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About Me


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About My Pokemon

Hi. My name is Sceptor. I am a big fan of Pokémon. My friend, Missingyes, and I battle on Pokémon Diamond a lot. We have battled 5 times. We have won and lost both twice, but tied once. My favorite type of Pokémon is Grass. My favorite Pokémon is Sceptile, hence the name. My other favorite is Munchlax. You can use any Pokémon to battle and win as long as you train them good. Now go out ther and train your Pokémon!254.png467.pngI have raised more Pokemon to Lv.100 today(Dec.19,2009).Their names are Suicune,Charizard,and Feraligatr.I'm battling Missingyes soon!I only know what 2 of his Pokemon are:Alakazam and Machamp.And he only knows 1 of my Pokemon: Munchlax. I hope I win!I have taken a battle tower challenge.The pokemon I chose were:Lucario,Honchkrow,Sceptile,and Drapion.Knowing me I'll probably win.My first two Pokemon are Lucario and Sceptile.You guessed it!!! Drapion and Honchkrow are in the back!POKEMON PLATINUM RULES!!!!!!!!!!!I'm trying to beat Crasher Wake.His Quagsire is tough!Finally I beat Wake.NOW I'm training to face Cyrus. When I face Missingyes in PLATINUM,he'll be SMOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Battle Maniac

I love battling anywhere and anyone.A challenging battle makes me happy!My Pokemon are tough!!!It may be close,but they get the job done.487.png


One day,I was headed to VEILSTONE.I was down to two Pokemon:Monferno and Luxray.Monferno was defeated.Luxray battled hard.But he didn't give up.Finally,we made it to Veilstone City.391.png405.png

Pikachu Really rocks now

I have a pikachu that can use volt tackle and surf.If anyone wants to know how to get one or believes me,send me a message on my talk page.


Platinum Team :P