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Illustration contests are contests in which entrants are invited to create artwork of requested Pokémon in effort to have it featured on a card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The majority of these contests have only been open to residents of Japan, with many earlier competitions held in Shogakukan publications, such as CoroCoro Comic. Wizards of the Coast and The Pokémon Company International have also held contests in North America and many other countries worldwide during their tenure. The following is a list of contests held in conjunction with the TCG.

Pokémon Card Game Illust Artist Contest

The first illustration contest was publicized in the November 1997 issue of CoroCoro Comic, released on October 15, 1997 and invited readers to draw and submit their favorite Pokémon. The winning entries were announced in the January 1998 issue of CoroCoro Comic, released in December 1997. Three entrants received the Best Award, each of them receiving 20 copies of a Pokémon trading card featuring their illustration and a special Pokémon Illustrator promotional card. These cards were subsequently printed as part of Expansion Sheet 1, available in special vending machines from March 23, 1998. Twenty entrants were also selected for the Excellence Award, all of them receiving a Pokémon Illustrator promotional card. One hundred entrants received the Special Award, each of them receiving a 1998 Pokémon Original Calendar.

Illus. Yuuki Kawamura
Illus. Keita Takahashi
Mr. Mime
Illus. Kasumi Matsuda

Mewtwo's Counterattack Commemoration Illust Artist Contest

Another illustration contest was publicized in the May 1998 issue of CoroCoro Comic, released in April 1998, in commemoration of the upcoming Pokémon movie in July of that year. The contest invited readers to create their own original Pokémon trading card, and was divided into two categories: illustration and attacks. The winning entries were announced in the July 1998 issue of CoroCoro Comic, released in June 1998. One entrant received the Best Award in terms of illustration and attacks, receiving 20 physical copies of their card and a Pokémon Illustrator promotional card. This card was later printed as part of Expansion Sheet 3, available from November 24, 1998. Four entrants received the Excellence Award in the illustration category and three entrants received the Excellence Award in the attack category, each of them receiving a Pokémon Illustrator promotional card. Thirty entrants received the Special Award, each of them receiving a Mewtwo's Counterattack and Pikachu's Summer Vacation teaser poster.

Illus. Kazuhiko Nishihara

Pikachu's Summer Vacation Commemoration Illust Artist Contest

A third illustration contest through CoroCoro Comic was publicized in the June 1998 issue, released in May 1998, commemorating the upcoming Pikachu short attached to Mewtwo's Counterattack. This contest was similar to the previous one, with both an illustration category and an attack category. Winning entries were announced in the August 1998 issue of CoroCoro Comic, released in July 1998. Although there was no Best Award, the four entrants selected for the Excellence Award in both the illustration category and attack category each received a Pokémon Illustrator promotional card. Thirty entrants received the Special Award, each of them receiving a Pokémon Pikachu.

CoroCoro Best Photo Contest

CoroCoro Comic held another contest in May 1999 and invited readers to take interesting pictures of Pokémon from the recently released Pokémon Snap and submit them in the Best Photo Contest. The top five winning entries had their artwork featured on reprints from Expansion Pack. The five winners each received 20 copies of their card.

Photo. Yuuki Tanaka
Photo. Hiroyuki Sasaki
Photo. Yuka Matsubara
Photo. Ryouichi Abe
Photo. Mina Akuhara

64 Mario Stadium Best Photo Contest

Much like the CoroCoro Comic contest, the TV Tokyo variety show 64 Mario Stadium also held a Best Photo Contest in May 1999. The top five winning entries had their Pokémon Snap photographs featured on reprints from Expansion Pack.

Unlike the CoroCoro Comic contest, only 15 of each of these cards were distributed to each of the winners.

Photo. Natsu Sato
Photo. Tsukasa Hosono
Photo. Miyuki Ogino
Photo. Yui Tanaka
Photo. Kaori Samoya

2002 Wizards Pokémon Illustration Contest

In mid 2002, Wizards of the Coast also ran an illustration competition for the English version of Keita Takahashi's Pokémon Card Game Illust Artist Contest entry. The chosen image was created by Craig Turvey.

Illus. Craig Turvey

Poké Card Creator Contest

The Poké Card Creator Contest was a contest held by Kids' WB! in 2004. Applicants aged between five and fifteen were invited to create an image of one of five pre-selected Pokémon and submit it to Kids' WB! between February 16 and April 10, 2004. Pokémon USA designed five new cards using the winning illustrations. A total of 5,250 Poké Card Creator Packs were distributed in July 2004: 50 packs to each of the five grand prize winners, and one pack to 5,000 first prize winners. The grand prize winners also won a $500 Target gift card.

Illus. Mark Kraus
Illus. Katie Gross
Illus. May Do
Illus. Rowan Laidlaw
Illus. Sylvia Forrest

2009 Pokémon Card Design Contest

In 2009, Shogakukan held the Pokémon Card Design Contest through many of their publications. Entrants were invited to design the artwork for Spiky-eared Pichu Pokémon M and Arceus. Aside from two magazines that held contests for original drawings, each one provided an outline of the requested Pokémon drawn by professional illustrators (whose artwork were also featured on the cards in the Movie Commemoration Random Pack). This contest was restricted to residents of Japan and had varying application periods across participating publications:

  • Kindergarten; Televi-Kun; Elementary School 1st Grade: February 28 - March 31, 2009
  • Elementary School 2nd Grade - Elementary School 6th Grade: March 3 - April 2, 2009
  • CoroCoro Comic; Pucchigumi: March 14 - April 14, 2009
  • Pokémon Fan: March 18 - April 20, 2009
  • CoroCoro Ichiban!: March 25 - April 24, 2009

Cards were distributed in conjunction with theatrical release of Arceus: To a Conquering Spacetime on July 18, 2009.

At the time the contest was ongoing the following distribution figures were published, covering a total of 552 winning entries across twelve of the thirteen publications, broken down into four bands:

  • Highest award (1 winner; 12 total): 100 copies of their winning design and a limited edition Daisuki Club Giratina Nintendo DS Lite.
  • Outstanding performance award (5 winners; 60 total): Jumbo copy of the entry along with a DX Monster Ball DP
  • Special award (10 winners; 120 total): One copy of Pikachu's Ice Adventure DVD
  • Lucky award (30 winners; 360 total): One Garchomp vs Charizard SP Deck Kit

It is believed that this was not how the cards were distributed when the contest ended, however. A previously unmentioned publication, Shōnen Sunday, also ran a contest. None of the jumbo cards which were intended to be awarded to the 60 originally-mentioned runner-up contestants are known to have surfaced. Significantly fewer of these cards have appeared than that of the 2010 Pokémon Design Contest and it's speculated that each winner may have received between one and thirteen full sets of the winning designs instead of 100 of their own design.

At the same time these cards were released, another Shogakukan publication, Weekly Shōnen Sunday, organised a commissioned Pichu design by Gosho Aoyama, the award winning illustrator of the Detective Conan series first published by the same magazine. This card was released as an insert in the magazine and formed part of Japan's DPt-P promotional set.

Spiky-eared Pichu Pokémon M
Kindergarten winner
Illus. Shunsuke Takemori
Spiky-eared Pichu Pokémon M
Elementary 1st Grade winner
Illus. Haruka Uekura
Spiky-eared Pichu Pokémon M
Elementary 2nd Grade winner
Illus. Taisei Fujita
024335 P ARUSEUSU.jpg
Elementary 3rd Grade winner
Illus. Shoki Nakamura
024337 P ARUSEUSU.jpg
Elementary 4th Grade winner
Illus. Arisa Sugino
024339 P ARUSEUSU.jpg
Elementary 5th Grade winner
Illus. Meiko Akiba
024341 P ARUSEUSU.jpg
Elementary 6th Grade winner
Illus. Mikako Nishizaki
Spiky-eared Pichu Pokémon M
Televi-Kun winner
Illus. Keita Mizuno
024344 P ARUSEUSU.jpg
CoroCoro Comic winner
Illus. Hikaru Okawa
Spiky-eared Pichu Pokémon M
Pucchigumi winner
Illus. Mahiro Shinozaki
Spiky-eared Pichu Pokémon M
Pokémon Fan winner
Illus. Shizuka Kusakabe
024348 P ARUSEUSU.jpg
CoroCoro Ichiban! winner
Illus. Ryoga Kawai
024350 P ARUSEUSU.jpg
Shōnen Sunday winner
Illus. Natsumi Nishiyama

2010 Pokémon Card Design Contest

In 2010, Shogakukan held another Pokémon Card Design Contest through many of their publications. Entrants were invited to design the artwork for Illusion's Zorua and Illusion's Zoroark, again using a pre-drawn template. This contest, much like the one held in 2009, was restricted to residents of Japan. The application period across all publications ran from February 20 to April 2, 2010. Winners were announced on July 27, 2010.

A total of 660 winning entries were chosen across the ten publications, broken down into four bands:

All selected entrants also received the regular prints of Illusion's Zorua and Illusion's Zoroark (660 total).

† The officially published figure for the number of cards each winner would receive according to both the Pokémon website and the Shogakukan magazines which ran the contest was 100, however in July 2021 an (image was shared) of the pack of cards the Pucchigumi winner Miho Sugano received, identifying the Pucchigumi card as "PCG-Z-PLP67-JPN" and displaying the quantity of cards contained in the pack as 200.

Illusion's Zorua
Kindergarten winner
Illus. Megu Taniguchi
Illusion's Zorua
Elementary 1st Grade winner
Illus. Mayumi Fujimura
Illusion's Zorua
Elementary 2nd Grade winner
Illus. Kousuke Mori
Illusion's Zoroark
Elementary 3rd Grade winner
Illus. Ryusuke Mori
Illusion's Zoroark
Elementary 4th Grade winner
Illus. Kozue Omi
Illusion's Zorua
Televi-Kun winner
Illus. Yuta Koike
Illusion's Zoroark
CoroCoro Comic winner
Illus. Kouhei Yoshihisa
Illusion's Zorua
Pucchigumi winner
Illus. Miho Sugano
Illusion's Zorua
Pokémon Fan winner
Illus. Izumi Sakaga
Illusion's Zoroark
CoroCoro Ichiban! winner
Illus. Kazuki Yamane


Unlike the contest ran in 2009, all 660 chosen entrants were showcased on the Japanese Pokémon movie website. Below are the top six entries for each publication, including some additional entries from Pokémon Fan magazine.

Pokémon Art Academy Competition

Bulbanews has an article related to this subject:

The first international illustration contest invited players of Pokémon Art Academy to create original Pokémon illustrations with the opportunity to have their artwork featured on specially created Pokémon TCG cards. Overall, there were three separate instances of the competition:

  • Japan (where the competition was named Pokémon Art Academy × Pokémon Card Game) – open to residents of Japan.
  • North America – open to residents of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Europe and Oceania – open to residents of Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, and Russia (Italy was specifically excluded).

The Japanese competition began first, with the submission period open from December 13, 2014 to February 1, 2015. The North American competition and European and Oceanian competition began simultaneously on February 18 and ran until March 29, 2015. Each competition comprised two categories: Dress-Up Pikachu and Your Favorite Pokémon. Dress-Up Pikachu required players to portray Pikachu in a costume of their design, inspired by Cosplay Pikachu as featured in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Your Favorite Pokémon invited players to create an image featuring any Pokémon. Once entrants had completed their chosen image in Free Paint mode, they were required to upload it to Miiverse and submit it as part of the competition.

The 5 winning entries from each category in the Japanese competition were announced in March 2015. The 3 winning entries from each category in the North American competition and European and Oceanian competition were announced on June 8 of the same year. The top entrants in each competition were selected from a panel of judges including Pokémon Trading Card Game illustrators. Each of the winners received 100 copies of the card featuring their illustration.

Japanese competition

Illus. gogotake
Illus. pikamania
Illus. Mame Akimaru
Illus. Y. Fujishima
Illus. Sayaka Maruyama
Illus. Mio Muroi
Illus. iwaiya
Illus. rina
Illus. Daisuke Ochiai
Illus. Ginga

North American competition

PikachuArtAcademyPromo Xime.jpg
Illus. Xime
PikachuArtAcademyPromo Ashley.jpg
Illus. Ashley
PikachuArtAcademyPromo Me!.jpg
Illus. Me!
Primal Kyogre-EX
Illus. Mireil
Illus. Gosha
Illus. Gabi

European and Oceanian competition

PikachuArtAcademyPromo Lily-Chan.jpg
Illus. Lily-Chan
PikachuArtAcademyPromo Rhivern.jpg
Illus. Rhivern
PikachuArtAcademyPromo Meli.jpg
Illus. Meli
Illus. Phanpy
Illus. Scarlett*
Illus. Peegeray


Illustrator names when originally submitted to Miiverse appear in brackets, where applicable.

Japanese competition

Dress-Up Pikachu winning entries
ArtAcademyCompetition Japan DressUpPikachu1.jpg
Illus. gogotake
ArtAcademyCompetition Japan DressUpPikachu2.jpg
Illus. pikamania (ゆきち)
ArtAcademyCompetition Japan DressUpPikachu3.jpg
Illus. Mame Akimaru (しらたま)
ArtAcademyCompetition Japan DressUpPikachu4.jpg
Illus. Y. Fujishima (おにぎり)
ArtAcademyCompetition Japan DressUpPikachu5.jpg
Illus. Sayaka Maruyama (さやか)
Your Favorite Pokémon winning entries
ArtAcademyCompetition Japan YourFavoritePokémon1.jpg
Illus. Mio Muroi (ダノンミオ)
ArtAcademyCompetition Japan YourFavoritePokémon2.jpg
Illus. iwaiya (イワイヤ)
ArtAcademyCompetition Japan YourFavoritePokémon3.jpg
Illus. rina
ArtAcademyCompetition Japan YourFavoritePokémon4.jpg
Illus. Daisuke Ochiai (メガネ)
ArtAcademyCompetition Japan YourFavoritePokémon5.jpg
Illus. Ginga (☆ゆーり☆)
Notable entries as selected by judging panellists
Entries selected by Mitsuhiro Arita
ArtAcademyCompetition Japan DressUpPikachuNotable1.jpg
ArtAcademyCompetition Japan YourFavoritePokémonNotable1.jpg
Illus. チハヤ Illus. アマナツ
Entries selected by PLANETA
ArtAcademyCompetition Japan DressUpPikachuNotable2.jpg
ArtAcademyCompetition Japan YourFavoritePokémonNotable2.jpg
Illus. っつさん Illus. パンマニ~ア
Entries selected by Kouki Saitou
ArtAcademyCompetition Japan DressUpPikachuNotable3.jpg
ArtAcademyCompetition Japan YourFavoritePokémonNotable3.jpg
Illus. ほしるび Illus. CARDA
Entries selected by Kagemaru Himeno
ArtAcademyCompetition Japan DressUpPikachuNotable4.jpg
ArtAcademyCompetition Japan YourFavoritePokémonNotable4.jpg
Illus. Poké Mania Illus. かまし
Entries selected by Tomokazu Komiya
ArtAcademyCompetition Japan DressUpPikachuNotable5.jpg
ArtAcademyCompetition Japan YourFavoritePokémonNotable5.jpg
Illus. ももん Illus. えのむし
Entries selected by Creatures, Inc.
ArtAcademyCompetition Japan DressUpPikachuNotable6.jpg
ArtAcademyCompetition Japan YourFavoritePokémonNotable6.jpg
Illus. はにぃ Illus. くいダレたろう

North American competition

Dress-Up Pikachu winning entries
ArtAcademyCompetition NA DressUpPikachu1.jpg
Illus. Xime
ArtAcademyCompetition NA DressUpPikachu2.jpg
Illus. Ashley
ArtAcademyCompetition NA DressUpPikachu3.jpg
Illus. Me!
Your Favorite Pokémon winning entries
ArtAcademyCompetition NA YourFavoritePokémon1.jpg
Illus. Mireil
ArtAcademyCompetition NA YourFavoritePokémon2.jpg
Illus. Gosha
ArtAcademyCompetition NA YourFavoritePokémon3.jpg
Illus. Gabi

European and Oceanian competition

Dress-Up Pikachu winning entries
ArtAcademyCompetition EO DressUpPikachu1.jpg
Illus. Lily-Chan
ArtAcademyCompetition EO DressUpPikachu2.jpg
Illus. Rhivern
ArtAcademyCompetition EO DressUpPikachu3.jpg
Illus. Meli
Your Favorite Pokémon winning entries
ArtAcademyCompetition EO YourFavoritePokémon1.jpg
Illus. Phanpy
ArtAcademyCompetition EO YourFavoritePokémon2.jpg
Illus. Scarlett*
ArtAcademyCompetition EO YourFavoritePokémon3.jpg
Illus. Peegeray

Pokémon Card Game Illustration Grand Prix

Another illustration contest began in late 2018 and invited people to create artwork with theme "Scenery with Pokémon". Images were required to feature one of ten pre-selected Pokémon complete with an accompanying background—forests or cities were cited as examples. These Pokémon included: Charizard, Pikachu, Slowpoke, Eevee, Mewtwo, Ho-Oh, Gardevoir, Metagross, Darkrai, and Solgaleo. The competition website included Pokédex entries, official Ken Sugimori artwork and 3D models of each Pokémon by Creatures, Inc.'s in-house art team 5ban Graphics for reference. Only residents of Japan were eligible to enter the competition. The application period was open from December 17, 2018 until March 31, 2019. Entrants could apply up to three times and were required to submit their artwork via the competition website. All entries were reviewed by a panel of judges, which consisted of The Pokémon Company President Tsunekazu Ishihara, Creatures, Inc. President Hirokazu Tanaka, Creatures, Inc. Executive Producer Yuji Kitano, Creatures, Inc. Art Director Kenichi Koga, and TCG illustrators Mitsuhiro Arita, Kouki Saitou, and Kagemaru Himeno.

Interviews with Mitsuhiro Arita and Kouki Saitou were published on the competition website on February 12, 2019 and March 5, 2019, respectively, which explore their methodology of creating an image as well as insights into the interactions between the illustrator and client.

In total, 5,343 entries were submitted. Fifty illustrations that passed the primary screening were published on the competition website on April 26, 2019. The top 8 entries were announced on May 30 and the final positions were announced during the 2019 Pokémon Japan Championships on June 8. One overall winner received ‎¥300,000, a trophy featuring their name and winning illustration, and had their artwork featured on an oversized TCG card; one runner-up received ‎¥100,000 and a trophy featuring their name and illustration. The website stated four entries as selected by the panel were to receive ‎¥50,000, yet five were ultimately included as part of the Judge Award, as well as an additional Slowpoke Award, chosen due to its popularity amongst the panel. It is unknown if the additional Judge and Slowpoke Award-winning entries were also given a prize. Entries deemed excellent by the panel were also approached by Creatures, Inc. to produce official artwork for the TCG.

Illus. Yuu Nishida


Top 8 entries
Winner Runner-up Judge Award
PCGIGP Gardevoir3.jpg PCGIGP Eevee3.jpg PCGIGP Metagross1.jpg PCGIGP Slowpoke3.jpg
Illus. 西田ユウ Illus. さとう なるみ Illus. 倉田理菜 Illus. 岡谷亜希
Judge Award Slowpoke Award
PCGIGP Pikachu2.jpg PCGIGP Solgaleo1.jpg PCGIGP Charizard5.jpg PCGIGP Slowpoke2.jpg
Illus. このは Illus. 北川徹也 Illus. ハナフサ エリ Illus. ア・メリカ
Showcased entries following primary screening
PCGIGP Charizard1.jpg
Illus. aya
PCGIGP Charizard2.jpg
Illus. 黒井ススム
PCGIGP Charizard3.jpg
Illus. teeziro
PCGIGP Charizard4.jpg
Illus. 野崎 想
PCGIGP Charizard6.jpg
Illus. 古澤あつし
PCGIGP Pikachu1.jpg
Illus. いもむし
PCGIGP Pikachu3.jpg
Illus. 欄外
PCGIGP Pikachu4.jpg
Illus. んまんま
PCGIGP Slowpoke1.jpg
Illus. 雨音はるじ
PCGIGP Slowpoke4.jpg
Illus. おかちぇけ
PCGIGP Slowpoke5.jpg
Illus. くのじ
PCGIGP Slowpoke6.jpg
Illus. 白石貴士
PCGIGP Slowpoke7.jpg
Illus. namakemono
PCGIGP Slowpoke8.jpg
Illus. バクルズ ジョー
PCGIGP Slowpoke9.jpg
Illus. はしむすび
PCGIGP Slowpoke10.jpg
Illus. フジイカクホ
PCGIGP Eevee1.jpg
Illus. 井上茉莉
PCGIGP Eevee2.jpg
Illus. オオウラシオリ
PCGIGP Eevee4.jpg
Illus. 前屋 進
PCGIGP Eevee5.jpg
Illus. ワキサカ
PCGIGP Eevee6.jpg
Illus. わたあめ
PCGIGP Mewtwo1.jpg
Illus. 井上ムラマサ
PCGIGP Mewtwo2.jpg
Illus. 雲丹海苔
PCGIGP Mewtwo3.jpg
Illus. sho
PCGIGP Mewtwo4.jpg
Illus. フジツキ
PCGIGP Ho-Oh1.jpg
Illus. GoldenBoden
PCGIGP Ho-Oh2.jpg
Illus. Tarai
PCGIGP Ho-Oh3.jpg
Illus. 二条和水
PCGIGP Ho-Oh4.jpg
Illus. ほたてぃーの
PCGIGP Gardevoir1.jpg
Illus. takuyoa
PCGIGP Gardevoir2.jpg
Illus. n:go
PCGIGP Metagross2.jpg
Illus. 軍島曹一郎
PCGIGP Metagross3.jpg
Illus. 水野 佑
PCGIGP Metagross4.jpg
Illus. you8
PCGIGP Darkrai1.jpg
Illus. AKI
PCGIGP Darkrai2.jpg
Illus. 犬ビコちゃん
PCGIGP Darkrai3.jpg
Illus. 潤宮るか
PCGIGP Darkrai4.jpg
Illus. J-Dragon
PCGIGP Darkrai5.jpg
Illus. とみなが まい
PCGIGP Darkrai6.jpg
Illus. 西山はな
PCGIGP Solgaleo2.jpg
Illus. きんぎん
PCGIGP Solgaleo3.jpg
Illus. 星見 しょーり

2nd Pokémon Card Game Illustration Grand Prix

A second Grand Prix illustration contest began in Japan in late 2019, this time inviting people to create artwork with theme "Pokémon's Cool Moments". Like the first Grand Prix, submitted artworks were required to focus on one of a number of pre-selected Pokémon. Entrants could select to portray either Charizard, Pikachu, Tyranitar, Milotic, Lucario, Genesect, Wishiwashi, or Zacian. The contest was only open to residents of Japan and entrants could submit up to three illustrations to competition website from the period December 9, 2019 to March 31, 2020. All entries were reviewed by a panel of judges, which consisted of The Pokémon Company President Tsunekazu Ishihara, Creatures, Inc. President Hirokazu Tanaka, Creatures, Inc. Executive Producer Yuji Kitano, Creatures, Inc. Pokémon CG Studio Art Director Ujiie Junko, Creatures, Inc. Art Director Kenichi Koga, and TCG illustrators Hitoshi Ariga, Ryota Murayama, and Yuta Otani.

The competition website included articles that provided information and insight from individuals at Creatures, Inc. and official illustrators. The first article featured an interview with Kenichi Koga in which he discusses a general overview of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, the varying illustration styles that have been an enduring attribute of the TCG, and tips for creating an effective illustration. The second and third articles featured interviews respectively exploring Mitsuhiro Arita's and Kouki Saitou's approach for creating illustrations. These three articles were originally published for the first Grand Prix. The fourth article features an interview with two members of Creatures, Inc.'s Pokémon Card Development Division: Art Design Team Manager Satoru Nagaya and Illustration Team Sub-manager Natsume Suwabe. The pair discuss the response to the first Grand Prix, the impetus for the second, and exploring the "Pokémon's Cool Moments" theme. The fifth article, published on January 31, 2020, features an interview with illustrator Hitoshi Ariga. The sixth article, published on February 28, 2020 features an interview with the winner of the first Grand Prix, Yuu Nishida.

In total, 4,050 entries were submitted. Fifty illustrations that passed the primary screening were published on the competition website on May 1, 2020 and the final positions were published on July 17. One overall winner received ‎¥300,000, a trophy featuring their artwork, and an official TCG card using their artwork; one 2D Excellence Award winner and one 3D Excellence Award winner each received ‎¥100,000 and a trophy featuring their artwork; five entries as selected by the panel each received ‎¥50,000. Entries deemed excellent by the panel were also approached by Creatures, Inc. to produce official artwork for the TCG.

Illus. Jiro Sasumo


Top 8 entries
Winner 2D Excellence Award 3D Excellence Award Judge Award
PCGIGP2 Charizard9.jpg PCGIGP2 Wishiwashi4.jpg PCGIGP2 Genesect1.jpg PCGIGP2 Zacian4.jpg
Illus. 次郎 Illus. 楠木 燦 Illus. takuyoa Illus. ヒダヤト リアンティ
Judge Award
PCGIGP2 Milotic4.jpg PCGIGP2 Tyranitar4.jpg PCGIGP2 Pikachu2.jpg PCGIGP2 Charizard8.jpg
Illus. 白砂かに Illus. スズキイオリ Illus. ノズル Illus. 雉本 ユーヒ
Showcased entries following primary screening
PCGIGP2 Charizard1.jpg
Illus. N氏
PCGIGP2 Charizard2.jpg
Illus. あいらんど
PCGIGP2 Charizard3.jpg
Illus. カサイタイガ
PCGIGP2 Charizard4.jpg
Illus. せんこんさん。
PCGIGP2 Charizard5.jpg
Illus. にそにそ
PCGIGP2 Charizard6.jpg
Illus. 雲丹海苔
PCGIGP2 Charizard7.jpg
Illus. 金井 亮介
PCGIGP2 Charizard10.jpg
Illus. 橋本ルウ
PCGIGP2 Pikachu1.jpg
Illus. ささしままい
PCGIGP2 Pikachu3.jpg
Illus. みる
PCGIGP2 Pikachu4.jpg
Illus. 魚野景
PCGIGP2 Pikachu5.jpg
Illus. 仁子
PCGIGP2 Tyranitar1.jpg
Illus. ○A
PCGIGP2 Tyranitar2.jpg
Illus. crudefish
PCGIGP2 Tyranitar3.jpg
Illus. シトニ
PCGIGP2 Tyranitar5.jpg
Illus. ナカジマ ユウキ
PCGIGP2 Tyranitar6.jpg
Illus. ひらやま
PCGIGP2 Milotic1.jpg
Illus. えすてぃお
PCGIGP2 Milotic2.jpg
Illus. タケノコノコ
PCGIGP2 Milotic3.jpg
Illus. ぱにぱに
PCGIGP2 Milotic5.jpg
Illus. 畑 健太朗
PCGIGP2 Lucario1.jpg
Illus. AKI
PCGIGP2 Lucario2.jpg
Illus. sgtoon
PCGIGP2 Lucario3.jpg
Illus. ハチ
PCGIGP2 Lucario4.jpg
Illus. 黒井ススム
PCGIGP2 Lucario5.jpg
Illus. 塩見キキ
PCGIGP2 Lucario6.jpg
Illus. 西山はな
PCGIGP2 Genesect2.jpg
Illus. yorikane
PCGIGP2 Genesect3.jpg
Illus. シブリンガル
PCGIGP2 Genesect4.jpg
Illus. タケノコ太郎
PCGIGP2 Genesect5.jpg
Illus. でんぢ
PCGIGP2 Genesect6.jpg
Illus. ユウイチ
PCGIGP2 Wishiwashi1.jpg
Illus. Ca.OF-3
PCGIGP2 Wishiwashi2.jpg
Illus. momo irone
PCGIGP2 Wishiwashi3.jpg
Illus. えぐざ
PCGIGP2 Wishiwashi5.jpg
Illus. 末宮 市悠
PCGIGP2 Wishiwashi6.jpg
Illus. 西廻り航路。
PCGIGP2 Zacian1.jpg
Illus. DyG
PCGIGP2 Zacian2.jpg
Illus. Ho-oh リン
PCGIGP2 Zacian3.jpg
Illus. TAPI岡
PCGIGP2 Zacian5.jpg
Illus. ヤマタカ
PCGIGP2 Zacian6.jpg
Illus. 砂川 宗一郎

Pokémon the Movie: Koko × Pokémon Card Game Illust Contest

An illustration contest was held in the months leading up to the Japanese theatrical release of Secrets of the Jungle. Those wishing to participate were required to follow the Pokémon the Movie: Koko official Twitter account. A digital copy of the application form could be downloaded from there or the official Pokémon the Movie website; physical copies could also be obtained from participating Pokémon Centers and Pokémon Stores. Entrants were invited to color in a line drawing of Koko and Dada Zarude based on the Tetsuo Yajima illustration used on a promotional Koko card. The application period ran from October 15 until November 15, 2020 and while the contest was not limited to residents of Japan, prizes would only be shipped to a Japanese address. Entrants could apply once per account and were required to post their artwork on Twitter with the hashtag #ポケモン映画カードイラコン, Pokémon Movie Card Illu Con. Teams of parents and their children could submit their artwork for consideration using the additional hashtag #親子賞, Parent-child Award. Children were required to color the line art of Koko and Zarude; parents could color in the background and add more illustrations if they so wished.

Of all the entries submitted, 55 were nominated by a Pikachu Project judging panel to receive a 2-player TCG Movie Original Design Paper Playmat (Japanese: 映画オリジナルデザイン紙製プレイマット) featuring Koko and Dada Zarude. Nominees were notified via Twitter in late November 2020 and their artwork was showcased on the official website on December 23. Of these nominations, four overall winners were selected across four categories: the Director's Award, the Creatures Award, the Parent-child Award, and the Twitter Special Award. The Twitter Special Award was revealed as a surprise category upon the announcement of the results on December 25, and was determined by the artwork that received the most likes up to December 1. Each of the winning entries received a Jumbo card featuring their artwork plus other Pokémon goods, which began to shipped in late March 2021.


Winning entries
Director's Award Creatures Award Parent-child Award Twitter Special Award
PMKIC Koko53.jpg PMKIC Koko18.jpg PMKIC Koko54.jpg PMKIC Koko3.jpg
Illus. にゃべにゃ Illus. うさまる Illus. そうたパパ Illus. にじまあるく
Nominated entries
PMKIC Koko1.jpg
Illus. あおなぎ
PMKIC Koko2.jpg
Illus. モネォツェル
PMKIC Koko4.jpg
Illus. ちゃま
PMKIC Koko5.jpg
Illus. 五十鈴 吟叶
PMKIC Koko6.jpg
Illus. KAZU
PMKIC Koko7.jpg
Illus. AXEL
PMKIC Koko8.jpg
Illus. かな
PMKIC Koko9.jpg
Illus. なつモン
PMKIC Koko10.jpg
Illus. ジュリ
PMKIC Koko11.jpg
Illus. ハチ
PMKIC Koko12.jpg
Illus. あき
PMKIC Koko13.jpg
Illus. 石動らとね
PMKIC Koko14.jpg
Illus. Moca®︎
PMKIC Koko15.jpg
Illus. せいくん
PMKIC Koko16.jpg
Illus. たこやき
PMKIC Koko17.jpg
Illus. さき
PMKIC Koko19.jpg
Illus. こうた
PMKIC Koko20.jpg
Illus. 手袋てって
PMKIC Koko21.jpg
Illus. アイリ
PMKIC Koko22.jpg
Illus. 夏月 舞
PMKIC Koko23.jpg
Illus. かざと98
PMKIC Koko24.jpg
Illus. ろーあ
PMKIC Koko25.jpg
Illus. そーたろ
PMKIC Koko26.jpg
Illus. moeka
PMKIC Koko27.jpg
Illus. 大鳥あお
PMKIC Koko28.jpg
Illus. さしみ
PMKIC Koko29.jpg
Illus. ミナキ
PMKIC Koko30.jpg
Illus. よもぎ団子
PMKIC Koko31.jpg
Illus. クロイス
PMKIC Koko32.jpg
Illus. あきやま かずや
PMKIC Koko33.jpg
Illus. うさ吉郎
PMKIC Koko34.jpg
Illus. 七星める
PMKIC Koko35.jpg
Illus. ユイくん
PMKIC Koko36.jpg
Illus. 横澤 真理子
PMKIC Koko37.jpg
Illus. seya6
PMKIC Koko38.jpg
Illus. ちくわ1310
PMKIC Koko39.jpg
Illus. さめのま
PMKIC Koko40.jpg
Illus. そらちゃん
PMKIC Koko41.jpg
Illus. ちー
PMKIC Koko42.jpg
Illus. そうちゃん
PMKIC Koko43.jpg
Illus. TOSHI
PMKIC Koko44.jpg
Illus. りひと
PMKIC Koko45.jpg
Illus. そうまくん
PMKIC Koko46.jpg
Illus. WOR
PMKIC Koko47.jpg
Illus. ソラ -Y-
PMKIC Koko48.jpg
Illus. ぷくりん
PMKIC Koko49.jpg
Illus. ひろむ
PMKIC Koko50.jpg
Illus. いつきち
PMKIC Koko51.jpg
Illus. そうすけ
PMKIC Koko52.jpg
Illus. あちき
PMKIC Koko55.jpg
Illus. シェフチェンコ

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