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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver.
These pages follow the remade Nintendo DS iteration, not Gold and Silver. The guide for those games can be found here.

Route 42

Route 42

Route 42 connects Ecruteak City to Mahogany Town in the east. Mt. Mortar is a large optional cave that contains many rare Pokémon and useful items, but the deepest level is inaccessible without HM07 (Waterfall). There is also another grove of Apricorn trees located between the two lakes.

West side

Pick up TM65 (Shadow Claw) near the Ecruteak gate. As you near the western entrance to Mt. Mortar, a Hiker comes running outside and bumps into you. As an apology, he hands over HM04 (Strength), which allows a Pokémon to move certain boulders out of the way.

Center area

The area between the two lakes is home to another Apricorn grove, in a forested area behind a small tree. Suicune is hiding here as well, and it pushes past you and runs off when you remove the tree. Eusine appears not long after, and reaffirms his dedication to meeting the beast before heading off as well. Grab the Super Potion and continue east to Mahogany Town.

Mahogany Town

Mahogany Town

Mahogany is a small, quiet town in the northeast mountains that connects Routes 42 to the west, 43 to the north, and 44 to the east. There is no official Poké Mart, but the Souvenir Shop in the center of town offers the usual Poké Balls and Potions in addition to oddities like TinyMushrooms. The east exit is blocked off by a man selling RageCandyBars. The Mahogany Gym is currently blocked off, as well.

Route 43

Route 43

Route 43 links Mahogany Town to a major landmark, the Lake of Rage. Two separate paths lead to the lake; passing through the gate requires a $1000 toll paid to a pair of Team Rocket members, while the western path winds its way through tall grass and past several Trainers. This route is the only place in Johto where the player can find a level 50 Magikarp when Surfing. Additionally, no Pokémon between level 26 and 49 appear, so it is easy to use the repel trick to find a level 50 Magikarp.

Lake of Rage

The flooded Lake of Rage

The Lake of Rage is the largest lake in the region. Heavy rains have flooded the area, causing the lake to engulf the maze-like forest to the west. These waters used to be known as a fishing spot with the liveliest Magikarp around, but now a red Gyarados dominates the entire lake. The Choice Specs powers up the holder's special moves by 1.5 times, so be sure to grab it if you're using any special attackers.

A Red Gyarados?!

Unlike others of its species, this Gyarados evolved under mysterious circumstances which resulted in its unusual coloration. SAVE your game before trying to catch it.

Spr 4h 130 m s.png
Water Flying
Held item:
Gyarados/ Lv.30ShinyIVStar.png
Dark Physical
Dragon Rage
Dragon Special
Normal Status
Dragon Special

When the battle ends, you find a Red Scale floating on the water. This can be traded to Mr. Pokémon back on Route 30 for an Exp. Share.

The Caped Crusader

When you return to shore, you meet a man in a black cape with his Dragonite. This is Lance; he has been investigating rumors that all of the Magikarp in the lake are being forced to evolve prematurely. He believes that an odd radio signal from Mahogany is the cause, so follow him back to the suspicious Souvenir Shop.

Mahogany Town

Souvenir Shop

As you enter the shop, Lance's Dragonite uses Hyper Beam to ensure cooperation from the shopkeeper. Lance confirms that the strange radio signal is coming from this location, and moves a cabinet to reveal a flight of stairs leading down into the Team Rocket HQ.

Team Rocket HQ

Rocket Hideout, B1F


Each of the five Persian statues on this floor has a hidden camera that alerts the Rocket Grunts in the security center. Upon stepping in front of one, the same two Rockets show up to attack.

Take the first left and head south to the security center. Defeat Scientist Gregg, grab the Guard Spec., and examine the computer to deactivate the security cameras. Leave the room and turn east to find a Hyper Potion. Turn right and follow the south hallway. Collect the Nugget and take the stairs in the southwest.


Rocket Hideout, B2F

Lance is waiting here for you, and heals your Pokémon before running off. Fight the two Rocket Grunts nearby, and take the southeast stairs to the lowest floor.


Rocket Hideout, B3F

Lance informs you that shutting off the radio signal requires the voice of Petrel, one of Team Rocket's Executives. He is currently hiding out in the office to the northwest, which requires two passwords to enter. Grab the TM49 (Snatch) to the north, then battle Scientist Ross and the female Rocket in the southeast room. When defeated, she gives up the first password: SlowpokeTail. Continue on to the southwest room. Defeat the Rocket here to learn the second password, RaticateTail. Pick up the X Special and Protein near the potted plants, then head north. Grab the Full Heal in the hallway, and climb up the northeast stairs.


Examine the machinery to the south for a hidden X Sp. Def. Head west to fight another Rocket, then take the stairs back down to B3F.


Silver appears when you approach. Still reeling after being defeated by Lance, he insists that he is the one who will eliminate Team Rocket, before shoving you aside as he leaves. Take a quick detour up the south stairs to get TM46 (Thief), then input the two passwords to open the doors. Step inside to confront... Giovanni?! The real head of Team Rocket went into hiding after disbanding the group three years ago, and the copycat is Petrel, the second of the Executives. He is so confident that you will not defeat him that he reveals the password to the generator room: Hail Giovanni. Unfortunately, it only works when spoken in his voice.

Defeated, he hurries off. After he leaves, the Murkrow that was sitting nearby demonstrates its ability to mimic voices before running off, as well. It leads you back to the generator room on B2F, then screams the password in Petrel's voice, fooling the voice-recognition system into opening the door. Murkrow leaves, and just as you enter the room, an Executive and another Rocket Grunt show up. This is Ariana, who attempts to force a 2-on-1 battle. Her plan is short-lived, as Lance shows up with his Dragonite to join the fight in a Multi Battle.

Ariana claims that the experiment was a total success, and that it does not matter what happens to the hideout now. She and the other Rockets flee the town to plan their next move, and Lance goes to inspect the generator. He finds that in order to shut it down, the six Electrode that power it must be removed. He takes care of the three on the right, leaving you to battle the three on the left. With the generator disabled, Lance rewards you with HM05 (Whirlpool). Climb back upstairs and take the warp back to the entrance. With Mahogany now free of Rockets, the Gym has finally reopened.

Mahogany Gym

Mahogany Gym

Mahogany Town Pokémon Gym
Leader: Pryce

The Teacher of Winter's Harshness

The Mahogany Gym specializes in Ice-type Pokémon. Fire-, Fighting, Rock-, and Steel-type attacks are the most effective against Ice Pokémon, but Electric-type attacks are also effective against the Seel and Shellder families. Avoid using Grass-, Flying-, Ground, or Dragon-type Pokémon.

Pryce's Gym is comprised of three different rooms, and he has installed frozen tiles in each to thwart all but the most determined Trainers. Reaching him will require moving the blocks to create better stopping points.

Entrance Room

Go north to the first block, sending it skidding off to the second. Slide left, up, right, then up to the door.

Center Room

Battle Skier Dana, then walk past her and head right across the ice to the two blocks. Slide up to reach the door.

Back Room

Walk past Boarder Deandre, and slide right to the two blocks. Head up to fight Skier Jill, then slide right, down, left, up, right, up, right, then up to battle Boarder Gerardo. From here, slide left then up to reach Pryce. His Seel and Piloswine both know Hail, which calls in a hailstorm that lasts for five turns. This storm damages all but Ice Pokémon every turn, makes Piloswine's Blizzard unable to miss, and raises its evasion due to its Snow Cloak Ability. His Seel and Dewgong can use Rest to restore health and cure status ailments, and can even attack while asleep with Snore and Sleep Talk.

Mahogany Gym
The Glacier Badge

Defeated, Pryce awards you the Glacier Badge, which enables the use of Whirlpool in the field. He also hands over TM07 (Hail) as a prize.

The Rockets Return!

Upon earning your seventh Badge, Elm calls about strange radio broadcasts that mention Team Rocket. It seems that they have one more trick up their sleeve, so Fly back to Goldenrod City to finally put an end to their plans.

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