I know what I want to do. I want to protect this vast land of Hisui."
"Grant me another battle someday, <player>! I want to battle alongside my partner so we can grow strong enough to be of help to you...and to broaden the horizons of the world I see!"
"Looks like I've got Lina to thank for yet another lesson that I've learned. I should let her know. And hear more about her relationship with Warden Iscan, while I'm at it! Here's where we part for now, <player>. I need to get off this oven of an island!"
Jubilife Village - Training Grounds
"Hello, <player>! This gentleman is Warden Ingo, who serves Sneasler. He will guide you to her domain."
"Ingo's a bit like you, you know."
Regardless of choice: "He appeared one day from who-knows-where. What's more, much of his memory seems to be missing. Maybe traveling with you will help fill in some of the gaps in his memory."
"In any case, I'm glad to have your help to count on once again, <player>. Good luck up in the highlands!"
Jubilife Village - Floaro Main Street
"Is it? It's not as if getting up early changes what you can do with the day."
"Well, I got that same invitation, and I had to wake up even earlier than you to run all the way here for it!"
"Yes, do come. Galaxy Hall is quite close anyway."
Galaxy Hall - Kamado's Office
"When word of these frenzies arrived from all over Hisui, I feared what would become of us. But here we are, already preparing to quell the final noble."
"Then let us all meet in the cold reaches of the Alabaster Icelands. Until then."
Alabaster Icelands - Snowfields Camp
"<player>! Brisk out here, isn't it?"
"Freezing? I'm practically sweating. If you think this is bad, just wait. This is nothing compared to where we're headed."
"I don't see how we could, as long as you and you clan cling to your vision of an almighty Sinnoh that reigns over time. Forgive my bluntness, but if such a being even does exist, it's certainly not almighty Sinnoh."
"We're headed to see my teacher. And he's only ever found in one place."
"At Avalugg's Legacy, obviously! Where else but a great mass of ice could I have meant when I said we'd be headed somewhere even colder?"
"Sure! Stomp off without me! This is why I can't stand people who only care about whether time is passing them by!"
"See you at Avalugg's Legacy, <player>! Take care on your way!"
Alabaster Icelands - Avalugg's Legacy
  • Before battling Gaeric
"The gentleman is Avalugg's warden and my most honorable teacher, Gaeric. So show some respect, Adaman!"
"Sir! Please try to keep your cool!"
"For now, indeed, Avalugg's causing no trouble. But aren't we also duty bound to free our people from living in fear that such a colossal Pokémon might begin to wreak havoc at any moment?"
  • If talked to before battling Gaeric
"Gaeric's Pokémon are as hard and unyielding as his musculature!"
  • After battling Gaeric
"Thank you, sir! Some may still have their doubts about a stranger like <player>, but I'll vouch for him/her!"
"Tell the long story short! You're not saving any time if we waste it puzzling out what you mean!"
"Gaeric once managed to climb nearly to the top of Avalugg's Legacy, I'll have you know. He says he made it to within six feet of the top. Might makes right—or at least height!"
"I see what you meant about Sabi... But why would she be up there?"
Alabaster Icelands - Icepeak Arena
  • After quelling Avalugg
"Gaeric, sir, you needn't look quite so downcast..."
"He/she is no monster. He's/She's the one who risked his/her life without a second thought in order to quell our frenzied, suffering nobles."
"<player>... Gaeric cares for the Pearl Clan with all his heart and believes in almighty Sinnoh just as deeply."
"So he has feared more than any of us that getting involved with the Diamond Clan and your Galaxy Team could cause our people to flag in their devotion to almighty Sinnoh."
"But that will change."
"I know your fears will change once you see what I've seen. <player> has much to teach us. He's/She's shown us how we can overcome all manner of strife, so long as our Pokémon are with us!"
"He's/She's made me want to help Glaceon realize greater strength as well—and to see my whole world grow broader!"
"There's little was of knowing for sure. Though the rift does seem perhaps a little smaller, somehow."
"Indeed we should be. It's good to have him/her at our side."
"Look who's finally seen reason!"
  • If talked to after
"What're you going to do now that all the nobles have been quelled, <player>?"
Galaxy Hall - Kamado's Office
"You did call us here to discuss the quelling of all the nobles...didn't you?"
"There's nothing to suggest <player> has wronged us!"
"But that's... No one can do that! You're asking us to prove a negative! How is anyone supposed to prove the absence of all doubt?!"
"How can you act so heartless?! Don't you believe in <player>?
Ancient Retreat
  • Upon arrival
"Quite the opportunist, aren't you, Volo? Such a consummate guild merchant."
"If we were to undermine the commander's direct orders, relations would grow...strained."
  • If talked to
"Of course you'll choose me! I was the one who got you what you needed when you first set out to quell Kleavor. You and I made his balms together!"
Yeah, I choose you: "Just what I would expect of you, <player>. You made the right choice. You won't regret it."
"But yes, we should get moving!"
"I'd rather we walk this road together, but if the commander were to get wind of it, it would only make things worse... I'll meet you at whichever lake we choose!"
If not chosen: "Leftover? I'm not someone's scraps! I will keep watch on the commander. I imagine I'll hear something useful from him."
"I'm counting on you to handle this, Adaman. Don't cause <player> more trouble."
Regardless of choice: "Well, the first task will be to decide which of the Hisui region's three great lakes to visit first."
  • Upon departing for one of the great lakes
"Where will you be heading?"
Crimson Mirelands - Lake Valor
  • Outside Valor Cavern
"Let's head in, <player>."
  • Inside Valor Cavern
"What an eerie space... Why would there be columns inside a cave, anyway?"
"Watch yourself, <player>! Those quills look vicious!"
  • After defeating/catching the alpha Overqwil
"I knew you could do it, <player>!"
"Wait...balms?! Are you meant to try to hit Azelf with them, then?"
Obsidian Fieldlands - Lake Verity
  • Outside Verity Cavern
"What surprises wait within, I wonder..."
  • Inside Verity Cavern
"The air feels somehow tense in here..."
"You and your Pokémon quelled Hisui's nobles. You can handle any battle, <player>!"
  • After defeating/catching the alpha Goodra
"It's curious, but when I watch you and your Pokémon battle... I feel as if there's no obstacle that can't be overcome if people and Pokémon work together. Now, let's see about the Pokémon of the lake..."
"I can only imagine how it must feel to speak directly with a Pokémon like that."
Alabaster Icelands - Lake Acuity
  • Outside Acuity Cavern
"I wonder what waits inside..."
  • Inside Acuity Cavern
"I sense a chill in the air... What is this?"
"Could...could that be the dreaded Baneful Fox?"
  • After defeating/catching the alpha Zoroark
"The Baneful Fox... It is a Pokémon said to be filled with malice. We were told stories about it as children."
That Pokémon that's appeared—could it be the one Volo mentioned? Uxie?
Verity Cavern/Valor Cavern/Acuity Cavern
  • After completing the first trial
"That looked exhausting... But we still have two more trials to go."
  • After completing the second trial
"I know that Pokémon spoke with you, yet the words did not reach my ears..."
"It's mysterious, but...I suppose when dealing with someone who fell from the sky, it's only natural to encounter mystery."
"One more lake to go. This trek around Hisui has really brought home how vast it is."
  • After completing all three trials
"Amazing! You cleared all three trials of the lakes! You really are a wonder!"
Lake Verity/Lake Valor/Lake Acuity
  • After completing the first trial
"I must know an awful lot about Hisui, Volo. I suppose a merchant like you sees all sorts of things in their travels."
"The same goes for me. Our clan settled at the very spot where our forebears once beheld almighty Sinnoh. But I...I have never seen almighty Sinnoh for myelf..."
  • After completing the second trial
"Perhaps they mean to test whether whoever seeks it is worthy?"
"Though on the other hand... What use would those wrong hands have for it?"
"The Red Chain's as mysterious as this entire predicament we're in... But if we continue visitng the lakes, we'll get closer to an answer!"
Ancient Retreat
  • After completing the first trial
"I beg your pardon, Cogita, ma'am... But what do these Pokémon that represent the mind have to do with this Red Chain? And why exactly should it bind the world?"
"I... What? So does the mind create the world? But isn't it the other way around? Or is it...?"
  • After completing the second trial
"I do have to wonder if anyone else has ever completed the trials of these lake Pokémon..."
"Don't let Hisui's great vastness stop you, <player>. Let's go get the final item we need!"
Crimson Mirelands - Shrouded Ruins
"You arrived just when we'd assembled all three gifts... Did you somehow see our progress across the distance dividing us?"
"Could you mean...that Pokémon that flits about the Hisui region? Ah, but never mind that now. What about the Red Chain? How are we to forge it?"
"Then what are we to do? Search the entire vastness of Hisui for the answer?"
  • After the Red Chain is forged
"What have you heard now?"
"Has he lost his senses? He plans to get close to the rift? To study it himself?"
"That's true! There's no way he could. We need to tell him about the chain—and about everything <player> has achieved—before he sets out!"
Jubilife Village - Front Gate
"Did you find the commander, <player>?"
"Already?! How could a grown man like Commander Kamado be so reckless?"
"First expelling you, <player>, and now this! I think he needs a stern talking to!"
"As the leader of the Pearl Clan, loyal to almighty Sinnoh who reigns over all space... I can go anywhere in vast Hisui that I please—and now I am going to go stop the commander!"
Coronet Highlands - Temple of Sinnoh
  • Before battling Kamado
If the player chose her during Mission 13: "Almighty Sinnoh seems to be nearly here, but still the commander obstructs us..."
"Commander, please! Be reasonable! I understand that you're bound to protect your people as commander of the Galaxy Expedition Team—I have the same duty toward my clan. But doubting <player> like this... You're not just wrong—you're a fool!"
"You may think you're the only one desperate to protect the people of Jubilife, but you're not! <player> is putting his/her life on the line as well!"
If the player chose Adaman during Mission 13: "You've brought the Red Chain? <player>... You're the only one who can stop whatever is unfolding atop the mountain."
  • After defeating Kamado
If the player chose her during Mission 13: "Commander Kamado..."
  • If talked to before reaching the end of the temple
"You can do this, <player>! I believe in you!"
  • After reaching the end of the temple
If the player chose her during Mission 13: "W-wait... What...what is this? There's a voice in my head—no, in my...heart? It's speaking to me! "You hold...the Red Chain... Try to catch me, then!""
"A-almighty Sinnoh? I think almighty Sinnoh may be speaking to me!"
"It's telling me... "You hold...the Red Chain... Try to catch me, then! For the fight to come!""
If the player chose Adaman during Mission 13: A-Adaman? What are you saying? What do you mean, catch you?!""
  • After catching Dialga/Palkia
If the player chose her during Mission 13: "He/She...caught it...right? He/She caught almighty Sinnoh!"
"Ah! I can hear almighty Sinnoh—no! It''s called Palkia! Mighty Palkia is speaking to me in my mind!"
""Space-time grows chaotic... The power fails... The frenzied one... It comes now to fight! That is why I am here!""
If the player chose Adaman during Mission 13: "The Red Chain has shattered... But we owe the Pokémon of the lakes our thanks for getting us this far."
  • After Palkia/Dialga appears
"We can't just leave it here!"
Coronet Highlands - Summit Camp
If the player chose her during Mission 13: "So our two clans truly were following different almigthy Sinnoh, but both were real... What a shocking turn of events... To say nothing of the shock of hearing the commander speak so differently!"
"And we understood, Commander, that you had reasons to act as you did."
If the player chose her during Mission 13: "That's only natural. <player> is strong enough to defeat even this new opponent single-handedly!"
"We'll be all right—armed with the knowledge mighty Palkia imparted to me!"
"Yes! It told me its name—but that's not all. It also told me this... "The stone of creation's beginning. The chain of red. The vessel of humankind's invention. Unite these three, and calm the chaos now disturbing the flow of time.""
"And then, mighty Palkia must go with us back to the temple, it said."
If the player chose Adaman during Mission 13: "We're still not through it! How is he/she to keep fighting? The Red Chain has shattered!"
""Dialga"? The Pokémon that spoke to you?"
"Well, the Red Chain we have, at least! The pieces, anyway. I did collect them."
"Lian might have some idea. He's knowledgable about stones and minerals. He even goes digging for ore sometimes."
"How do you mean?"
"This seems like a lead worth following!"
  • At the start of Mission 18
"Of course! I'll call Lian to the Summit Camp at once."
"I've brought Lian."
Coronet Highlands - Primeval Grotto
"What a curious cave... I feel some extraordinary power here—as if the world itself was created in this very place."
"What do you think, Lian?"
"What we seek may be as precious as treasure, but this isn't about how valuable it is—we need it to restore this awful sky to normal!"
  • After the player defeats Charm
"The Coin that I remember never hesitated to help someone in need, even if she groused as she did so. I suspect they may have been...worried about us. Perhaps even wanting to help..."
"I knew we could count on you, Lian! No wonder Kleavor recognizes you as a worthy warden!"
Coronet Highlands - Summit Camp
"Of everything, by the sound of it."
Galaxy Hall - Laventon's Office
If the player chose her during Mission 13: "Here you are, Professor Laventon—what remains of the Red Chain, broken as it may be."
Galaxy Hall - Entrance Hall
"I'm starting to suspect all your prattling about the value of time is a cover for your own impatience."
"These Poké Balls of yours are full of wonders. To think the fate of all Hisui could rest in something so tiny..."
If the player chose her during Mission 13: "W-wait, please! I hear something... That voice is speaking in my mind again."
"Yes... It appears that mighty Palkia is willing to lend its own strength to us in battle."
If the player chose Adaman during Mission 13: "You mean Dialga?"
"That's certainly excellent news! The Diamond Clan's almighty Sinnoh—or perhaps I should say Dialga—is fearsomely powerful."
Jubilife Village - Front Gate
"All right, <player>! Once you feel ready, set out! We make for the Temple of Sinnoh once more!"
Coronet Highlands - Temple of Sinnoh
  • Before confronting Palkia/Dialga
If the player chose her during Mission 13: "<player>. In all of vast space, your place has found you."
"It's a Pearl Clan saying. It reminds us that occasions we must rise to are also stages where we may prove ourselves—where we might shine our brightest."
If the player chose Adaman during Mission 13: "What is that supposed to mean?"
"Hmm. Perhaps it's worth listening to what the Diamond Clan has to say sometimes as well."
  • After catching Palkia/Dialga
"He/She...he/she caught it... He/She really did it, didn't he/she?"
"Yes, what a sight to have witnessed!"
"Celebrate...with the Diamond Clan?"
"I'm sure our ancestors would be shocked to see us agree... But this may well be the best path toward protecting the space we all share!"
Cobalt Coastlands - Beachside/Coastlands Camp
  • Upon arrival, after receiving Mission 22
"<player>, Lina—ah, I'm sorry—Palina here has something she wants to discuss with you."
"O-oh? Firespit Island?"
"It's just...very hot there."
"N-no, Lina, I didn't—"
"I'm sorry! I didn't mean anything by it! It's just old habit..."
"Well, anyway, you heard her! Please get to Firespit Island so we can resolve this! Truly, please hurry. I might melt out there..."
Cobalt Coastlands - Molten Arena
"Er, Warden Iscan, wasn't Lina joining us...?"
"What! The nerve of— She knows I can't stand sweltering places like this!"
Cobalt Coastlands - Lava Dome Sanctum
"Careful, <player>!"
"Phew. At least the heat's let up a bit."
"Warden Iscan, I have to ask... Do you think there was any need at all for me to be here?"
"Do you really think so? I was wondering if it might not be revenge for all the times I pushed Lina to train her Growlithe harder..."
"I thought so. To think, she was so patient and kind with Growlithe, but when it comes to me..."
Jubilife Village - Training Grounds
"Our Pokémon are like siblings to us, and we'll challenge you with strength in numbers!"
  • Before battle (Path of Tenacity)
"My Pokémon and I are always speaking to each other! Did you know that, <player>? I believe that if my Pokémon and I understand each other, there's nothing we can't do!"
  • After being defeated (Path of Tenacity)
"Congratulations on making it through the entire Path of Tenacity, <player>! Perhaps we should host such battles all over vast Hisui so people can feel what it's like to overcome challenges with their Pokémon!"
  • If the player loses (Path of Tenacity)
"So if we of the Pearl Clan pool our might, we can take down even the mighty <player>... But there's no pride in winning through strength in numbers. We each need to be strong enough to win on our own!"
Jubilife Village - Photography Studio
  • By herself
"Glaceon always looks so cool in battle, but photos bring out her cute side! Let's take a picture together, <player>. I want to see what side of you brings it out!"
  • With Adaman
"You're the real star of all this for having brought us all together, you know! Please—stand right in the middle, <player>!"
Request 90 - "The Pearl Clan's Treasure"
Alabaster Icelands - Pearl Settlement
"Hello, <player>!"
"I was just about to go find you and tell you about this precious—incredibly precious—thing I found! Are you curious? Tantalized?"
I am curious: "As you should be! There isn't a single person in all of vast Hisui who wouldn't be interested in treasure."
If you say so: "Oh, come on! It's a treasure! If you don't take it now, those bandit sisters might get it first."
"But anyway, before I show you... Can you guess what I want to do?"
You want to battle?: "Yes, exactly! I want to be able to achieve feats like yours—like what you did atop Mount Coronet."
Not a clue: "Please, take the hint! I'm saying I want to have a battle with you!"
"Now, give me one moment. I need to center myself."
"My partners and I are going to get stronger and travel across this wide world!"
  • After being defeated
"I wonder, <player>... Are there people even stronger than you out in the world, with Pokémon stronger than yours? I'll just have to find out for myself, I suppose! Here! The treasure I promised you."
"I'm told this once belonged to the founder of the Pearl Clan! It's somehow connected to almighty Sinn—er, to mighty Palkia, I mean."
"And since mighty Palkia's with you now...I'll entrust the Lustrous Globe to you, too!"
"Thank you, <player>. For everything."
  • If talked to after
"The world before our eyes grows broader when we achieve true understanding with Pokémon... That's a lesson I learned thanks to you, <player>. I'll cherish it."
Request 97 - "Massive Mass Outbreak in the Mirelands"
Crimson Mirelands - Mirelands/Bogbound Camp
"I hear you've finished your investigation in the Crimson Mirelands! Well done, <player>!"
"Well, let me offer you a hand. I've learned some things about massive mass outbreaks myself!"
"Mysterious goings-on in vast Hisui pique my interest, after all!"
"And on top of that, we're friends! I'll always come if you ask for help!"
"Such as how exactly we think Adaman is doing as a leader."
"Anyway, that's how I got involved with the investigation in the coastlands!"
"And I heard from Iscan and Lina that they'd both seen something that was like a mass outbreak... but stranger!"
"Well, I wonder what about them causes Pokémon to flock together this way..."
"Perhaps there's been some shift in space because of mighty Palkia's appearance?"
"I'd certainly be glad to have more Pokémon around—it would help Hisui flourish..."
"But it's too early to conclude it's all for the best. Hordes of strong Pokémon could be dangerous. I'll be sure to warn Lina to be careful, too!"
Request 101 - "Massive Mass Outbreak in the Icelands"
Alabaster Icelands - Snowfields/Icepeak Camp
"Lian said he and Melli worked together to investigate the last outbreak!"
"Perhaps these outbreaks are someone's way of telling us that we must better understand the Pokémon with which we share vast Hisui!"
Request 102 - "Daybreak"
Alabaster Icelands - Snowfields/Icepeak Camp
"Come along, you two!"
Obsidian Fieldlands - Deertrack Heights
"This is the place!"
"This lovely space, given to us by mighty Palkia..."
"Hisui means so much to me. My love for it is as vast as the land itself."
"That reminds me—I've spread the word that the people of Hisui should be alert for massive mass outbreaks during rainstorms."
They'll battle in gyms: "In...gyms? What is a gym? And why would you battle in one, <player>? You say they're places where you can challenge a skilled battler to prove your mettle? Interesting! I'd like to be the one who deems a challenger worthy!"
"Well, whatever may come of the future... Aren't we lucky to have been born into such fascinating, fast-changing times?"
Request 107 - "Irida's Wish"
Crimson Mirelands - Diamond Settlement
"Hello again, <player>. I felt your presence nearby while I was playing my flute earlier."
"I came to play for the Diamond Clan so they can hear the melodies my clan holds dear."
"Oh, but seeing you reminds me—I've learned more about the Lustrous Globe! It seems to hold the power to transform mighty Palkia into its otherworldly form, if you can believe that!"
"Listen. I... I want to battle mighty Palkia!"
"I want to prove to myself that when the Pearl Clan worshiped mighty Palkia, thinking it was almighty Sinnoh...our belief, at least, was real!"
"Please help me do this! Use the Lustrous Globe to transform mighty Palkia and bring it alone to battle me!"
  • If the player has only Origin Forme Palkia in their party
"I want to know mighty Palkia's power firsthand—the power that brought space itself into being!"
You got it!: "To step forward into this great wide world takes bravery—and determination!"
Hold on: "All right. This is where I need to be right now, so I'll stay until I can battle mighty Palkia!"
  • If the player loses the battle
"I know you're capable of showing me all that mighty Palkia can do, <player>!"
  • After being defeated
"The sheer power of mighty Palkia... It's as unfathomably vast as space itself. I'm in awe before it."
"Did you hear that? The people of the Diamond Clan praised our almighty Sinnoh... They praised mighty Palkia!"
"I want to take this spirit of respecting and cherishing one another and spread it throughout vast Hisui—and I'll do it through battling!"
"I've decided, on behalf of the entire Pearl Clan! We will bring our battles to Jubilife Village's training grounds to let these ideas flourish!"
  • If talked to after battle
"How incredibly wide this world is. It's full of so many Pokémon and people to meet! I know I may never come to understand everyone out there, nor they me, but I'll keep my heart open to trying."

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Main article: Irida (Masters)
Menu interface (voice clips)
  • After being recruited for the first time
"I'm Irida, leader of the Pearl Clan! Caution and foresight are my watchwords."
  • Subsequent recruitments
"When you know your destination, no hesitation... And I didn’t hesitate!"
  • Sync pair viewer
"The world before our eyes grows broader when we achieve true understanding with Pokémon."
"I do love the flute. It feels as if its tones carry to the very ends of space."
  • Selection screen (forming team)
"Great choice! You won't regret it!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Adaman)
"Hey, don't leave me behind, Adaman!"
  • Selection screen (disbanding team)
"See you!"
  • Upon learning a new lucky skill
"With this new power, we step forward!"
  • Upon leveling up
"We can go anywhere if we keep this up."
  • Upon reaching max level
"I feel like we've come so far!"
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap
"I will not fear my growing potential!"
  • Increasing friendship level cap
  • During conversation
"Eheheh, hh!"
"Mhmm! ♪'"
"Just as expected."
"Well done."
"Good luck!"
"Hh, huhuh, hh!"
"You can depend on me!"
"I see."
"That's amazing!"
"Uheh, heheh."
"See you!"
"I won't lose."
"Step forward into this great wide world!"
  • During special log-in conversation (morning)
"Everyone looks so busy in the morning. I personally don't like the feeling of working against the clock..."
  • During special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"Phew... Oh, hello there. Now that the sun's out, it's getting quite hot..."
  • During special log-in conversation (evening)
"Good evening! It's cool and comfortable at night, so I'm on my way out to explore this island!"
  • During special gift conversation
"I brought this for you."
  • During special gift conversation (Trainer Lodge)
"This is a special present. You want it, right?"
Battle interface (voice clips)
  • Co-op match screen
  • VS screen
"Here we go!"
  • Sending out Pokémon
"Take this!"
  • Using Pokémon move
"We won't lose!"
  • Using item
"Leave it to me!"
  • Using Trainer move
"Got it!"
  • Using sync move
"Our will is strong!"
  • Unity attack / theme skill
  • Switching in
"My turn!"
  • Recalling fainted Pokémon
"Good work."
  • "Nice" emote
  • "Watch out" emote
"Be careful!"
  • "Let's do this" emote
"Is that so praiseworthy?"
  • "Thanks" emote
  • Defeat
"I'm small..."
  • Victory
"Eheheh, hh!"
"I felt your strength."
  • Victory (with Adaman on the team, in response to Adaman)
"Don't be so full of yourself."
Story Event - Travelers from a Distant Past
  • Two from Hisui
  • As "???"
"Hmph, doubtful. Do you have any proof we're in the future?"
"This is clearly a faraway country across the sea! Which means it's a trial from mighty Palkia, who controls space!"
"I'm so glad you're here! I thought we were alone!"
"Why are you wearing different clothes? What happened to your Survey Corps uniform?"
"Hold on."
"These two really might be different."
"They look similar to Rei and Akari, but their mannerisms are completely different."
"Um... What are your names?"
"Seems so."
"Then I suppose introductions are in order."
  • As Irida
"I'm Irida, leader of the Pearl Clan in Hisui."
"By the way..."
"The Pearl Clan, which I lead, worships mighty Palkia, who controls space."
"I was so sure it was mighty Palkia who led us to this distant, foreign land, by manipulating space!"
"I agree. It's still too early to draw any conclusions."
"Me neither. Not even an inkling."
"Back in Hisui, where we were before..."
"There were some people who went through what we are now."
"Right! Why didn't I realize it sooner! I'm such a fool!"
  • Pokémon Are Dangerous?
"It's a space-time distortion."
"We don't know when or where a distortion will appear, but the ones in Hisui would always naturally dissipate after a while."
"... ... ..."
"We don't keep our Pokémon in balls..."
"Do you know why?"
"In the time we're from, aside from those raised among humans..."
"Pokémon are considered dangerous, frightening creatures that shouldn't be underestimated."
"The rift is also what started all the strange things back in Hisui, too, like the distortions."
"There's a chance the disturbances occurring on Pasio are connected to mighty Dialga and Palkia..."
"Hey, if Dialga is here, then what about mighty Palkia?"
"Really? Then let's go ask mighty Palkia for help as well!"
"Is there a reason why it'd be difficult?"
"Stop rushing them, you fool!"
  • Cyrus of Team Galactic
"The Galaxy Team will surely lend us a hand!"
"Y-you're the Galaxy Team, correct?"
"Huh? Coin?!"
"Seems so."
"I guess Team Galactic is different from the Galaxy Team we know."
"His blunt personality..."
"This is..."
  • Off-screen
"Mighty Palkia is telling me that we can stop the space-time distortion from spreading by working together!"
  • On-screen
"What do you think, as one who has a connection to mighty Palkia?"
"Excellent! With mighty Palkia's cooperation, I'm much more confident this will go well!"
"So we'll have mighty Palkia and Dialga working from opposite sides of the distortion."
  • People and Pokémon
"Why? How could this happen when mighty Palkia is trying to stop it?"
"I knew you could do it, mighty Palkia! Your power worked!"
"If anything happens again, I'm sure we can resolve it together."
"So for now, we've decided to stay here on Pasio until we figure it out!"
"So we'll be sure to take care of them if they do. Leave it to us!"
"Sync pairs are the perfect example!"
"So please, let us stay and learn from all of you!"
Story Event - We Should Battle!
  • The Best Stage Ever!
"We joined to learn about Pokémon battling on Pasio, but..."
Story Event - Together in an Unknown Land
  • The Myth Researcher
  • Off-screen, as "???"
"Rei! Akari! It's so good to see you again!"
  • After appearing, as Irida
"You fool..."
"Cynthia wants to hear stories about our time... Stories about the Hisui region."
"Cynthia has some interesting stories too. This strong-looking Pokémon is—"
"You already knew, Rei?"
"The first time we heard about Giratina, we were both shocked."
"I couldn't imagine there was a Pokémon who could go toe-to-toe with mighty Palkia and Dialga!"
"He's formed a sync pair with mighty Dialga!"
"Here on Pasio, a sync pair is a Pokémon and a human whose hearts share a strong connection."
"That's right..."
"Because of my experiences back in Hisui, I can now believe it's possible."
  • The Next Daybreak
"Has it ever battled alongside Akari before?"
"It seems that Akari has changed here on Pasio, too."
"We're more experienced than you two when it comes to being a sync pair!"
Sync Pair Story - A Day with Irida
"<player>! Did you come here to beat the heat too?"
"It's nice and cool inside this cave. It's much more comfortable than outside, isn't it?"
"Well, it's cool compared to the temperature out there, anyway. It's still pretty hot in here."
It's actually pretty chilly...: "Huh? You think so?"
Y-you think?: "The sun's up high and the air's humid."
"I don't do so well in hot weather... Sometimes I come here to cool off."
"That's my Glaceon! You really know me well!"
You two really get along: "Yep! I grew up in a very cold place, and Glaceon is like family to me!"
Just now...that was Glaceon?: "Yep! Glaceon is like family to me, so we understand each other's thoughts perfectly."
"That's why I was a little uncomfortable putting my Glaceon inside a Poké Ball."
"It felt like we wouldn't be equals anymore—like it would make me her "master.""
"But I made up my mind soon after that."
"Poké Balls aren't for restraining Pokémon. They create bonds of trust."
"There was someone who taught me that. Someone who overcame numerous obstacles together with Pokémon in the land of Hisui."
"It's the same for all the Pokém—no, all of you sync pairs—on Pasio."
"They all look so happy together, with strong bonds and trust in one another."
"So the relationship that people and Pokémon have in this space isn't so different, right?"
Pokémon are friends!: "Yeah! They're friends—and also family! We'll live together with them forever and ever!"
We're partners that walk side by side!: "Yeah! Every step we take, we do it together with our Pokémon!"
"I want Glaceon and I to really understand each other—just as much as any other sync pair on Pasio!"
"The world really is a vast place... There are so many things to see that I never knew about."
"I want to tell everyone in Hisui that using Poké Balls to coexist with Pokémon isn't a mistake!"
"So with that in mind, Glaceon and I have to be Poké Ball pioneers..."
"as the Pearl Clan's first sync pair!"
"There's just one small issue."
"Pasio's so hot that if I don't have Glaceon out, I'll melt from the heat!"
"I guess Glaceon won't be spending too much time in her Poké Ball after all..."
Pokémon Center
  • During sync background preview
"My partners and I are going to get stronger and travel all across this wide world!"
  • Random conversation
"I think sync pairs are the ideal way for people and Pokémon to coexist."
"But a lot of people in Hisui are scared of Pokémon, so building that sort of relationship there would be difficult..."
"That's why I'll become a wonderful sync pair with my partner first!"
  • Random conversation
"I can't believe someone created an island this big..."
"If they have the power to create a new space... That power is just like Palkia's!"
  • Random conversation
"I've heard there's a place called Alola and they have Island Kahunas!"
"I'd like to see with my own eyes what kind of Pokémon they are! Do you feel the same?"
"Wait... They're not Pokémon?"
  • Random conversation
"Pasio is full of people from all kinds of places."
"But I believe we all share a love of Pokémon."
"Just like you."
  • Random conversation
"<player>, if you ever have a time when things aren't going your way and you feel small..."
"find something you can accomplish, even if it's simple, and broaden your world one step at a time!"
"And make sure not to rush!"
  • Random conversation
"I do love the flute. I feel as if its tones carry to the very ends of space."
"When I play it, Hisui's scenery floats into my mind."
"I'd love for you to see the magnificent land of Hisui! You'll definitely like it!"
  • If spoken to again
"I hope I'll come to like Pasio as much as I like Hisui."
"Show me all of Pasio's sights! Promise me!"
  • Random conversation
"I'd like to walk every corner of this spacious island, but..."
"I'd rather not go near the volcano. I don't like the heat..."
"I don't mind glaciers, though! I'll even go into the ocean!"
  • If spoken to again
"This era has what you call Pokémon Gyms, correct?"
"I want to be the one who uses Ice-type Pokémon to test challengers!"
"It'll always be brisk!"
  • Special log-in conversation (generic)
"<player>! Let's go somewhere together!"
"I can't wait to see what awaits me in this space called Pasio!"
  • Special log-in conversation (morning)
"Everyone looks so busy in the morning. I personally don't like the feeling of working against the clock..."
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"Phew... Oh, hello there. Now that the sun's out, it's getting quite hot..."
  • Special log-in conversation (evening)
"Good evening! It's cool and comfortable at night, so I'm on my way out to explore this island!"
  • Special gift conversation
"Here, take this as a thank-you for what you do every day!"
  • After giving out item
"If I find something interesting again, I'll give it to you!"
  • Special Travelers from a Distant Past story event conversation with Adaman
"Everything we see and hear is new and surprising."
Trainer Lodge
  • When spoken to (friendship level 1-9)
"Hm? What is it?"
  • When spoken to (friendship level 10-29)
"<player>! There you are!"
  • When spoken to (friendship level 30+)
"You truly make this space feel complete, <player>!"
  • Special gift conversation (friendship level 1-9)
"I have something nice for you! Please, take it."
  • After giving out item
"I hope you like it!"
  • Special gift conversation (friendship level 10-29)
"Here, <player>! Something special for you!"
  • After giving out item
"Items are meant to be used to their fullest, so don’t be shy!"
  • Special gift conversation (friendship level 30+)
"Here, <player>! A present for you. Please take it!"
  • After giving out item
"Consider it a gift of gratitude!"
"I hope it touches your heart, <player>!"
  • Chat (available from start)
"I do love this space. My heart feels calm here..."
"Once I gather my energy, it’ll be time to step out into the vast world again."
  • Chat (after completing A Special Day with Irida: Part 1)
"What a grand idea it is to create a virtual space! Mighty Palkia would be surprised, too!"
"I thought the idea of creating a new space would anger mighty Palkia, but we have nothing to worry about!"
"Because mighty Palkia has a big heart as endless as space itself!"
  • Chat (after completing A Special Day with Irida: Part 2)
"I feel calm when I play the flute."
"I can feel my heart extend out to the world with the tones that carry to the very ends of space."
"It makes me feel at one with the world."
"If you ever want to feel calm, just come listen to me play the flute, <player>!"
  • When conversation is initiated (friendship level 1-9)
"What should we talk about?"
  • When conversation is initiated (friendship level 10-29)
"Let's chat, <player>!"
  • When conversation is initiated (friendship level 30+)
"I was waiting for a chance to talk with you, <player>!"
  • If given a Folding Fan or Good Folding Fan
"Thanks! I'll take it."
  • If given an Awesome Folding Fan
"Wow, thank you! I’ll take good care of this!"
"I'll be sure to give you something in return, <player>!"
  • After the conversation ends (Great / Excellent)
"I had a great time! Well, I’ll see you later!"
  • After the conversation ends (Wonderful)
"We really got to talk today!"
"Let's chat again. Next time, I hope we can share even more interesting stories!"
Friendship Story - A Special Day with Irida: Part 1
"Hey, I just saw a sign over there that says, "Travel around the world through virtual reality!""
"But what's "virtual reality"?"
"You can experience a place without actually going there?!"
"Seriously?! I can't wrap my head around it!"
(Chuckle and say it truly is impressive technology.): "Yes! The people here think of unimaginable things!"
(Suggest you try it together.): "OK! I'm a little nervous...but I'll do it!"
"They say seeing is believing... We won't get anywhere unless we take the first step!"
  • Off-screen
"Wow! Are all those towers stacked on top of each other?!"
"And they're surrounded by autumn leaves... How lovely!"
"That looks like...a huge gate!"
"I wonder what opens it..."
"Is this a Pokémon Gym, perhaps?!"
"It's filled with ice! I'd love to make a gym like this myself!"
  • On-screen
"That was amazing! There are so many unique places around the world!"
"I'd like to actually visit all these places one day... But for now, I want to learn more about Pasio."
"Oh? You'll show me around Pasio next time, <player>?"
"Terrific! I'm looking forward to it!"
Friendship Story - A Special Day with Irida: Part 2
"What a beautiful view!"
"Those virtual places were wonderful, but..."
"I prefer setting foot in places for real, just like we did today."
"Actually being in them means a lot to me."
"All these places that exist in the world... I believe that in order to understand them…"
"you have to experience them firsthand, rather than just by seeing and hearing them."
"It may take time and effort, but what I feel in my heart when I look at this scenery–all these sensations... I want to treasure that."
"I'm sure this all sounds old-fashioned to you and everyone else, <player>."
(Say it's good to have different ways of looking at things.): "Thank you. Hearing you say that is encouraging."
(Say a lot of people think that way.): "Is that so?"
"Hehe, that actually makes me kind of happy!"
"As a little thank-you, let me play the flute for you. It's how I show my appreciation."
"I've always been good at playing the flute."
"Thank you for everything today, <player>!"
"The people here are kind and teach me so many things."
"But you go out of your way to show me around and take good care of me."
"I can tell you truly love Pasio and want me to know all the amazing things about it."
"The technology here is far more advanced than in my era..."
"But it seems there will always be kindhearted people. That hasn't changed at all!"