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シエラ Sierra
"The Lone Lioness"
GO Sierra.png
Art from Pokémon GO
Gender Female
Eye color Gray
Hair color Brown
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Trainer class Team GO Rocket Leader
Generation VII, VIII, IX
Games Pokémon GO
Specializes in Dark types
Member of Team GO Rocket
Rank Leader

Sierra (Japanese: シエラ Sierra) is one of the Leaders of Team GO Rocket in Pokémon GO.

A street-smart loner, she has grown up under difficult circumstances, allowing her to learn martial arts. As she rose within the ranks of Team GO Rocket, she became Giovanni's most trusted confidant.[1]


Sierra was the second Team GO Rocket Leader encountered by one of Professor Willow's assistants, following Cliff. Spark, while rescuing Eggs from potential PokéStop invasions, ran into Sierra during his mission. Sierra mocked Spark's efforts in rescuing the Eggs, which prompted him to challenge her to battle. However, Sierra noticed that an unprepared Spark had not brought any Poké Balls, and dismissed his challenge as she walked away.[2]

On November 5, 2019[3], Sierra sent the following message to Spark:

"Spark. Your naïve positivity is laughable and will be your undoing.
The world is so very cruel.
I’ll make sure to remind you soon."

On November 12, 2019, Sierra was tracked down by Spark using the Rocket Radar and was challenged to battle. The battle resulted in a close loss for Sierra as Spark ended up with only one Pokémon remaining.[4]

On July 26, 2020, during Pokémon GO Fest 2020, Sierra battled Spark. Spark initiated the battle by sending out an Elekid, while Sierra sent a Shadow Houndoom.[5] Houndoom started the fight by using Bite but Elekid knocked it with a destabilizing Thunder Punch.[6] In the end, Spark won the battle when Giovanni recalled Sierra to him along with the other Team GO Rocket Leaders.[7]


Sierra uses a team of three Shadow Pokémon in a Trainer Battle, each independently and randomly selected from separate pools. During battle, Sierra will always use a Protect Shield whenever possible. Upon being defeated, Sierra will abandon one of the Shadow Pokémon used in battle.

The following lists the possible Pokémon used by Sierra since November 14, 2022. Green-colored cells denote the Pokémon that will be encountered during the bonus challenge. These Shadow Pokémon have a chance of becoming Shiny, as denoted by the Shiny icon.

For a historic list of Sierra's past Pokémon teams, see Team GO Rocket Leader (Trainer class)/Pokémon change history.
Leader Sierra
Team GO Rocket Leader
#1 #2 #3
SableyeShinyShadow FlygonShadowCacturneShadowHonchkrowShadow SnorlaxShadowHoundoomShadowCradilyShadow


"How amusing! You dare to challenge me?"
"Such an eager Trainer. I’ll happily defeat you."
"Your inevitable loss will be such a good lesson."
"Pay attention, Trainer. You just might learn something!"
"I’m getting tired of battling weaklings. Let’s get this over with."
"Silly Trainer. You ought to know better than to oppose me."
"You’ve had your fun. Now it’s time for you to fight me."
"I can see this will be a struggle for you. Don’t worry. I’ll defeat you quickly."
"It’s so cute how willing you are to accept your defeat. Let’s battle."
"I’m not fond of dealing with weaklings. Pay attention! You might learn something."
  • GO Fest 2020:
"It’s almost silly that I’m here, considering we already took over this event."
"Aww, you think the confetti is for you... Sorry, darling, it’s for our flawless victory."
"You’ve already had your fun. This year, your little festival is ours!"
Before battle
"This is probably a waste of my time, but I do love winning!"
"I won’t be surprised when I win."
"It will be good for you to see a true Trainer like me in battle."
"If you are as weak as your team leaders, then this fight will be easy."
"You should probably take notes, dear."
"I’ll never pass up an opportunity to show off on the battlefield!"
"Can we move this along? I’d love to stay and chat, but I have a meeting to get to."
"You shouldn’t get in my way. You might get hurt, dear."
"This is a challenge you should walk away from, dear."
"This won’t be all bad—when you lose, you’ll at least get to hear me say you made a good effort."
  • GO Fest 2020:
"I didn’t even need to be here for this take-over. Just to make it worth my time, let’s battle."
"I know I’ll be disappointed in your battling, so let’s just get this over with."
"Might as well pass the time with a battle, considering your little event is ruined."
Prebattle screen
"I envy you—you get to battle me!"
"This will be a battle I’m sure you’ll never forget."
"You already know this, but you don’t stand a chance."
"You can’t possibly match my skill, dear."
"I do hope you like the taste of failure!"
Upon victory
"I wish I could enjoy this victory, but it wasn’t a surprise!"
"...Oh? You’re still here?"
"Move along, dear. Team GO Rocket always wins."
"Come back when you can actually pose a challenge, dear!"
  • GO Fest 2020:
"Oh surprise, surprise—I won. I wouldn’t expect anything less."
"See? Wasn’t that a silly waste of time? This celebration is ours!"
"I’m sorry, darling—you lost. I’m afraid I can’t relate. I don’t know what losing feels like."
Upon being defeated
"I’ve lost my touch... But it will not happen again."
"I underestimated you, but I will not make the same mistake again."
"I can’t lose... What does this mean?"
"You win this time, but things’ll go differently next time we meet!"
"Ugh, these Pokémon are too weak for a Trainer like me!"
  • GO Fest 2020:
"This must be a mistake. Failure isn’t an option."
"You must have some kind of special power on your side that made you win. That’s the only explanation..."
"I can’t believe I lost to such an unworthy opponent! You’ll pay for disrupting our plans!"


Spr GO Sierra.png
Icon from
Pokémon GO


Language Name Origin
Japanese シエラ Sierra From sierra (Spanish for mountain range)
English, German, Spanish, French,
Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish
Sierra Same as her Japanese name
Korean 시에라 Sierra Transcription of her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 希爾拉 Xī'ěrlā Transcription of her Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 希爾拉 Hēiyíhlāai
Thai เซียร์รา Sierra Transcription of her Japanese name


Boss: Giovanni
Leaders: CliffSierraArlo
Lower members: Team GO Rocket Grunts
Pokémon: Shadow Pokémon
Items: Mysterious Component
Rocket RadarSuper Rocket Radar

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