Shabboneau Castle

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Shabboneau redirects here. For the anime character of the day, see Lord Shabboneau.
Shabboneau Castle ショボンヌ城
Shobonne Castle
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Shabboneau Castle XY.png
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Location: Camphrier Town
Region: Kalos
Generations: VI
Kalos Camphrier Town Map.png
Location of Shabboneau Castle in Kalos.
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Shabboneau Castle (Japanese: ショボンヌ城 Shobonne Castle) is a castle in Camphrier Town.

In the games

Shabboneau Castle was once a manor house, owned by a noble family. However, due to the owners having handed out a lot of their possessions over the years, the castle is very empty, with only several items on display. One of the items given away is a Poké Flute, which the player must retrieve from Parfum Palace in order for the castle's owner, a Black Belt, to wake up a Snorlax blocking Route 7. After the player has battled the Snorlax, the Poké Flute will be put on display at the castle's lobby.

The player and Shauna visit the castle while in Camphrier Town for the first time, asking the owner if they know anything about Mega Evolution. However, the owner is unable to tell them anything about the subject.


Item Location Games
Escape Rope Escape Rope 2F, near the desk by the stairs  X  Y 
Mawilite Mawilite 2F, near the west staircase (post-game, between 8:00 and 8:59 PM; requires an upgraded Mega Ring)  X  Y 

In the anime

Shabboneau Castle in the anime

Shabboneau Castle appeared in Awakening the Sleeping Giant!. It is ruled by Lord Shabboneau, the owner of a Poké Flute that is played during an annual festival centered around a wild Snorlax. However, since Princess Allie from Parfum Palace had selfishly taken the flute for herself, the Snorlax couldn't be woken up, and its loud snoring was causing problems for the people of Camphrier Town. Eventually, Ash and his friends were able to retrieve the flute and return it to its rightful owner, allowing the festival to be conducted as planned.

In the manga

Shabboneau Castle in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

X & Y arc

Shabboneau Castle appeared in Glittering Diancie, where the castle's owner sent his men to search for the Mythical Pokémon Diancie. However, one of those men turned out to be a jewel thief, hired to steal Diancie. With the help of Korrina, Gurkinn, and Diantha, Diancie was saved, and the castle owner agreed to destroy all of his books about Diancie in order to keep the Pokémon's existence a secret from those who would try to steal it.

In other languages

Language Name Origin
Japanese ショボンヌ城 Shobonne Jō From しょぼい shoboi (shabby; gloomy)
English Shabboneau Castle From shabby
German Château Tristesse From tristesse (French for sadness)
Spanish Castillo Caduco From caduco (transient; deciduous)
French Fort de Vanitas From Vanitas
Italian Maniero Sottotono From sottotono (lackluster)
Korean 침울한 성 Chim'ul-han Seong From 침울한 chim'ul-han (melancholic)
Chinese (Mandarin) 遜畢勒城 / 逊毕勒城 Xùnbìlè Chéng* From 遜斃了 / 逊毙了 xùnbì le (it sucks)
懶洋洋城 Lǎnyángyáng Chéng* From 懶洋洋 lǎnyángyáng (languid)
Chinese (Cantonese) 遜畢勒城 Seunbātlahk Sèhng* From its Mandarin name
懶洋洋城 Láahnyèuhngyèuhng Sèhng From 懶洋洋 láahnyèuhngyèuhng (languid)
Danish Shabboneau-slottet From its English name
Finnish Shabboneaun linna From its English name
Norwegian Shabboneau-slottet From its English name
Swedish Shabboneau-slottet From its English name
Polish Zamek Shabboneau From its English name
Brazilian Portuguese Castelo de Shabboneau From its English name

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