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About me

O Hai! My username is Clarky13, but I'll accept Clarky, Clarko, or just Clark.

I'm of a sixteen-years-old male status and I currently live in Australia, however I'm half Scotland, and half New Zealand. Yes, a nice cultural cocktail. I'm currently still in High School (or Middle School, whatever you call it) and I'm hoping for a career in Software Design or Journalism, so I do a heap of computer studies at the moment, however, I do a bit of wiki coding for fun on the side line.

My first interests in Pokémon was on 25 December 2000 when I got my first game console, a Nintendo Gameboy Color with Pokémon Yellow. I was reluctant at first, but as soon as the game began, I spent hour on the couch, mashing on those buttons. I later got my hands on Pokémon Crystal and continued my adventure, then accumulated my gameplay with Ruby, FireRed, Pearl, then Platinum, and now anticipating the release of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver.

I joined Bulbapedia on the 24 April 2008 in sole motives of expanding game articles, which is now my main area of work here. My first article I edited was Abandoned Ship, followed by many more location articles including, but not limited to,Battle Frontier and the Ilex Forest shrine. I am currently the Project Leader of Locations, and its sister projects Cities and Towns, and Routes. On 24 January 2010, I became an administrator of Bulbapedia, as well as an administrator of the Bulbagarden Archives on October 24 2009.

Since joining this wiki, I've made over 4,000 contributions just to the main namespace, excluding redirects. Not really that good in comparison to other users, however, I prefer to make larger and more expanding edits, rather than smaller and more minor edits.

If you have any concerns or complaints about anything including things concerning Project Locations, and my editing, feel free to bring that up on my talk page.


Now, Clarky presents you with the Bulbapedian equivalent to the Junior Boy Scout merit badges, which will aid me towards my humble goals...

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Bulbapedia Administrator Bulbagarden Archives Administrator Project Leader: Locations Project Leader: CharacterDex Top contributors of the month

To-do List

Cities, routes and location

  • Write up detailed articles about all cities, routes and location Pokémon Black and White.


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