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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!.
These pages follow the remade Nintendo Switch iteration, not Pokémon Yellow. The guide for that game can be found here.

Route 12

Route 12

Route 12 connects Lavender Town, Route 11, and Route 13. Beyond the northern gate, the area is also known as Silence Bridge. It is a favorite spot for Fishermen.


Halfway through the route, a second Snorlax has fallen asleep in another inconvenient place. Use the Poké Flute like before to wake the Pokémon, and it attacks in a grumpy rage!

Normal Unknown
Snorlax/ Lv.34
Normal Status
Ghost Physical
Normal Physical
Psychic Status

Dazzle the Competition

The house to the south of the intersection with Route 11 is home to an elderly man and former Move Deleter who cannot remember his name. Remind him that his name is Mr. Dazzling, and he gives you TM32 (Dazzling Gleam) as thanks.

Route 13

Route 13

Route 13 is a difficult, narrow path that leads westward to Route 14. Many Trainers can be found among the maze of fences.

Route 14

Route 14

Route 14 is a pleasant coastal road where the salty breeze blows in from the sea. The path runs south to Route 15.

Route 15

Route 15

Route 15 leads west from Route 14 back to Fuchsia City.

A Coveted Role

Enter the gate and speak to another of Professor Oak's aides. If you have caught at least 50 different species, the professor has asked him to give you an Assistant Set. When dressed in these clothes, it looks as though you work for the famous Professor Oak!

Fuchsia City

Prepare to Set Sail

Traveling through the southern islands will require the use of Sea Skim and Strong Push. Be sure to bring along plenty of Poké Balls, too. Not only are there several new Water Pokémon to catch, but there is also rumored to be a Legendary Pokémon nesting somewhere along the way.

Route 19

Route 19

Route 19 runs south from the Fuchsia City beach to Route 20. It is a popular spot for swimming and sunbathing.

Treasure Trouble

On the first visit to the beach outside Fuchsia City, the Team Rocket trio can be found trying to come up with their next get-rich-quick scheme. It seems that they had visited GO Park looking for rare Pokémon, but the place was too complicated and they took off. Jessie accidentally kicks something hard in the sand, and James excitedly wonders if it could be some kind of treasure. They dig up the item, which shines gold in the sun, but it turns out to only be someone's Gold Teeth. They're too grossed out to take it, so Jessie tosses it at you as they run off.

Route 20 (East)

Route 20

The waves of Route 20 are a popular spot for swimming. The path is separated in the middle by the Seafoam Islands. The waters lead westward to Cinnabar Island.

Potion Delivery Service

Upon reaching the western of the Seafoam Islands, be sure to speak to the Poké Mart clerk near the cave entrance. She is part of the retail chain's Potion delivery service, and heals your Pokémon team to full health as a demonstration to attract more customers.

Seafoam Islands

Seafoam Islands

The Seafoam Islands are a pair of islands that are shaped the same, as if they were twins. A shocking cold fills the caverns inside. Several large boulders and fast-moving currents hinder travel at first.


Head northeast and use Strong Push to move the boulder to the hole in the floor so that it falls to the floor below. Climb up onto the rocky ridge and pick up the Ice Heal to the west. Go north and defeat Coach Trainer Yas to get five Rare Candies. Continue east past the first ladder and grab the Escape Rope. If you are running low on Poké Balls, speak to the man on the east side of the rocky ridge to get some more. Push the second boulder down the hole in the northeast area, then backtrack and climb down the first ladder.

B1F (West)

Go northeast over the rocky ridge to get a Super Repel, and climb down the ladder on the eastern ridge.

B2F (South)

Head south from the ridge to find TM55 (Ice Beam) tucked away in a corner. Climb back up the same ladder to return to B1F.

B1F (West)

Continue northeastward and push the boulder down through the next break in the floor. Backtrack to the west and grab the Max Potion in the northwest corner before climbing the northwest ladder.

B2F (Northwest)

Walk eastward to find the same boulder and drop it down to the next floor. Once it falls through, return to the first floor and climb down the ladder in the northeast area.

B1F (Northeast)

Pick up the set of five Great Balls. Drop the boulder through the hole and jump down after it.

B2F (Northeast)

Push the boulder through the next hole and continue after it.


Moving these two boulders has caused them to fall into the seawater flowing through here, blocking the swift ocean currents and allowing you to use Sea Skim to reach new places. Climb onto the rocky ridge to the west and loop around in a clockwise direction to reach a Super Lure near the northwest ladder. Go south to reach an X Speed, then grab the Hyper Potion to the east. Head southwest to reach a group of boulders. In the alcove, push the boulder on the right to the north wall. Move the boulder on the left two steps southward, then one step westward. Next, push the boulder sitting to the south of the ladder all the way to the west. Move the boulder on the right so it is one step north of the eastern gap in the floor, and drop it down. Push the boulder on the left to the western hole and jump down behind it.


With the second set of boulders blocking the currents, you may now reach the small northwest island. Grab the Big Pearl from the water's edge and be sure to save your progress before approaching the legendary bird Pokémon.

VS Articuno

Articuno is likely the first of the Legendary birds that you will encounter. Use Fire-, Electric-, and Rock-type attacks to defeat it quickly and attempt to catch it. Legendary Pokémon will not let themselves be captured easily, so use Ultra Balls and Razz Berry variants for best results!

Ice Flying
Articuno Lv.50
Mirror Coat
Psychic Special
Ice Beam
Ice Special
Psychic Status
Psychic Status

When the battle is over, surf to the rocky ridge and pick up the Big Pearl. Go northeast to find another Big Pearl on the water's edge, then backtrack and climb up the western ladder.


Walk up onto the rocky ridge and go east. Surf to the eastern shore, pick up the set of three Ultra Balls, and climb the ladder in the southeast. This takes you through a series of ladders back up to ground level; be sure to collect the Ice Stone and Super Lure along the way. Take the exit in the southeast part of 1F to re-emerge on Route 20 through the eastern island.

Route 20 (West)

Route 20's western half connects to Cinnabar Island.

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