Unnamed island (BW137)

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Unnamed Island
Unnamed Island BW137.png
Unnamed Island
Region Decolore Islands
Debut Celebrating the Hero's Comet!

This unnamed island is the fourteenth island that Ash and his friends visited during their travels through the Decolore Islands.

Pokémon seen on the island

Banette BW137.png
Banette (×3)
Dusknoir BW137.png
Dusknoir (×2)
Gengar BW137.png
Gengar (×3)
Patrat Deerling BW137.png
Patrat Deerling BW137.png
Woobat BW137.png
Woobat (multiple)
Venipede BW137.png
Venipede (multiple)

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