Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon (book)

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If you were looking for the book from the Pokémon Adventure Series, see Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon (picture book).
Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon
Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon cover.png
ISBN: 0439135508
Published: September 1999
Publisher: Scholastic
Author: Tracey West
Preceded By: Island of the Giant Pokémon
Succeeded By: Night in the Haunted Tower

Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon by Tracey West is the third book of the adaptation of the Pokémon anime. This book was published by Scholastic.


Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu go on a Pokémon Fossil dig. Things get explosive when Team Rocket accidentally wakes up some cranky ancient Pokémon - including a flying Aerodactyl!

Then, in the middle of the action, Ash finds a mysterious Pokémon Egg. Could it hold an unknown Pokémon?


Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

This book follows the plot of the anime episode Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon.

Ash is complaining about his journey through a desolate land, that there are no trainers nearby to battle. Brock berates Ash for not focusing on the big picture of raising strong Pokémon, and they stop for a break. Brock says that they are in Grampa Canyon, a natural wonder, and Misty spots a large group of people with shovels up ahead. Ash and his friends enquire to one of the diggers, an old scientist, and he explains that there is a great fossil rush underway. They decide to dig, hoping to uncover rare Pokémon fossils. Ash laments that Gary has bested him throughout his adventure, but lo and behold Gary is present at the canyon, alongside his cheerleaders. Gary presents what he believes is a fossil, but the scientist says that it is fossilised manure. Ash and his friends head to another part of the canyon to search for fossils. However, they encounter Team Rocket, who plot to blow up the canyon with dynamite to steal all the fossils. Ash reaches James and Meowth as they light the fuse, and Ash sends out Squirtle to extinguish the fuse. However Squirtle is unsuccessful, and Jessie and James send out their Arbok and Weezing attempt to pursue Ash. However, James trips over a rock and Team Rocket hurtle down the trail, taking Ash, Squirtle and Pikachu with them into a cave full of dynamite. Pikachu mistakenly sends an electric bolt to put out the fuse, exploding the dynamite in the process.

Misty and Brock reach the cave covered in rocks, assuming a rock slide had occurred in the explosion. They attempt to dig through the rocks in order to rescue them from the rubble, when Jigglypuff appears. Meanwhile, inside the cave Team Rocket turn on Ash about ruining their plan, but Meowth breaks them up, so that they could try to escape. In the darkness of the cave, prehistoric Pokémon appear: Omanyte, Omastar, Kabuto, and Kabutops. Jessie attempts to capture the Kabutops, but it beats back the Poké Ball. Accompanied by another set of four fossil Pokémon, they advance on the humans. Ash sends out Charmeleon, but Charmeleon refuses to obey him. Ash evades Kabutops' scythes, while Team Rocket attempt to escape. Omastar attacks Ash, sending him reeling into Team Rocket, who try to command their Pokémon to attack. Omanyte, Omastar, and Kabuto attack Arbok and Weezing, disabling them, while Kabutops brushes off Pikachu's attack. However, as the Kabutops attack Ash, all the fossil Pokémon back away as an Aerodactyl charges at the humans.

Outside the cave, an Officer Jenny directs the rescue effort, and Brock sends out his Geodude to assist. In the cave, the Aerodactyl attacks Charmeleon. With Charmeleon out of the way, it then swoops down to attack the humans. However Charmeleon faces Aerodactyl, ready to battle, but Aerodactyl knocks it to the ground. Aerodactyl then swoops down to pick Ash up, and then exit the cave through the recently made hole by the rescue effort. Pikachu and Charmeleon attempt to cling to Aerodactyl's tail, but are knocked to the ground. Misty asks Jigglypuff to sing its song, in the hope that Aerodactyl hears it and also falls asleep. Charmeleon, angry that Aerodactyl has evaded it, suddenly evolves into Charizard, who takes to the air after Aerodactyl. It uses its fire attacks to try and take down Aerodactyl, irrespective that Ash is imprisoned by it. With Aerodactyl and Charizard in battle, Misty asks Jigglypuff to sing its song. Charizard blocks the song long enough to rescue Ash, while Aerodactyl plummets into its cave. Once everyone awakens, Officer Jenny claims that the recent events were all a dream, and forbids any further digging. Distraught, Ash kicks the ground, uncovering a Pokémon Egg. Ash parades the Egg to Gary, who concedes defeat. While deciding who gets to take care of the egg, the egg hatches into Togepi. Togepi imprints onto Misty when it hatches, therefore becoming her Pokémon.

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In other languages

Language Title
Bulgaria Flag.png Bulgarian Нападението на праисторическия покемон
The Czech Republic Flag.png Czech Útok prehistorických Pokémonů
Canada Flag.png Canadian French L'attaque des Pokémon préhistoriques
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesian Serangan Pokémon Purba
CELAC Flag.png Latin American Spanish El ataque de los Pokémon prehistóricos

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