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Imposter かわりもの
Flavor text
Generation V
It transforms itself into the Pokémon it is facing.
Generation VI
The Pokémon transforms itself into the Pokémon it's facing.
Generation VII
The Pokémon transforms itself into the Pokémon it's facing.
Generation VIII
The Pokémon transforms itself into the Pokémon it's facing.
Generation IX
The Pokémon transforms itself into the Pokémon it's facing.

Imposter (Japanese: かわりもの Changer) is an Ability introduced in Generation V. It is the signature Ability of Ditto.


385Jirachi.png This Ability effect may be in need of research.
Reason: If a Pokémon with Imposter is the wild Pokémon of a Raid Battle (e.g. Max Raid Battle), who will Imposter copy?
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In battle

Main article: Transform (move)

As soon as the user comes into battle, it transforms into its opponent. Broadly, the target's appearance (including form), types, Ability, stats, and moves are copied; the user retains its HP and level. More precise details are at Transform (move) → Effect.

Imposter will not activate if the opponent is transformed, is disguised with Illusion, is behind a substitute, or is a Starmobile. Imposter only activates when the Pokémon with the Ability is sent out; if it fails to transform into an opponent, it will not activate unless the Pokémon with Imposter is withdrawn and sent out again. Imposter will also not activate when obtained during battle.

In Double Battles, Triple Battles, and Battle Royals, Imposter will target the opponent in the position directly opposite it. If there is no opponent directly opposite it, it will not transform. In Horde Encounters, Imposter will copy the opponent in the right-most position. If the opponent of a Tera Raid Battle has Imposter, it will transform into the host's Pokémon.

Role Play fails if the target has the Ability Imposter. Entrainment fails if the user has the Ability Imposter. Imposter cannot be copied by Trace, Power of Alchemy, or Receiver.

Outside of battle

Imposter has no effect outside of battle.

Pokémon with Imposter

# Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
0132 Ditto Ditto
Normal Normal Limber None Imposter
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In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 變身者 Binsānjé
Mandarin 變身者 / 变身者 Biànshēnzhě
France Flag.png French Imposteur
Germany Flag.png German Doppelgänger
Italy Flag.png Italian Sosia
South Korea Flag.png Korean 괴짜 Goejja
Spain Flag.png Spanish Impostor
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