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Gold Leaf redirects here. For the item in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, see Shiny Leaf.

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A valuable item is an item which generally serves no practical purpose other than to be sold, usually for a high price.

In Generation II and IV, it is possible to buy some of these items for a discount (but only one of each per day) on Mondays in the morning in the Goldenrod Tunnel. In Pokémon Black, some of these items are sold in Black City, albeit for prices much higher than they can be sold for. Often, these items later become exchangeable items. In Generation V, mulches and flutes became valuable items due to losing their function. While most of these items can be sold at Poké Marts, those introduced in Generation V can only be sold to certain item maniacs. Besides Big Nuggets, Pearl Strings and Comet Shards, the player can also sell normal Nuggets, Pearls and Big Pearls, Stardust and Star Pieces to the maniac inside the Icirrus Pokémon Center, for double the price presented below.

Valuable items that can be sold in Poké Marts


Main article: Mulch


Main article: Flute

Valuable items that can only be sold to item maniacs

Undella Town



This is artwork of the items as seen in the Sinnoh Underground

Mine Star Piece.png Mine Rare Bone 1.pngMine Rare Bone 2.png
Star Piece Rare Bone

Global Link

This is artwork of the items as seen on the Pokémon Global Link.

Dream Nugget Sprite.png Dream Big Nugget Sprite.png Dream Pearl Sprite.png Dream Big Pearl Sprite.png Dream Pearl String Sprite.png
Nugget Big Nugget Pearl Big Pearl Pearl String
Dream Shoal Shell Sprite.png Dream Shoal Salt Sprite.png Dream Stardust Sprite.png Dream Star Piece Sprite.png Dream Comet Shard Sprite.png
Shoal Shell Shoal Salt Stardust Star Piece Comet Shard
Dream Tiny Mushroom Sprite.png Dream Big Mushroom Sprite.png Dream Balm Mushroom Sprite.png Dream Rare Bone Sprite.png Dream Pretty Wing Sprite.png
Tiny Mushroom Big Mushroom Balm Mushroom Rare Bone Pretty Wing
Dream Strange Souvenir Sprite.png Dream Relic Band Sprite.png Dream Relic Copper Sprite.png Dream Relic Silver Sprite.png Dream Relic Gold Sprite.png
Strange Souvenir Relic Band Relic Copper Relic Silver Relic Gold
Dream Relic Crown Sprite.png Dream Relic Statue Sprite.png Dream Relic Vase Sprite.png
Relic Crown Relic Statue Relic Vase

In the anime

In Reunion Battles In Nimbasa!, a Pretty Wing was included in the full set of wings promised as a prize for winning the Club Battle tournament. The set was eventually won by Iris, who later sent it to the Village of Dragons.

In Defending the Homeland!, Clemont mentioned having used Big Mushrooms as a part of the new food he had just made for the group.

In SM032, Mallow found multiple Tiny and Big Mushrooms and Sophocles found a Star Piece during a Stoutland Search treasure hunt set up for Ash and his classmates by Olivia.

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

In Ursaring Major, Team Rocket had cut off the tails of a herd of Slowpoke by the Slowpoke Well near Azalea Town, planning to sell them for profit. However, they were stopped by Silver and his Ursaring before they could do so.

A Big Pearl appeared in Crossing Crobat, where it was retrieved by Janine as a part of a test to check the security of the Goldenrod Museum.

A Big Mushroom appeared in A Week to Go and Old Wounds, where Shoko gave it to one of her Patrat to hold while demonstrating her Marvelous Bridge Partrat Show to Black.


  • The SlowpokeTail is actually a useless item with no function past its monetary value. Although it is said that a Slowpoke will use its tail for fishing, a SlowpokeTail has no effect on fishing at all, nor does it have any effect on Shellder despite the fact that contact with a Slowpoke's tail usually induces a spiral change.
  • The first time that humans eating Pokémon is mentioned explicitly in the games is when a Team Rocket member mentions the SlowpokeTail's value as a delicacy. In Pokémon X and Y, Slowpoke Tail is one of the dishes served by Restaurant Le Yeah in Lumiose City.
  • The Japanese name for nugget, きんのたま kin no tama, literally means "golden ball", which is also a colloquial term for testicles. The man offering his "golden ball" is a frequent joke amongst Japanese fans. As this pun would be lost in translation, as well as the fact that it would not go over well with parent groups, it was translated as "nugget of wisdom".
  • The Rare Bone and Thick Club share the same Bag sprite.

In other languages


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese きんのたま Gold Orb
Chinese Cantonese 金珠 Gāmjyū
Mandarin 金珠 Jīnzhū
France Flag.png French Pépite
Germany Flag.png German Nugget
Italy Flag.png Italian Pepita
South Korea Flag.png Korean 금구슬 Geum Guseul
Spain Flag.png Spanish Pepita

Brick Piece

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese かわらのかけら Tile Piece
France Flag.png French Morc. Brique
Germany Flag.png German Ziegelstein
Italy Flag.png Italian Mattoncino
South Korea Flag.png Korean 기와조각 Giwa Jogak
Spain Flag.png Spanish Ladrillo

Gold Leaf

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese きんのはっぱ Gold Leaf
France Flag.png French Feuille D'Or
Germany Flag.png German Goldblatt
Italy Flag.png Italian Fogliadoro
South Korea Flag.png Korean 금빛나뭇잎 Geumbit Namunnip
Spain Flag.png Spanish Hoja Dorada

Silver Leaf

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ぎんのはっぱ Silver Leaf
France Flag.png French Feuille Arg.
Germany Flag.png German Silberblatt
Italy Flag.png Italian Fogliargento
South Korea Flag.png Korean 은빛나뭇잎 Eunbit Namunnip
Spain Flag.png Spanish Hoja Plata


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese しんじゅ Pearl
Chinese Cantonese 珍珠 Jānjyū
Mandarin 珍珠 Zhēnzhū
France Flag.png French Perle
Germany Flag.png German Perle
Italy Flag.png Italian Perla
South Korea Flag.png Korean 진주 Jinju
Spain Flag.png Spanish Perla

Big Pearl

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese おおきなしんじゅ Big Pearl
Chinese Cantonese 大珍珠 Daaih Jānjyū
Mandarin 大珍珠 Dà Zhēnzhū
France Flag.png French Grande Perle
Germany Flag.png German Riesenperle
Italy Flag.png Italian Grande Perla
South Korea Flag.png Korean 큰진주 Keun Jinju
Spain Flag.png Spanish Perla Grande
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Viên ngọc trai khổng lồ

Slowpoke Tail

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese おいしいシッポ Delicious Tail
France Flag.png French Queueramolos
Germany Flag.png German Flegmon-Rute
Italy Flag.png Italian Codaslowpoke
South Korea Flag.png Korean 맛있는꼬리 Masinneun Kkori
Spain Flag.png Spanish Colaslowpoke
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Đuôi của Yadon

Shoal Salt

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese あさせのしお Shoal Salt
France Flag.png French Sel Tréfonds
Germany Flag.png German Küstensalz
Italy Flag.png Italian Sale Ondoso
South Korea Flag.png Korean 여울소금 Yeoul Sogeum
Spain Flag.png Spanish Sal Cardumen

Shoal Shell

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese あさせのかいがら Shoal Seashell
France Flag.png French Co. Tréfonds*
Germany Flag.png German Küstenschale
Italy Flag.png Italian Gusciondoso
South Korea Flag.png Korean 여울조개껍질 Yeoul Jogaekkeopjil
Spain Flag.png Spanish C. Cardumen*
Concha Cardumen*


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ほしのすな Star Sand
Chinese Cantonese 星星沙子 Sīngsīng Sājí
Mandarin 星星沙子 Xīngxīng Shāzi
France Flag.png French Morc. Étoile*
Morceau d'Étoile*
Germany Flag.png German Sternenstaub
Italy Flag.png Italian Polvostella
South Korea Flag.png Korean 별의조각 Byeorui Jogak
Spain Flag.png Spanish Polvoestelar

Star Piece

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ほしのかけら Star Piece
Chinese Cantonese 星星碎片 Sīngsīng Seuipín
Mandarin 星星碎片 Xīngxīng Suìpiàn
France Flag.png French Pouss.Étoile*
Poussière Étoile*
Germany Flag.png German Sternenstück
Italy Flag.png Italian Pezzo Stella
South Korea Flag.png Korean 별의모래 Byeorui Morae
Spain Flag.png Spanish Tr. Estrella*
Trozo Estrella*

Tiny Mushroom

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ちいさなキノコ Little Mushroom
Chinese Cantonese 小蘑菇 Síu Mòhgū
Mandarin 小蘑菇 Xiǎo Mógū
France Flag.png French Petit Champi
Germany Flag.png German Minipilz
Italy Flag.png Italian Minifungo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 작은버섯 Jageun Beoseot
Spain Flag.png Spanish Mini Seta

Big Mushroom

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese おおきなキノコ Big Mushroom
Chinese Cantonese 大蘑菇 Daaih Mòhgū
Mandarin 大蘑菇 Dà Mógū
Finland Flag.png Finnish Jättisieni
France Flag.png French Gros Champi
Germany Flag.png German Riesenpilz
Italy Flag.png Italian Grande Fungo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 큰버섯 Keun Beoseot
Poland Flag.png Polish Wielki Grzyb
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Cogumelo Grande
Spain Flag.png Spanish Seta Grande
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Storsvamp

Rare Bone

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese きちょうなホネ Valuable Bone
Chinese Cantonese 貴重骨頭 Gwaijuhng Gwāttàuh
Mandarin 貴重骨頭 / 贵重骨头 Guìzhòng Gǔtou
France Flag.png French Os Rare
Germany Flag.png German Steinknochen
Italy Flag.png Italian Osso Raro
South Korea Flag.png Korean 귀중한뼈 Gwijunghan Ppyeo
Spain Flag.png Spanish Hueso Raro

Pretty Wing

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese きれいなハネ Beautiful Feather
Chinese Cantonese 美麗之羽 Méihlaih-jī Yúh
Mandarin 美麗之羽 / 美丽之羽 Měilì-zhī Yǔ
France Flag.png French Jolie Aile
Germany Flag.png German Prachtfeder
Italy Flag.png Italian Piumabella
South Korea Flag.png Korean 고운날개 Goun Nalgae
Spain Flag.png Spanish P. Bella*
Pluma Bella*

Balm Mushroom

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese かおるキノコ Fragrant Mushroom
Chinese Cantonese 芳香蘑菇 Fōnghēung Mòhgū
Mandarin 芳香蘑菇 Fāngxiāng Mógū
France Flag.png French Champi Suave
Germany Flag.png German Duftpilz
Italy Flag.png Italian Profumfungo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 향기버섯 Hyanggi Beoseot
Spain Flag.png Spanish Seta Aroma

Comet Shard

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese すいせいのかけら Comet Shard
Chinese Cantonese 彗星碎片 Seuihsīng Seuipín
Mandarin 彗星碎片 Huìxīng Suìpiàn
France Flag.png French Morc. Comète*
Morceau Comète*
Germany Flag.png German Kometstück
Italy Flag.png Italian Pezzo Cometa
South Korea Flag.png Korean 혜성조각 Hyeseong Jogak
Spain Flag.png Spanish Frag. Cometa*
Fragmento Cometa*

Big Nugget

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese でかいきんのたま Giant Gold Orb
Chinese Cantonese 巨大金珠 Geuihdaaih Gāmjyū
Mandarin 巨大金珠 Jùdà Jīnzhū
France Flag.png French Maxi Pépite
Germany Flag.png German Riesennugget
Italy Flag.png Italian Granpepita
South Korea Flag.png Korean 큰금구슬 Keun Geum Guseul
Spain Flag.png Spanish Maxipepita

Pearl String

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese おだんごしんじゅ Pearl Dango
Chinese Cantonese 丸子珍珠 Yùhnjí Jānjyū
Mandarin 丸子珍珠 Wánzi Zhēnzhū
France Flag.png French Perle Triple
Germany Flag.png German Triperle
Italy Flag.png Italian Trittiperla
South Korea Flag.png Korean 경단진주 Gyeongdan Jinju
Spain Flag.png Spanish Sarta Perlas

Strange Souvenir

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ふしぎなおきもの Mysterious Ornament
Chinese Cantonese 神秘擺設 Sàhnbei Báaichit
Mandarin 神秘擺設 / 神秘摆设 Shénmì Bǎishè
France Flag.png French Bibelot Bizarre
Germany Flag.png German Skurriloskulptur
Italy Flag.png Italian Strano ninnolo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 이상한장식품 Isanghan Jangsikpum
Spain Flag.png Spanish Estatuilla Rara

Relic Band

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese こだいのうでわ Ancient Bracelet
France Flag.png French Vieux Bijou
Germany Flag.png German Alter Reif
Italy Flag.png Italian Bracciantico
South Korea Flag.png Korean 고대의팔찌 Godae-yi Paljji
Spain Flag.png Spanish Brazal

Relic Copper

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese こだいのどうか Ancient Bronze Coin
France Flag.png French Vieux Sou
Germany Flag.png German Alter Heller
Italy Flag.png Italian Soldantico
South Korea Flag.png Korean 고대의동화 Godae-yi Donghwa
Spain Flag.png Spanish Real Cobre

Relic Silver

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese こだいのぎんか Ancient Silver Coin
France Flag.png French Vieux Écu
Germany Flag.png German Alter Taler
Italy Flag.png Italian Ducatantico
South Korea Flag.png Korean 고대의은화 Godae-yi Eunhwa
Spain Flag.png Spanish Real Plata

Relic Gold

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese こだいのきんか Ancient Gold Coin
France Flag.png French Vieux Ducat
Germany Flag.png German Alter Dukat
Italy Flag.png Italian Dobloantico
South Korea Flag.png Korean 고대의금화 Godae-yi Geumhwa
Spain Flag.png Spanish Real Oro

Relic Crown

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese こだいのおうかん Ancient Crown
France Flag.png French Vieux Tortil
Germany Flag.png German Alte Krone
Italy Flag.png Italian Coronantica
South Korea Flag.png Korean 고대의왕관 Godae-yi Wanggwan
Spain Flag.png Spanish Cor. Antigua*
Corona Antigua*

Relic Statue

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese こだいのせきぞう Ancient Statue
France Flag.png French Vieux Santon
Germany Flag.png German Alte Statue
Italy Flag.png Italian Statuantica
South Korea Flag.png Korean 고대의석상 Godae-yi Seoksang
Spain Flag.png Spanish Efi. Antigua*
Efigie Antigua*

Relic Vase

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese こだいのツボ Ancient Vase
France Flag.png French Vieux Vasen
Germany Flag.png German Alte Vase
Italy Flag.png Italian Vasantico
South Korea Flag.png Korean 고대의항아리 Godae-yi Hang'ari
Spain Flag.png Spanish Ánfora

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