Pikachu's Rescue Adventure (book)

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Pikachu's Rescue Adventure
Pikachus rescue adventure.png
ISBN: 0439199697
Published: July 2000
Publisher: Scholastic
Author: Tracey West
Preceded By: Pikachu's Vacation
Succeeded By: Pikachu and Pichu

Pikachu's Rescue Adventure is a book based on the anime short of the same name. It was written by Tracey West and published by Scholastic. It is 73 pages in length and contains 8 pages of full-color pictures.


Togepi Is Trapped

Togepi wandered off. Now Togepi is in a magic land! The land is full of cool Pokémon like Elekid, Ledyba, Hoothoot, and Bellossom. But a scary storm traps Togepi. Can Pikachu help Togepi find the way home?


Ash, Misty, Tracey and their Pokémon are on an island as Ash complains about being bored. Ash then has an idea, they should make up a story about their Pokémon. Tracey likes the idea and decides to draw pictures to go along with it. Misty asks how the story should start and Ash decides it should happen on an island like the one they are on.

On a pretty afternoon, three Pokémon Trainers named Ash, Misty and Tracey are sleeping on an island with their Pokémon. Togepi can not sleep and sees a group of Ledyba fly over. Togepi follows the Ledyba to an edge of a hill, where it accidentally falls over. Pikachu wakes up, hearing that Togepi is in trouble. Pikachu wakes up the other Pokémon and discovers that Togepi has rolled into the woods.

Meowth is lost in the woods, looking for the campground that Jessie and James were at. Togepi then rolls into Meowth and they both begin to roll through the woods. They then fall into a dark hole in the ground. Pikachu and the other Pokémon follow them to the hole, and Pikachu looks down it. The Pokémon wonder what they should do when Psyduck knocks them into the hole.

The Pokémon fall down the hole as a bright light appears in front of them. They fall out of the tunnel and are now falling through the sky next to a mountain. They are then caught by a group of Ledyba. Pikachu glances below and sees mountains, a waterfall flowing into a lake, and a huge tree next to the lake. The Ledyba take them to the giant tree and land on some large leaves. Pikachu and the others jump down and the Ledyba fly away. The leaves cannot support the Pokémon's weight and they fall through them to the forest floor. Then an Elekid leaps out from behind a plant. Squirtle puts on its Squirtle Squad sunglasses and challenges Elekid. Pikachu stops Squirtle and quickly makes friends with Elekid. Many wild Pokémon then come out of the bushes. Pikachu wonders why the Pokémon are not worried about being captured and Elekid says that no humans live there. Pikachu tells Elekid that they are looking for Togepi and Elekid leads them away.

Elekid leads Pikachu and his friends up to the giant tree and begins to climb up the sturdy branches and vines. Bulbasaur refuses to look down and Squirtle can hardly keep its balance but they keep going to find Togepi. As they climb, more wild Pokémon appear.

Finally they climb up high enough and Pikachu spies Togepi in an Exeggcute nest. Pikachu races up with relief. As Bulbasaur reaches with its vines to grab Togepi one of the Exeggcute bite down on its vine, causing Bulbasaur to cry out in pain. Squirtle scolds the Exeggcute and Togepi hops up, wanting to get to Pikachu. As Togepi tries to leave, the Exeggcute surrounded it. Pikachu wonders why the Exeggcute want to keep Togepi and Elekid says it is because they are missing one Exeggcute. Pikachu then realizes that they have to find an Exeggcute to save Togepi!

Elekid and the others head back down the tree to the forest floor and through a dark passage within the tree. The Pokémon all stuck together to prevent getting lost. They then reached the end and walk into a big clearing with a lake, waterfall, and tall, grassy ledges. Three Bellossom pop up and begin to sing and dance, much to the enjoyment of the Pokémon. Many wild Pokémon soon come out and dance with the Bellossom.

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