Torom Island

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Torom Island
ムトロ島 Mutoro Island
Torom Island.png
Torom Island
Region Decolore Islands
Debut To Catch a Rotom!

Torom Island (Japanese: ムトロ島 Mutoro Island) is the fifth island Ash, Iris, and Cilan visited during their travels through the Decolore Islands. It was featured in To Catch a Rotom!.

A large settlement borders Torom Island's coastline and extends up several cliffs. The townspeople have built a special appliance playground to prevent the island's unusually high Rotom population from scaring people inside their homes. The island's large transmission towers also offer the Rotom a home.

There, Ash and his friends met up with Professor Oak, who came to the island to catch a Rotom for his thesis. With their help, Professor Oak was able to capture a Rotom after defeating Team Rocket.

Pokémon seen on Torom Island

Torom Island Nurse Joy Audino.png
Nurse Joy's Audino
Torom Island Purrloin.png
Purrloin (flashback)
Torom Island Rotom forms.png
Rotom (×2)

Caught Pokémon

Oak Rotom.png
Professor Oak's Rotom


  • "Torom" is an anagram of both "motor" and Rotom. ムトロ Mutoro is ロトム Rotom written backwards.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 落多冇島 Lohkdōmóuh Dóu
Mandarin 姆托洛島 Mǔtuōluò Dǎo
Finland Flag.png Finnish Torom-saari
Germany Flag.png German Rotmot-Insel
Italy Flag.png Italian Isola di Torom
Poland Flag.png Polish Wyspa Torom

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