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Yū Shirogane

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Yū Shirogane
しろがね遊 Shirogane Yū
Yuu Shirogane.png
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown

Yū Shirogane (Japanese:しろがね遊 Shirogane Yū) is the main character of the Pocket Monsters Platinum: Aim to Be Battle King!! manga series. He is a schoolboy who plays the video game Pokémon Platinum Version, aiming to become the Battle King.


Yū's goal is to become the Battle King, and will try very hard in obtaining that goal. He is also prepared in most situations as he gives items to his Pokémon and chooses the right Ability in a situation.


Yū debuted in the first chapter of the manga. He recently got his Platinum game and immediately trades his Shaymin in exchange for a Bidoof. It became disobedient towards Yū afterwards. Yū's rival, Shin, arrives and mentions that he doesn't have enough badges to make the Shaymin become obedient. This made Yū upset that he wanted to challenge Shin to prove him wrong. However, Shin declines since Yū only has one badge. After Yū obtained more badges, he requests to battle Shin in which Shin accepts this time. During the battle, his Shaymin was able to listen to Yū especially when both sides were down to one Pokémon. Yū was able to win with the help of Shaymin.

Following the battle, Yū heads to the Battle Tower and trains by battling various Pokémon. He gets partnered up with Shin when they battle two Trainers and their Magmortar and Electivire. Their opponents easily defeated them as Yū and Shin were not in sync with each other. Yū and Shin head home to work on new strategies to defeat the duo. The next day, Yū and Shin have a rematch with them and unlike last time, Yū was able to defeat them with Infernape. Yū then battles a Trainer with a Groudon and Vaporeon. He takes advantage of his Pokémon's Ability by swapping them with his Bronzong's Skill Swap which helped him win the battle.

He witnesses a Trainer with all of the members of the Creation trio. The Trainer easily defeats Shin with only Dialga and Palkia. Yū takes Shin's place in battling the Trainer. Yū was having trouble with him as his Infernape was taken out by a combined DragonBreath from Palkia and Giratina. Despite the obstacle, Yū managed to win. Yū gets invited to a tournament to determine the true Battle King. He goes to it and manages to gets 100 wins. A Trainer with a Pikachu hat watches and becomes interested in him.

Yū has his second rival battle with Shin. Unlike last time, Shin had some improved strategies that put Yū at a disadvantage. However, Yū's trump card, Quagsire, managed to defeat Shin's Tyrogue and Wailord. After the battle, Yū goes on to find out that the Trainer with the Pikachu hat turned out to be the current champion of the tournament. He appears to be tougher that Yū expected, preventing Yū's Pokémon from doing anything using his strategies. After both sides lost two Pokémon, Yū was down with Infernape while his opponent had a Snorlax left. As Snorlax used Belly Drum to maximize its attack, it became stronger that Infernape. One Flare Blitz from Infernape managed to finish Snorlax off, which made Yū the winner as well as the new Battle King.


Currently owned

Yū Shirogane's Infernape
Chimchar → Monferno → Infernape
Main article: Yū Shirogane's Infernape

Infernape is Yū's starter Pokémon he obtained as a Chimchar. Before he battled his rival, Shin, it evolved into a Monferno and then into an Infernape due to the training he went through.

Debut A Heated Battle Begins!!
Yū Shirogane's Shaymin

Yū Shirogane's Shaymin in Sky Forme
Yū traded the movie Shaymin to his Platinum game. He obtained the Gracidea flower to transform it into the Sky Forme.

When Yū first traded it in his Platinum game, it became disobedient towards him since he didn't have enough badges. It was first used in the Double Battle against Shin where it became friendly towards Yū as he obtained some more badges. Shaymin then defeated his Empoleon after increasing its accuracy with the Micle Berry.

Shaymin's only known move is Leaf Storm, and it knows some others since it was the Shaymin from an event.

Debut A Heated Battle Begins!!
Yū Shirogane's Rotom
Yū's Rotom was introduced along with Glaceon. Rotom was first seen battling a Noctowl in the Battle Tower. As soon as Noctowl putted it to sleep with Hypnosis, a Chesto Berry that Rotom was holding caused it to automatically wake up. Rotom then finished off Noctowl.

Later, it was briefly seen alongside Lucario finishing off Drifblim and Magnezone. Rotom was then used in a Double Battle alongside Glaceon against Dusknoir and Metagross. It was held by Metagross's Psychic which gave Dusknoir the chance to hit it with Dark Pulse, taking Rotom out.

Rotom's known moves are Discharge and Shock Wave.

Debut Walkthrough! Battle Tower!!
Yū Shirogane's Glaceon
Yū's Glaceon was introduced along with his Rotom. Glaceon was first seen battling a Salamence in the Battle Tower which it had no trouble handling. However, during the battle with a Golem, it could not keep up with Golem's strength and was taken out. Glaceon was later seen being taken out by Yū's opponent's Electivire and Magmortar.

Glaceon was sent out when Giratina defeated Yū's Infernape, where it managed to defeat Giratina in the end. It partnered with Lucario during the battle against Drifblim and Magnezone. After a long battle, it was defeated by Magnezone, leaving Lucario to handle it on its own.

It was used in a Double Battle alongside Rotom against Dusknoir and Metagross. Glaceon fell to the combined team of its opponents.

Glaceon's known moves are Ice Beam and Ice Fang.

Debut Walkthrough! Battle Tower!!
Yū Shirogane's Luxray
During the Double Battle against Electivire and Magmortar, Luxray was shown getting defeated by them. Later, it battled against a Chatot and won.

None of Luxray's moves are known.

Debut The Ultimate Combination is Formed!!
Yū Shirogane's Bronzong
Bronzong first appeared alongside Heatran in a Double Battle against a Trainer's Groudon and Vaporeon. When Groudon used Earthquake, Bronzong remained unharmed since it had the Ability, Levitate. It swapped Abilities with Heatran using Skill Swap and transfered it to Scizor using the move again while gaining Scizor's Ability. Afterwards, it used Explosion to take out both Groudon and Vaporeon while fainting itself in the process.

Bronzong's known moves are Skill Swap and Explosion, and its Ability is Levitate.

Debut Clash! Yū vs. The Wandering Player
Yū Shirogane's Heatran
Heatran first appeared alongside Bronzong in a Double Battle against a Trainer's Groudon and Vaporeon. During the battle, it was hit by Groudon's Earthquake and managed to survive. Yū swapped Heatran's Ability with Bronzong's when the latter used Skill Swap. However, it was not enough against Vaporeon and Heatran was taken out by a super effective Hydro Pump.

Later, Heatran was used against Shin. The combined efforts of Heatran and Regigigas managed to take out Shin's Bronzong but fell to Wailord's Water Spout.

Heatran's known moves are Fire Fang and Crunch, and its Ability is Flash Fire.

Debut Clash! Yū vs. The Wandering Player
Yū Shirogane's Scizor
After Heatran was unable to battle, Yū sent out Scizor to take its place. Bronzong swapped its Ability with Scizor's using Skill Swap as the move was used earlier on Heatran. After Bronzong's Explosion subdued both sides except for Scizor, Scizor remained standing and battled Charizard. When Charizard attacked with Flamethrower, Scizor was able to take in the move due to the fact that it had Heatran's Flash Fire Ability, something that Yū planned all along. Afterwards, one hit from Scizor knocked out Charizard, winning the match for Yū.

Later, it was briefly seen battling a Torterra and won.

None of Scizor's moves are known.

Debut Clash! Yū vs. The Wandering Player
Yū Shirogane's Garchomp
Garchomp battled alongside Infernape with Dialga and Palkia. It managed to take out Palkia.

Garchomp's known moves are Dig and Dragon Claw.

Debut Defeat the Legends!!
Yū Shirogane's Riolu

Yū Shirogane's Lucario
Riolu → Lucario
Lucario battled against a Drifblim and Magnezone. After Glaceon got defeated by Magnezone, Lucario had to handle it on its own. Lucario was then hit by Magnezone's combination of Lock-On and Zap Cannon. Lucario deflected the attack and battled Drapion in its place. Lucario was badly hurt by Drapion's Brick Break. However, Lucario managed to get back up and Yū than revealed that he got Lucario when it was a Riolu. With Lucario's newfound strength, it finished off Drapion with Reversal.

Lucario's only known move is Reversal.

Debut The Road to Becoming Battle King!!
Yū Shirogane's Regigigas
Regigigas was sent out during Yū's rival battle with Shin. Since Regigigas had the Slow Start Ability, it was unable to defeat Bronzong on its own right away. However, the combined efforts of Regigigas and Heatran managed to take out Shin's Bronzong but fell to Wailord's Water Spout.

Regigigas's known moves are Mega Punch and Thunder, and its Ability is Slow Start.

Debut Yū vs. Shin, Rival Showdown!!
Yū Shirogane's Quagsire
Quagsire was sent out when Heatran and Regigigas were defeated. It was able to take out both Shin's Tyrogue and Wailord.

Quagsire's only known move is Giga Impact.

Debut Final Battle to Become King!!


Yū Shirogane's Bidoof
Yū traded his Bidoof for the movie Shaymin.
Debut A Heated Battle Begins!!


Language Name Origin
Japanese しろがね遊 Yū Shirogane From 白金 shirogane (platinum when read as hakkin) and 遊 (play) or 遊戯 yūgi (game).

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