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If you were looking for the unaired EP040, see Unaired New Year's Eve Special.

EP039 : Pikachu's Goodbye
Original series
EP041 : Wake Up Snorlax!
The Battling Eevee Brothers
The Four Eievui Brothers
First broadcast
Japan April 16, 1998
United States October 27, 1998
English themes
Opening Pokémon Theme
Japanese themes
Opening めざせポケモンマスター
Ending ポケットにファンタジー
Animation Team Ota
Screenplay 冨岡淳広 Atsuhiro Tomioka
Storyboard 井上修 Osamu Inoue
Assistant director 井上修 Osamu Inoue
Animation director 梶浦紳一郎 Shin'ichirō Kajiura
Additional credits

The Battling Eevee Brothers (Japanese: イーブイ4きょうだい The Four Eievui Brothers) is the 40th episode of the Pokémon anime. It was first broadcast in Japan on April 16, 1998 and in the United States on October 27, 1998.

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On their way to Cinnabar Island for the seventh Gym battle, Ash and his friends are walking through a forest. Pikachu hears a Pokémon's cry and heads towards where it is coming from. Pikachu shows them that inside of the base of a tree, an Eevee is tied to a post. Misty asks why Eevee is tied up like that, as Ash suggests maybe it was abandoned. Misty says that it's cruel what they did. Ash scans Eevee with his Pokédex. Ash says that he has to have it, but Misty says that it isn't a good idea since Eevee has a name tag and address on it. Brock says to them that Stone Town is at the foot of Evolution Mountain. Ash looks in his Pokédex for more information on Eevee. The Pokédex says that it can evolve into three different types of Pokémon, depending on the stone used to evolve it. A Thunderstone will evolve it into a Jolteon, a Fire Stone will evolve it into a Flareon, and a Water Stone will evolve it into a Vaporeon. Misty comments that she would love to have a Vaporeon, while Ash says that it's not surprising since she loves Water-type Pokémon. Brock asks her if that's why she won't stop holding Eevee, as Misty says that she just loves Water-type Pokémon. They arrive at the house where Eevee's owner lives, and notice that it's big.

As they arrive in the backyard, they notice that there is a garden party being held. They see someone using a Water Stone to evolve a Poliwhirl into a Poliwrath. The Poliwrath jumps into a fountain which also has a Cloyster, Vileplume, Starmie, and Victreebel. Ash and his friends look around and see Exeggutor, Ninetales, Raichu, Vaporeon, Flareon, and Jolteon which have all evolved from elemental stones. Meanwhile, up on top of a hill, Team Rocket sees all of the evolved Pokémon and hears about the stones. Meowth explains that Stone Town gets its name from having the special evolutionary stones. James says it isn't true, since they looked everywhere for them and couldn't find any. Meowth tells him that they dug in the wrong place for them. Jessie says that it doesn't matter, and that she is interested in their food. Meowth scratches them and says for them to stop thinking about food.

Sparky decides that after the evolutions, that they would focus on battles next, as they see Ash and his friends with Mickey's Eevee, and ask where it has been. Rainer thanks Ash and his friends for finding their brother's Eevee. Pyro says that now that Eevee the star has returned, they can begin the show. Ash asks why was Eevee tied up if it is the star. Sparky calls for Mikey to come out, and tells him that his Eevee has returned. Pyro tells him that he can't keep losing Eevee. Rainer says that Mikey will lose his Pokémon Trainer qualification if he keeps losing Eevee. Misty asks Mikey if his Eevee really escaped, then why was it tied to a tree. Mikey angrily asks Misty why she brought it back. Sparky says that soon Mikey will become a Pokémon Trainer just like them. Rainer asks Mikey if he really thinks he can win with an unevolved Eevee. Pyro tells him that the only way to win battles is to evolve his Pokémon, and that the brothers won their first battle after evolving their Eevee. Mikey says that he doesn't care about battles, which makes his brothers and their Pokémon mad. Ash comments that the brothers are scary.

Rainer says to Mikey that everyone is waiting to find out what he is making Eevee evolve into. Sparky says that Mikey has three Pokémon to choose from, and asks which Pokémon he thinks is the strongest. Pyro says that they want him to say what he thinks of their Pokémon, and what he wants his Eevee to become. Sparky explains that if a Thunderstone is used, it will become a Jolteon, and that when it gets angry the fur on its back becomes needles, and it shoots them at its opponents. Rainer explains that if a Water Stone is used, it will become a Vaporeon, and that Vaporeon can melt in water and disappear. Pyro explains that if a Fire Stone is used, it will become a Flareon, and that with the intense flames it releases from its internal sac makes it the strongest of all. Sparky tells Pyro that his Jolteon is the strongest. Pyro responds by telling Sparky that he is the only one that thinks that. Rainer says to Mikey that he knows he'll make the right choice and make it a Vaporeon. Brock comments that the family sure is competitive. Ash asks them to give Mikey a break, and that Mikey is a little young to be battling.

Sparky explains that they are throwing the party just for him. Rainer says that a Trainer has to start young if they want to become a Pokémon Master. Pyro asks Ash if he is going to turn his Pikachu into a Raichu some day. Sparky asks Ash if he needs a Thunderstone. Ash and his friends look at cases that are full of the evolutionary stones, as Brock says that they have a lot of them. Rainer says that the town is known for the stones, while Pyro mentions that they cannot be mined all of the time. Team Rocket sees the stones with the binoculars and says that it's like a rock concert. Rainer holds a Pokémon friend magazine, that he says helped them plan the evolution party. Pyro explains that they wanted to gather all of the Trainers that specialize in stone-induced evolution. Sparky says to Ash for him to join the club, as he tosses him a Thunderstone. Pyro asks Brock what he has, as he tells him that he has a Vulpix that will turn into a Ninetales. Pyro suggests to Brock to make Vulpix, as he tosses him a Fire Stone. Brock says that he can't just force it to evolve, it's too important to him. The brothers yell at them to not be dumb, as Ash asks them not to yell. The brothers say that Pokémon evolution is what Pokémon is all about, while Brock and Ash have scared looks on their faces.

At the fountain, the Pokémon are swimming around, as Misty watches her Horsea swim around as well. She looks over to see Mikey on the bench with a drink, and offers some food to him. Psyduck grabs a sandwich from the plate, as Misty hits it and says to stop that. Mikey and Eevee eat the food that Misty offered, as Misty tells him not to let his brothers push him around. Misty asks if he really wants to evolve Eevee. Mikey explains that his brothers only care about battling, and that he hid his Eevee just for today so that nobody could make him evolve Eevee. Misty tells him that Eevee looked very lonely being tied up. Mikey said that he was going to pick Eevee up later, and that he doesn't care if Eevee evolves or not. He explains that he just want Eevee to be his friend. Misty tells him that he was just running away from his problems, and that he should just tell his brothers that he doesn't want Eevee to evolve. She says that it is his responsibility as a Pokémon Trainer. Misty tells Mikey that if Eevee wasn't owned, then she would've kept it and evolved it into a Vaporeon. She explains that awhile back, Pikachu decided not to evolve.

Ash tells the brothers that they just don't evolve their Pokémon with stones. Brock says that the brothers that they have their way of evolving Pokémon, and the brothers have their own way. The brothers decide to show Ash and Brock evolution their way, and asks Mikey if he has made his decision yet. Misty tells Mikey just to go right out and tell his brothers what he has wanted to say. Eevee and Pikachu also give Mikey support to tell his brothers. Pyro wonders if he'll choose Flareon, Rainer wonders if he'll choose Vaporeon, and Sparky wonders if he'll choose Jolteon. As Mikey was about to tell his brothers what he has decided, sparks on the ground go off by everyone. Team Rocket arrives in their balloon and does their motto while they are eating all of the party food. Ash warns the brothers to be careful since Team Rocket will try to steal their Pokémon. Weezing uses SmokeScreen over everyone, while everyone begins to cough. Ash bring out Pidgeotto to use Gust to blow the SmokeScreen away. Once the SmokeScreen clears, everyone realizes that the Pokémon, evolution stones, and the food are all missing, except for Psyduck who was left behind. Misty wonders why they couldn't take Psyduck with them as well.

Brock notices that they are getting away in their balloon, as Ash has Pidgeotto stop the balloon. The balloon crashes, as everyone finds out that it's a decoy and that it's empty. Ash tells Pidgeotto to go search for Team Rocket. As they are walking down the road with the Pokémon in cages, Team Rocket comments that it was like taking candy from a baby, a piece of cake, that they outdid themselves, and that they outsmarted everyone. Horsea leaves a trail of ink so that everyone will know where they are headed to. Pidgeotto sees the ink on the ground. At the lake with the trapped Pokémon, Team Rocket has a picnic to eat the meal that they stole. James says that they have been beaten so many times that he forgot what victory was like, as Jessie hits him and says not to call them losers. Jessie says that they will be called champions of the world from now on, as James likes the sound of that. They realize that they need to decide what to evolve Eevee into. As Eevee looks scared, Team Rocket tries to decide what to evolve it into. Meowth wants to make it a Jolteon, Jessie wants to make it a Flareon, and James wants to make it a Vaporeon as they all fight and argue over which Pokémon choice would be the best. Jessie blows a whistle, as she says that they should use all evolution stones at once. They go to evolve Eevee, when Ash has Squirtle use Water Gun to stop Team Rocket. Before it can attack, Psyduck appears in front of Squirtle and tries a Water Gun but fails. Team Rocket is embarrassing, as Misty agrees and returns Psyduck to its Poké Ball.

Squirtle uses Water Gun on James and Meowth, which sends them backwards. Ash says they should go rescue the Pokémon, but Jessie tells them to hold it as she picks up Eevee's cage. She asks them how they were able to find Team Rocket, while James says that their plan was perfect. Misty explains that Horsea left an ink trail for them to follow, as Horsea agrees and spits out some ink. James exclaims that Horsea screwed up their perfect plan. Jessie says that they must go after Horsea. Misty calls Jessie an old hag, as Jessie is furious and breathes fire. James and Meowth are scared as the latter says she evolved into a Flareon. Jessie brings out Arbok, while James brings out Weezing to attack Misty. Misty and Ash prepare to battle with their Pokémon, but the Eevee Brothers stop them and say that they must be the ones to battle, since it is their brother's Eevee that was stolen.

The brothers get ready to attack with Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon as colored backgrounds matching the Pokémon's color are shown. Arbok uses Poison Sting, while Jolteon counters with Pin Missile which hits Arbok. Weezing uses Sludge, but Vaporeon enters the water and uses Acid Armor to go invisible to avoid the attack. Weezing misses with Sludge, as Vaporeon jumps out of the water and uses Tackle to send Weezing to the ground on top of James. Team Rocket tries to run away, but Flareon uses Fire Spin to stop them. The brothers demand that Team Rocket give back the stolen Pokémon, but Jessie tells them that it isn't over yet. Arbok uses Tackle on Jolteon, while Weezing uses Sludge on Flareon and Vaporeon. Team Rocket says that they aren't done yet, since they are the champions. Horsea spits out ink into Jessie's face as she sends Eevee flying and it lands in Mikey's arms. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on Team Rocket, but they keep going since they feel they must on their first day as champions.

As Mikey pulls Eevee out of the cage, he looks over and notices that his brothers' Pokémon are severely hurt. Team Rocket decides that it's time to finish them off. Mikey stands up and decides that he and Eevee are going to have their first battle. Misty calls Mikey braves, and Ash supports him. Mikey commands Eevee to use Take Down, and then has Eevee turn it into a rage Tackle. Eevee sends Team Rocket blasting off with the attack. Mikey jumps for joy and picks up Eevee after winning, while Eevee licks him to show affection. Ash and his friends say to Mikey that he did a great job. Sparky tells Mikey that he did a great job. Rainer tells him that he won his first battle without making Eevee evolve, and that he was wrong. Pyro tells him that he didn't want to battle, but Mikey did great. Mikey tells them that he just wanted to help everybody out. Misty cues Mikey to tell his brothers what he has wanted to tell them. Mikey tells his brothers that he wants to become an Eevee Trainer. Sparky tells Mikey that if he wants to become an Eevee Trainer, then he should do it. Rainer says that he should have told them sooner. Pyro says that they are really the four Eevee brothers now. Mikey says that his brothers are the best. Misty congratulates Mikey, as Sparky says that they should turn the party into a celebration of Mikey's first victory.

As they do cheers with drink glasses, everyone congratulates Mikey on his first battle victory. Mikey thanks Misty for helping him, gives her a flower, and they shake pinky fingers and promise to be friends forever. Misty says the flower is beautiful, and tells Mikey that she is sure that he will become a great Eevee Trainer. As the brothers toss Mikey in the air and catch him a few times, Misty says that it must be great having three older brothers. Ash says that she could be his big brother. Misty gets angered by this and hits Ash on the head, knocking him down. Brock comments that Ash has a big mouth, as he and Pikachu do a tiny bow with their hands clapped together. Psyduck clicks a button to take a picture, but Psyduck falls as the camera takes a picture of all of the Trainers and their Pokémon.

Meanwhile, later that night, Team Rocket was eating food that isn't as fancy as what they had before since it was coming out of cans. Jessie comments that they are eating food of losers, James says that victory tasted a lot better, and Meowth says that he likes the food. James hits Meowth in the head and asks if that is the attitude of a future champion. Jessie says that they will be champions of the world, as they all say "some day".

Major event

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Pokémon debuts

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Dare da?


Who's That Pokémon?

Who's That Pokémon?: Eevee

Pokémon seen at the party


  • This episode was supposed to air on January 13, 1998.
  • The episode aired as a two-hour special (放送再開スペシャル(放送再開スペシャル やっとあえるね!)1時間SP) with Pikachu's Good-Bye, when Pokémon came back on the air.
  • Rainer warns Mikey that he could lose his Trainer qualification as a result of losing his Eevee. Mikey is clearly younger than Ash and should not have a Trainer qualification yet.
  • Pyro offered Brock a Fire Stone to evolve Vulpix and Sparky offered Ash, who still has one, a Thunderstone to evolve Pikachu. Misty also has a Pokémon that can evolve by way of evolutionary stone: Staryu, though Rainer never did offer her a Water Stone, probably because she already has a Starmie.
  • It is implied in one scene, that if an Eevee is evolved using more than one stone, it could be very dangerous. This is still unknown, since Team Rocket didn't get the chance to use all stones at once.
  • This episode is one of the times the anime shows real world animals, as James was holding a lobster.
  • Misty refers to Electric Shock Showdown when she tells Mikey that once Pikachu decided not to evolve using a Thunderstone.
  • This episode is featured on the Volume 6: Eevee copy of Pokémon All-Stars.
  • Arcanine is the only Generation I stone evolution (not including Moon Stone evolutions) Pokémon not to appear in this episode.


Raichu's orange belly
Misty's shorts
  • When Misty offers a plate of sandwiches to Mikey, the food position changes orientation as the camera rotates to Mikey's point of view.
  • When Misty is talking to Mikey, Pikachu's left ear is missing.
  • When Misty asks why Team Rocket couldn't have taken Psyduck along with the other Pokémon, her shorts are all blue. They should have been light blue on the bottom.
  • Mikey calls out a second attack against Team Rocket before the first one, Take Down, is ever executed, and calls it "Rage Tackle Attack". Although Eevee can learn Rage and Tackle as separate moves, there is no such thing as "Rage Tackle". (See Dub edits for details).
  • In the picture that Psyduck takes, Raichu's normally white belly is orange.
  • When the brothers get angry at Mikey's disinterest in battling, Vaporeon's ears are blue instead of yellow.

Dub edits

  • Originally, instead of a "Rage Tackle Attack", Mikey ordered his Eevee to use a Tackle attack powered by the anger it felt after seeing its friends getting beaten up by Team Rocket.
  • Rainer is seen holding the magazine "The Pokémon Friend"; the word "Friend" was added for English speaking audiences.

In other languages

EP039 : Pikachu's Good-Bye
Original series
EP041 : Wake Up Snorlax!
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