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Hey there, Im "the1stpkmnfan". I've been on the Serebii forums a lot, but I do come here most of the time. It's way cool, and I just started here.

I would get info on here, but Im still taking my time to get to know most of the features.

Why are you into Pokemon?

Back in 1998, I got into playing Pokemon Red and Blue from my older cousins. And once September 1998, I was getting ready to watch the first episode of Pokemon from Season 1. After I watched the whole episode, I immeditaley feel in love with the show. And since episodes were airing every weekday, I watched as many as I could. Though, I was unable to watch further episodes from Seasons 2-6, because of more things I got into as well. But I made a comeback to watch more episodes once "Advanced Challenge" was airing in the US. Ever since, I made sure that I got to see all the episodes.

Plus, I enjoy every single Pokemon Game. From Red/Blue to Platinum. Though, Im looking forward to buying both HeartGold and SoulSilver. Im so glad they finally made GS Remakes, and now it can be on Bulbapedia proudly! Pokemon can't possibly get better than this. Nah, more amazing things will come out soon. My favorite Pokemon game, so far, is Pokemon Platinum. It's so much fun, and I got a wonderful team in it right now. And Im glad to play against my friends on Wi-fi, and have a good time. I have competed in a few tournaments, but I dont really win 1st place. I did get close, but no luck. I sure hope to reach a good Rank at the Platinum Video Game Tournament in Arlington.

As for the Trading Cards, I collect a lot of them. I have like a lot of holgraphics and/or foil cards. Though, I've never competed in a TCG tournament. I mean, I can enter one, but it's really not a safe area to go be in a tournament (from where I live close to).

I bet your wondering why I call myself "the1stpkmfan". Yes, I may not the "1st" but it's just a name I've characterized myself as. Back then, from my eyes, I believed I was the first fan of the show. Because I didnt meet any one else (who's a fan) until that day: Sept. 8, 1998. So basically, we're talking anime wise. But still not the first. I dont care, I just like the name where it is.

Pokemon Platinum Status

Got the game on March 22, 2009 and defeated the Elite Four in early April, 2009.