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Blue Ninjakoopa
Norman Slakoth PMRS.png
Gender Male
Birthday July 6, 1993
Hometown Schertz, Texas
3DS Friend Code 3265-5187-8163
Other games Mario, Kirby

Hi. I'm Blue Ninjakoopa, otherwise known as BNK, Binky, or simply Blue.


My history with Pokemon dates all the way back to 1999 when I got Yellow Version for my birthday. I got into the series however when I got Sapphire Version in 2003 and since then the series is of interest to me. My sister got Ruby Version and we oftentimes traded cartridges until late 2004, when it was finalized that Ruby was mine and Sapphire was hers (which I was more than OK with, since Ruby had better Pokemon imo and the ruby is my birthstone).

Generation IV's new mechanics (the separation of physical and special moves by what kind of move they were rather than their type for example) were necessary landmark changes. However, I dislike the lack of creativity for some of the names, namely Infernape and Monferno; I also thought that some of the designs were lacking (Croagunk, Toxicroak, the Lake guardians to provide some examples). In the game department, the cry of Dialga was a very large disappointment. The sprites were a small improvement in comparison to the previous generation (bar sprites for Kanto region Pokemon + Teddiursa in FireRed & LeafGreen), and the 3D-scale game Battle Revolution was very successful, though it wouldn't have been too hard for them to redesign all of the graphics for the Pokemon (Nidoking looked like it did in the Pokemon Stadium games, for example).

I appreciate the "fresh start" environment of Generation V although I criticize the blandness of the Pokemon's cries. Other than that, while some of the Pokemon were very badly-designed, the mechanics were a small step up from the previous generation's.

I approve immensely of Generation VI, though the nerfs to moves like Ice Beam and Hydro Pump were in my opinion unnecessary.

Other notes

Even though I'm from Texas, I was raised mostly in Fort Irwin, California, which means I'm not very "southern" and would be what you call a "Yankee," or at least one who holds "Yankee" viewpoints strictly as they pertain to the American Civil War. That said, I neither sympathize with the Confederacy nor approve of any variation of its flag besides maybe the Battle variant (the most common type, which is unfortunately misused today as propaganda to disassociate the Confederacy with white supremacy. I'm overall neutral towards it; I would never fly it, but the flag itself doesn't bother me unless it's being flown by an arrogant redneck or Neo-Confederate, and those types of people are often one in the same). I do, however, admire Confederate generals Robert E. Lee (to an extent) and James Longstreet, since both were opponents of slavery and lobbied for the equal treatment of freed slaves in the Deep South, and the latter specifically was sympathetic to Reconstruction (so much so that it badly damaged his reputation among southerners) and joined the Republican Party.



I have the Yellow, Ruby, LeafGreen, Emerald, Diamond, Platinum, Black, Black 2, and X versions, as well as Stadium 2, Gale of Darkness, Colosseum, and Battle Revolution. I used the Pokemon Trainer in Brawl until I got tired of his impractical gimmick (3 characters in 1, which greatly hinders development). Behind Mario and Kirby, Pokemon is the franchise I'm third most familiar with.

TV show

I watched the TV show actively from 1999 to early 2004, right before the theme song was changed to This Dream. After that, I infrequently watched the episodes as they would come on on Cartoon Network. The primary reasons I dislike the anime as it is (as it became in the late 00's) are the lack in effort for the voice acting (James sounds like a congested Barney the Dinosaur, the voices of the Pokemon all sound the same and the voice actor portraying them does a very lousy job), removal of trademark themes and tunes, and poor opening songs. One thing that is a step up are the graphics, but that's it.

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