I'm Home and Welcome Back

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554Darumaka.png The subject of this article has no official English name.
The name currently in use is a fan translation of the Japanese name.
Together With the Wind
Japanese movie ending themes


M23 EDJ.png
Tadaima to Okaeri
I'm Home and Welcome Back
Movie 23 ED
Artist 木村カエラ
Kaela Kimura
Lyrics 岡崎体育
Taiiku Okazaki
Composer 岡崎体育
Taiiku Okazaki
Arrangement 野村陽一郎
Yoichiro Nomura
SME Records album
Title 「劇場版ポケットモンスター ココ」テーマソング集
Pokémon the Movie: Koko Theme Song Collection
Catalog no. SECL-2580/1, SECL-2582

I'm Home and Welcome Back (Japanese: ただいまとおかえり Tadaima to Okaeri) is the Japanese ending theme for M23. It was produced by Taiiku Okazaki.


Japanese English
ねえ 夢の中で まぶたの裏に何を描いたの
ねえ 声をほどいて つつみこむような月明かりの下で



ねえ 明日の朝 お弁当作ってどこか出かけよう
ねえ 仲直りっていつの間にかできちゃうものでしょう




ねえ この写真はいつごろのだっけ とても温かいね
時が流れても色あせずにずっと 心を込めて おかえり
Hey, what do you see behind your eyelids when you dream?
Hey, unravel my voice as you're embraced by the moonlight

I run my fingers through your hair as you sleep
I wonder how many more times I'll be able to touch you

May you always have joy
May you never feel lonely
May you make friends who are dear to you
We'll always be connected by "I'm home" and "welcome back"

Hey, let's prepare our lunch early tomorrow and head on for a trip
Hey, I'm sure we'll make up before we know it

I take you by the shoulder as you cry
I wonder how many more times I'll be able to hug you

May you always be happy
May you never be sad
May you meet someone wonderful
We'll always be connected by "I'm home" and "welcome back"

Someday, you'll set off to pursue your dreams
I'll see you off until you're out of my sight
You can always come back
We'll always be connected by "I'm home" and "welcome back"

Hey, when was this picture taken? It feels so warm
Never fading even as the time flies, I'll welcome you back with all my heart

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Together With the Wind
Japanese movie ending themes


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