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Name: Carmen
Age: 26
Gender: Female
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For more, see my usertags.
Hello there! I'm Carmenstar97, but I would prefer it if you call me Carmen. I am one of Bulbapedia's Administrators and am a Junior Administrator on the Bulbagarden Archives. I joined Bulbapedia on October 23, 2010.

History as a Pokémon Fan

I started out by watching the Pokémon anime at around elementary school age on lazy Saturday mornings. Then school got in the way, life happened, and I stopped watching the anime. Pokémon became just a thing that other people would occasionally talk about, and I would only understand a few references to the anime.

Fast forward to late August 2010, when the combination of boredom and nostalgia overcame me. I ended up watching some of the first Pokémon episodes and my love for Pokémon was revived. From then on, I marathoned the entire anime in the course of about a month and started doing a whole bunch of research on Pokémon. I grew interest in the Pokémon games and started out by playing Pokémon Gold.


I first used Bulbapedia to find out some information about Pokémon, like any normal user. I lurked the site for a while, before joining on October 23, 2010. At first, I had no idea how to edit. I knew nothing about wikicode! I learned over time by reading through all of the Bulbapedia policies. About two months after joining, I made my very first edit. I started to become much more active in February 2011. On March 5, 2011, I became a temporary Junior Administrator to help out with the English release of Pokémon Black and White, but on April 30, 2011, I was officially made a member of the staff. On December 14, 2011, I was promoted to an Administrator rank.

However, due to a desire to focus on my education, I was completely inactive from late 2013 to late 2015, and consequently became categorized as an inactive staff member. Once I'd settled in at college, I returned to active editing and rejoined the staff on January 18, 2016, so here I am now.

About Me

I am a 26-year-old girl from New York City. I am generally understanding and patient, so please do not be afraid to ask me any questions, as long as they relate to improving Bulbapedia. Admittedly, my knowledge of Pokémon is mainly limited to the games (up to and including Generation VII) and the anime, so if you ask me questions pertaining to a topic outside of my area of expertise, I will have no choice but to redirect you to another staff member better suited for answering your question.

With that said, I'm always watching and available if needed. For more about me that I'm too lazy to type out, see my usertags.

Contact Information

My availability can be quite limited since I work a full-time job and have other real-life obligations, but when contacted I try to respond as quickly as possible. If I do not reply within 24 hours, you should probably direct your inquiries to another staff member. You can contact me via any of the following:

Discord @Carmen#5395 Email Talk page Archives talk page Bulbagarden forums

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