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Mitsuhiro Arita, c. 1997

Mitsuhiro Arita (Japanese: 有田満弘), born January 12, 1970, Fukuoka Prefecture, is a freelance illustrator who has been providing artwork for the Pokémon Trading Card Game since its inception. In addition to Pokémon, he has also provided artwork for several other trading or collectible card games based on franchises such as Yu-Gi-Oh!, Shin Megami Tensei, Monster Hunter, and Super Sentai. He has provided many illustrations for Final Fantasy XI online content, as well as producing written articles, featured works, and cover art across numerous publications. He likes to paint pictures on his PDA while on the move, a hobby he calls "Mobile Painting", which he has also written about in a few publications.


Title Date Publisher
Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game illustration 1995— Konami
Pokémon Trading Card Game illustration 1996-10— Media Factory
Shinkigensha Fujimi Shobo Magazine illustrations 1999 Fujimi Shobo
WinGraphic Magazine Featuring written articles, mobile painting and illustrations 2000-05 MdN Interactive
Painter6 First Edition 2000-08 SCC Books
Sony VAIO booklet for Tablet LCD Series. Illustrations for catalogue, website and store. 2000-09 Sony
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children Card Game illustration 2001-01-15—
Media Factory
Created mini-movies for NHK-BS2 2002-07 NHK
First Character Painting Lessons illustrations 2003-10-09 MdN Interactive
ARMS & ARMORS Weapons and Armor Encyclopedia illustrations 2004-08-27 Shinkigensha
Final Fantasy XI online content: "Vana'dial Tribune Edition II" illustrations 2004-11-13—
Square Enix
Pokémon Trading Figure Game package art 2005-10-14 Pokémon USA
Ranger Strike Card Game illustrations 2006-02-06— Carddas
Guardians of Ga'Hoole series cover illustrations (Japanese release) 2006-08— Media Factory
Culdcept Saga illustrations 2006-11-22 Bandai
Culdcept Saga (Title Update Version) illustrations 2007-04-05 Bandai
Monster Hunter Trading Card Game illustrations 2007-04-06—
The Knights Truth in Fantasy 78 cover illustration 2007-09-27 Shinkigensha
Recommended Meditation for a Larger Heart illustrations 2007-09-20 Mikasa Shobo
Final Fantasy XI website content illustrations 2008-04-05— Square Enix
MdN Volume 172 Product Review: SketchBook Pro 2008 sample images 2008-07-06 MdN Interactive
Healthy Living to 100: "Zen Hygiene" illustrations 2008-08-20 Mikasa Shobo
Monster Hunter Hunting Card illustrations 2008-10-25— Capcom
Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbaride illustrations 2008-12-26— Carddass

Work for the TCG

Arita has continued to produce illustrations since the very beginning of the TCG, and as a result, he is among the TCG's most prolific artists. Arita’s coloring style has changed over the years. His earlier illustrations were often a mix of watercolor or pastel with distinct outlines, but he has developed a more fluid style that emphasizes the use of vibrant colors, as well as light and shadow to create dynamic and realistic looking images. Many of his images also use high and low angles or tilt to help achieve this. For a list of cards he has illustrated, go here.

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