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These are Avery's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series games

Pokémon Shield

  • At Wedgehurst Station
"Naturally. I have made all the proper preparations, which you can observe with unclouded eyes."
"Hmph. To meet a Slowpoke... Such a thing is simply elegant."
  • If talked to prior to interacting with the Slowpoke
"Could this be your first time ever seeing a Galarian Slowpoke? Where they're from might be different, but they're still just as carefree as other Slowpoke."
  • After the player catches the Slowpoke
"Hmmm? How interesting... I must say, your catching style was quite simply elegant."
"I am headed to an island called the Isle of Armor. I've heard it's a place where one can catch rare Pokémon and do lots of training. Perhaps we shall meet again sometime. Well then, please excuse me."
Fields of Honor
  • At the Armor Station
"Hm... You're the traveler I'm supposed to guide, am I right? Exactly when we agreed to meet, too. Quite the commendable punctuality. Hm? I've got the strangest feeling we've met before... But I can't recall. And here I thought Amnesia was Slowpoke's move. My name is Avery. I'm a senior member of the dojo you are to join."
Regardless of choice : "You're here to join the Master Dojo, are you not? I also train there."
"My goodness, this is a thick one. Like a poor, lost Wooloo... It's up to me—as an elegant adult—to make sure they get the message."
"Perhaps a show of strength is the best one to get to know each other. I'll await you outside. Once you're ready, come out to face me."
"Time to show him/her who the better trainer is..."
  • Outside the Armor Station
"Hm? Is this your first visit to the Isle of Armor? You would no doubt like to run around and explore freely, but first, let's make sure you can handle yourself. Naturally, as a member of the Master Dojo... I'll be using my psychic powers to test your strength! Come on now... Don't overexert yourself!"
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "Heh. I'll show you what true power looks like."
After first landing a hit on the player's Pokémon: "Heh. I've dealt the first damage you've taken on this island."
After first landing a super-effective move on the player's Pokémon: "That's the power of type matchups. Truly, this shall be an elegant battle!"
Upon sending out his last Pokémon: "Wh-when did I get beat down to my last Pokémon?! Did you use Hypnosis on me?"
Upon first using Confusion: "Prepare to experience psychic powers that defy human comprehension!"
Upon being defeated: "Such strength! I'm in Psyshock!"
  • After being defeated
"Ah, um... Could...could you give me a moment?"
"Improbable... No, impossible! What kind of Trick did this kid use? If a Trainer of this talent arrives at the dojo, then the people there very well may suffer Amnesia about my very existence! If only I could get rid of him/her... But I've been tasked with escorting her to the dojo..."
"Ahem! You have potential. Why, you made me use a whole three percent of my strength! Still... How should I put this... Our dojo is a respected place, where even the famous Champion Leon trained. What I'm trying to say is, I don't think you're quite up to snuff..."
"Therefore! I suggest you ignore the Master Dojo standing over there and head home as soon as you're done seeing the sights! I suppose you can have this, too, as a parting gift."
"Show it when you next visit a boutique or hair salon, and I'm sure you'll be able to find a more-elegant garb, like mine. Now then... Farewell! I doubt I'll see you again. Avery, Teleport!"
  • Outside the Master Dojo
"It would appear so. I'll have you know, my offer to escort them was perfect. He/She rather abruptly absconded after our battle..."
"Hmm? Gah!"
"Yes, right! That's correct, ma'am! I swear, I thought you had used Teleport or something, you disappeared so quickly! Regardless! It gives me great joy to know that you decided to come after all!"
"Bagh! Why? For what purpose is he/she here?! My Future Sight must be off! I must think... Before Ms. Honey figures out I told an innocent little lie..."
"Heh, it's an honor to make your acquaintance."
"Now, listen... If you dare breathe a word of what happened at the station to Ms. Honey... Well, let's just say my psychic powers are very potent. Do I make myself clear?"
Master Dojo
  • If talked to prior to battling Mustard
"You can always call if you run into any trouble. Call somebody else, that is."
  • After battling Mustard
"Pardon me, Master! I haven't received my uniform yet! I dare say it's unfair for only that child to get a uniform. Unequal, even! I demand an item swap!"
"Ha! It does pay to complain sometimes!"
"Eek! What in the world? Hey! My Dojo Uniform! It's gone missing!"
"How dare you? Are you using Trick?! Return my Dojo Uniform immediately!"
"Oh my! Where do you think you're going?!"
  • After completing Mustard's first trial
"You... Were able to reclaim my uniform all all by yourself?"
Regardless of choice: "Hmph! You have my thanks."
"Don't go getting all uppity from one trifling success..."
  • If talked to prior to starting Mustard's second trial
"It would seem I am fated not to accept your capabilities as of yet... I will obtain the Max Mushrooms first and claim victory with my own two hands!"
Warm-Up Tunnel
  • Upon finding Max Mushrooms
"Wait just one moment!"
"*pant*... *pant*..."
"Hah! Just as I expected! Multiple Max Mushrooms growing in a bunch! My psychic powers picked up on these Max Mushrooms eons before you found them. I believe I should be the first one to get those Max Mushrooms. First come, first served, and all!"
No way!: "Hmph! I knew you wouldn't listen to reason."
Sure, you can have them!: "What's this? Are you trying to show you're stronger than me? How distasteful!"
"I find your presence most disturbing! You show up at the dojo unannounced and go on to show such talent, even though you're still so young..."
"You dare get in my way? I warned you about my psychic powers, and now you'll experience them firsthand!"
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "I think it's about time we found out...which one of us is truly superior!."
After the player first lands a super-effective move: "H-how cheeky. Let's agree that move is banned from now on, yes?"
After the player first lands a critical hit: "The fates have truly abandoned me. I am but a poor little lost Wooloo."
After first landing a super-effective move on the player's Pokémon: "Before my psychic powers, all your weaknesses are laid bare!"
Upon first using Psybeam: "I'll have you dancing in the palm of my hand! This is my most powerful, elegant Psychic move!"
Upon sending out his last Pokémon: "I am not weak! I cannot lose!"
Upon being defeated: "What a Psystrike to my poor pride..."
  • After being defeated
"Blast it. Victory still eludes me... What is it that I lack? What do I need? Very well, you can have those ones. I'll go and find myself some Max Mushrooms that are far more elegant! Avery, teleport!"
Master Dojo
"Ms. Honey I beg you! Wait just one moment..."
"*pants*... *pants* I-I've also obtained some Max Mushrooms!"
"*sniff*... I did it... Y-yes, I did search rather hard..."
"Master, Ms. Honey...if you could grant me one wish, just this once, I would be indebted. Would you be so kind as to use my Max Mushrooms in the Max Soup? I feel that everyone here should enjoy the taste of my efforts..."
"Ms. Honey."
  • If talked to prior to talking to Mustard
"What's this? Are you here because the Master summoned you, too?"
  • Upon speaking to Mustard
"When I heard you had something to tell me, I came as soon as I could, Master."
"A final...last...ultimate...third trial, you say?"
"So you're saying this would be the last trial?"
"We are to battle one another? That is the last trial?"
"This is it... At last... Can I really...?"
"I-I must make haste! I must make for the Battle Court, posthaste! I must meditate on my upcoming victory! A good day to you, then. I'll be on my way. Feel free to take it easy like a Slowpoke, and take all the time you need to get ready!"
  • If the player tries to enter the Battle Court without talking to him
"Ignoring me and leaving first... Is your Nature Hasty?"
  • At the Battle Court, if talked to
"So, you've come at last."
"Defeating you will grant me the secret armor...then I will at last have what I need to become a Psychic-type Gym Leader! No matter what it takes, I refuse to accept anything but a complete and utter victory... I'm coming at you with everything I have. Are you prepared?"
No: "You're going to tell me you're not ready? After all that's been said? Truly, your Nature must be Bold."
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "Heh. Let us have an elegant battle worthy of being called a finale. Prepare to sink into despair...and into the weird battlefield beneath your feet!"
After the player first lands a super-effective move: "Ah! Are you all right, my elegant Pokémon?"
After first landing a super-effective move on the player's Pokémon: "Heh, a supereffective hit! That was an elegant move choice on my part, wouldn't you agree?"
Upon sending out his last Pokémon: "We shall awaken our true psychic power here and now!"
Upon Dynamaxing Slowbro: "With a one, two, three...this Poké Ball will grow gigantic!"
Upon first using Slowbro's Max Mindstorm: "My unbelievable psychic powers will utterly humiliate you!"
Upon being defeated: "Oh, I could just Imprison myself for this!"
  • After being defeated
"It appears...I have lost."
"Heh, now pathetic. I lost even though I resorted to such underhanded tactics. I don't think young, capable children like you can understand how I feel. I am just an average man who gave everything he possibly could..."
"Perhaps it's time I stopped playing around and gave up my dreams of being a Gym Leader..."
"After the less-than-reputable things I did, I'm likely to be expelled from the dojo. <player>, you are free to tell the master about the awful things I did."
OK: "Sorry for what I did..."
I won't: "Wh-what are you saying? But I turned to the shadows like a Dark type to try to win!"
"Master...I thank you... You have my apologies, <player>."
"What?! Is that all I have to do? And you'll forgive me?"
"Pardon me. Um... <player>, I..."
"I will admit to acknowledging your strength just a little."
  • If talked to after the player receives Kubfu
"One day I hope to be as strong as..."
"No, never mind. Use Amnesia and forget what I just said."
  • If talked to after the player becomes Champion
"In order to defeat others, I need to first be able to defeat myself. I understand that now. In theory, anyway..."
  • After defeating Mustard
"<player>... Well, um, how should I put this...? I thought mayhap I should offer my congratulations..."
"But I won't! Honestly, I don't see why I should celebrate anything! I will admit...I do feel a bit better. I couldn't hold a candle to a Trainer who defeated the master at his full strength!"
"But when we next meet on the field of battle...it will be I who takes the victory...in a fair fight, no less!"
Regardless of choice: "Y-you've got quite the attitude! Though maybe it's not as bad as mine..."
Potbottom Desert
"Go, Slowpoke! Use an elegant move!"
"Unbelievable... Truly UNBELIEVABLE! All that effort and I'm still just spinning my wheels..."
"I need to get stronger so that a certain someone will recognize me for the great Trainer than I am."
"<player>?! How long have you-! Can you use Agility or something?"
Are you training?: "Tch! Training in hiding is not very elegant. I turn back what you say as though I used Mirror Coat!"
How've you been?: "What an abrupt question... I am doing at least two billion times as well as you are."
"Forget what you saw me doing with the utmost of haste! Use Amnesia!"
"You are to think of that as a contract between the two of us, understand?"
"Well then, it's time for— You guessed it... Avery, teleport!"
Master Dojo
"<player>...are you perhaps interested in assisting me in my training?"
Yes: "A wise decision. Let us head for the Battle Court."
No: "Hmm. How unfortunate that you would refuse... I shall remember this insult for the rest of my life."
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "I'll send your head spinning just like this Poké Ball!"
After the player first lands a super-effective move: "S-supereffective? Your Nature certainly isn't Calm, is it?"
After first landing a super-effective move on the player's Pokémon: "No amount of training can hide one's weaknesses... That goes for you, too!"
After first landing a ineffective move on the players Pokémon: "M-my glasses were foggy! That's it! I couldn't see anything—that's why that happened!"
Upon sending out his last Pokémon: "My power only grows when my back's to the wall. You've no one to blame for this but yourself!"
Upon Dynamaxing Slowbro/Slowking: "With a one, two, three...my Pokémon will be gigantic! And with nothing up my sleeves, either!"
Upon first using Slowbro's/Slowking's Max Mindstorm: "Witness my ESP! Which, of course, stands for Elegant Spectacular Power!"
Upon being defeated: "More! I require more! Show me your Stored Power!"
  • After battle
If the player won: "Just as my Future Sight predicted! But I was still able to learn from that battle. Thank you..."
If the player lost: "An admittedly unexpected victory! Perhaps I released some of my Stored Power? Still, I must become even stronger! I hope you will battle me again sometime."
  • If talked to again after battle
"I have exhausted too much of my power today. Please come back another time."
Wyndon Stadium (Galarian Star Tournament)
  • On the field before the invitational tournament
"Forgive me for interrupting when you two seem so intent on leaving the rest of us out..."
"As I would expect from one related to the former Champion, you clearly have an elegant mind and formidable memory."
"I redoubled my training efforts since my last defeat at your hands, you see...
"And my efforts were rewarded gloriously! You are looking at the chosen leader of the Psychic Gym!
Regardless of choice: "Well, our Gym is still in the minor division. But you can feel free to praise me some more. It's perfectly deserved of course."
"Rest assured that I will bring my very best performance to this competition. I will be a fearsome challenger to face down!"
"Just what I like to hear!"
Partnered with Avery
  • If talked to in the locker room
  • Before the first round
"<player>. Prepare yourself, for I shall now use my psychic powers to Teleport you to the top with me!"
  • Before the second round
"That was a truly elegant battle, wouldn't you agree, <player>? I am trusting you to continue in this elegant vein."
  • Before the final round
"My Future Sight told me that we would come this far together! Now, let us bear witness to what is yet to come as well!"
  • On the field
  • Before the first round, randomly selected
"To be pitted against the two of us from the outset spells certain tragedy for our opponents!"
"Shall I overwhelm them with my powerful psychic powers? Why yes, I think I shall!"
  • Before the second round, randomly selected
"Shall we offer our next opponents a taste of deepest despair, then?"
"Now now... I caution you not to make Avery pull a Teleport on you!"
  • Before the final round, randomly selected
"Now is the time, Avery! We shall not let victory slip through our fingers!"
"The true victory lies in winning with the utmost elegance."
  • Upon winning the tournament
  • First time
"Back at the dojo, you were merely an eyesore—an obstruction blocking the spotlight I so rightfully deserved. Yet reaching this pinnacle alongside you fills me with a certain unexpected pride."
  • Subsequent victories
"With your raw skill combined with my prodigious psychic powers, the idea that anyone should ever be able to defeat us is positively unimaginable!"
Facing against Avery
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon
With Bede: "Behold our elegance...even when one of us dared turn his back on the Psychic type!"
With Marnie: "Well, if I must share the pitch with a Dark-type Trainer...at least we're on the same side."
With Melony: "I trust you to bring us a silvery-white victory, Lady Melony!"
With Mustard: "Master! I'll never give up on the dojo! My psychic powers will end things here and now!"
Upon sending out his last Pokémon: "It seems this calls for my true psychic powers. I daresay victory will change hands this time!"
Upon Dynamaxing Slowking: "I command you to grow enormous, my elegant Pokémon!
Upon first using Slowking's Max Mindstorm: "Behold my psychic power's maddening potency... I'm afraid this move will put you in checkmate!"
Upon being defeated: "This isn't the future my Future Sight foretold!"
  • After being defeated
  • In the first round
"Bah! To be defeated in the first battle... Did you use Hypnosis?!"
  • In the second round
"A final battle without me on the court is as bland as curry rice without curry!"
  • In the final round
"And so you climb on toward victory, leaving us behind. It vexes me, but...bravo."
Field conversations (with or against the player)
  • Against Bede
"We mustn't lose to the likes of this lout! He abandoned Psychic types altogether!"
  • Against Mustard
"Even Master Mustard can't stand in the way of our formidable teamwork!"
"And you yourself are quite elegant... Tell me—do you have a Style Card?"