Lord Shabboneau

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Lord Shabboneau

Lord Shabboneau (Japanese: ショボンヌ卿 King Shabboneau) is one of the characters of the day in Awakening the Sleeping Giant!. He is the ruler of Shabboneau Castle.

As the townspeople of Camphrier Town were having sleeping problems because of a noisy sleeping Snorlax, many tried to ask the lord to play the Poké Flute in order to wake it up for a festival in gratitude of Snorlax. However, Lord Shabboneau left them empty-handed every time with excuses instead. When Ash and his friends went to Shabboneau Castle to make the same request, Lord Shabboneau gave them the same excuses. His butler, having given in to Ash and friends' persistence, told the lord to just tell them the truth, and Lord Shabboneau admitted to not having the flute at the moment. Princess Allie of the neighboring Parfum Palace came one day and took the flute without asking because she thought it was pretty. Because Lord Shabboneau owed a lot to her father, he never tried to protest this. Ash volunteered to get the flute back from Allie, on the promise Lord Shabboneau would play the Flute on the Camphrier Town festival to wake up Snorlax.

Later, Ash and his friends (except Clemont, who was with Princess Allie) returned to Camphrier Town with the Flute they managed to retrieve. Delighted, Lord Shabboneau tried to play on it right away, but at that moment it was stolen by Team Rocket. Lord Shabboneau tried to warn Team Rocket that only himself was able to play it. Obviously, Team Rocket didn't believe this and had Jessie blow into it anyway. However, Jessie's Poké Flute playing was so bad it woke up Snorlax in anger. When Snorlax subsequently sent Team Rocket blasting off, the flute fell from the sky and was caught by Ash, who returned it to Lord Shabboneau. The lord proceeded to play it and, this time, Snorlax was calmed by the Flute's melody, allowing the festival to begin. and proceeded to eat the food the townspeople had offered it. Snorlax then left Camphrier Town.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 石塚運昇 Unshō Ishizuka
Finnish Arto Nieminen
Hebrew דור סרוגו Dor Srugo
Polish Zbigniew Kozłowski
Brazilian Portuguese Marcelo Pissardini
Russian Дмитрий Филимонов Dmitrii Filimonov
European Spanish David García Vázquez

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