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PUCL Podcast
Pokémon Underground Champions League
"It's the one, the only, PUCL Podcast!"
The Pokémon Underground Champions League's podcast art, featuring a close-up on the podcast's mascot, Suicune.
Language English
Status Podcast Active
Website Active
Run Podcast December 2007 - Present
Website 2009 - Present
Podcast debuted December 31, 2007
Last episode published {{{final}}}
Website opened April 2, 2009 (Current website as presumed by the host on Episode 90; the first website was a Webs.com site.)
Website closed {{{site_close}}}
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Creator(s) Thaddeus Asel (a.k.a. "Thatch") and "Professor Sycamore"
Host(s) "Thatch" et al.
Number of Episodes 562 (as of September 2022)
Forum {{{forum}}}
Mascot Suicune
Website PUCLPodcast.com
Feed PUCL Podcast RSS feed PUCL Podcast on Apple Podcasts PUCL Podcast on Google Podcasts PUCL Podcast on Spotify

The Pokémon Underground Champions League, also known as PUCL (pronounced PUCK-uhl), is a Pokémon-centric podcast and fan site hosted and run by Thaddeus "Tadj" Asel, better known as "Trainer Thatch". The podcast is known for its wacky humor, and is the successor to a short-lived podcast that debuted in March of that same year called PokéChat.


The Pokémon Underground Champions League podcast or PUCL Podcast is known for its bizarre and eccentric humor, which includes fake commercials and interviews, a prolonged announcer intro, various cracks made towards Pokémon, their listeners and community members (who they call "PUCLonians"), and the hosts themselves; and several other recurring gags.

It is also known for its many recurring co-hosts who joins host "Thatch" in many of his show's episodes, its longevity (more than four years as of their ninetieth episode on February 12, 2012).

The P.U.C.L Podcast, due in part to its longevity, is reportedly considered above average by both their listeners and the host, Thatch.[1]


Before P.U.C.L., Asel created a podcast called PokéChat that debuted in March 2007. The podcast ended after only a few episodes due to Asel's then-inexperience with podcasting and his dissatisfaction with the show's format.

Asel stated in an email to a Bulbapedia user, "P.U.C.L. was never actually intended to be a podcast."[2] When Diamond and Pearl were released, he had several friends playing the games in his high school during the fall of the same year. He and his friends decided to try to set up various Pokémon tournaments together and, jokingly, wanted to make a club out of it. They spent a couple of days trying to come up with an acronym that made a "word", coming up with "Pokémon Underground Champions" or "P.U.C." (pronounced "puck") and using it for a couple of weeks. They then added "League" to the end, making the acronym "P.U.C.L." Asel treats the name as nonsensical and hopes no one takes it as serious.[2]

100th Episode Celebration

For P.U.C.L's 100th episode on July 14, 2012, Thatch hosted a 12-hour long live stream in which he cleaned a friend's house and recorded the one-hundredth episode live. Members of the P.U.C.L. community that watched the live stream earned a special badge to show that they were there. Many members from the P.U.C.L. community watched the live stream in celebration of P.U.C.L.'s milestone.

With the publishing of episode 100, PUCL became the first Pokémon audio podcast to produce and release 100 episodes.


As aforementioned, the podcast has made up many segments and running gags throughout its run. These include:

  • Intro - The introduction to the show normally goes in the following order:
    • Teaser - The podcast begins with either a humorous phrase spoken by one of the hosts or a scene skit that the hosts set up as a joke. One of the podcast's most notable teases came on episode 89 when an exhausted Sarge came in and explained to listeners that the reason why they have not made a new episode since episode 88 was supposedly because he and Thatch went on a very inexpensive vacation to Mexico that went horribly wrong which supposedly ends up with Thatch dying at the U.S.-Mexico border, only for Thatch to come in yelling that the story was a lie and that he's just lazy. Other segments include the hosts pretending to forget what their segment was going to be about, and sometimes puns revolving around the week's topic.
    • "Theme song" of the episode - A random song was once played as the theme tune for the episode, with mostly various non-Pokémon-related rock and pop music played at the beginning. Pokémon-related songs have been played before, including official songs such as the original Pokémon Theme for the English dub and parodies of popular songs such as "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO; some in their entirety. Occasionally, the intro song would just be sung by the podcast's hosts. Since 2013, an official PUCL theme song was recorded by the band Bocefus and the Thunder Types. The transitions between segments were also recorded by this band led by one of PUCL's announcers, Bocefus.
    • Announcer - After the intro song of the episode is played, a campy announcer (Currently the voice of former comic Sarge) gives an introduction to the show in a humorously prolonged and ever-changing tone. The phrase as it currently is usually starts by saying a location in the Pokémon world where the podcast is supposedly being recorded then goes to its slogan, "It's the one, the only, PUCL Podcast!"
  • News - After the introduction, P.U.C.L. starts with a Pokémon news segment, with the hosts recapping recent Pokémon-related events. Once, this segment started and ended with a playing of "The Mission", a piece originally composed by John Williams for NBC's news programs.
  • P.U.C.L.'s Pokéquiz - Thatch quizzes his co-hosts on their innate Pokémon knowledge with 5 questions. There are up to 7 points available each week, with one of the five questions being worth 2 points and an additional bonus point being awarded if the contestants can correctly answer all of the questions without using their hint. The scores carry over from week to week in a race to 30 points. The co-hosts can receive additional points for their appearances on the supplementary podcasts that P.U.C.L. produces.
  • Main topic - The topic of the episode segment, which provides the titles for the podcast's episodes and is discussed by the hosts.
  • Interviews - Mock interviews have been a part of the P.U.C.L. Podcast since the second episode when the Day-Care Man from Four Island was the first "interviewee" as the episode focused on breeding. These interviews happened early on in the podcast's run, but have been become less common later on, only being done on occasion when the hosts feel like it. The interviews tend to have exaggerated versions of various characters.
  • Commercials - P.U.C.L. always has a commercial break filled with fake commercials during each episode, normally after the topic of the episode. The commercials start after one of the hosts says, "We will catch you on the flip-flop!" Some of the more notable "commercials" include:
  • "Poke" of the Episode - As with any other Pokémon podcast, P.U.C.L has a segment focusing on a Pokémon of the hosts' choosing. Referencing Smogon University's competitive usage articles, the hosts also look at their chosen Pokémon's Bulbapedia article and often read off the Pokémon's stats and "Trivia" section from there. Afterwards, they discuss their personal opinions of the chosen Pokemon.
  • Mailbag - Listeners of the P.U.C.L. send in e-mails and feedback and are read on the air as part of the "Mailbag" segment. P.U.C.L. then asks a "Mailbag Question" that is answered in most e-mails for the next episode. While it is still recorded as the listeners' most favorite part of the podcast, the theme song for it is no longer a playing of "Mailtime" from the Nickelodeon children's show Blue's Clues before Thatch and his co-hosts read the e-mails. Starting with episode 97, after they've read all the e-mails for the episode, the hosts award the "Green Tauros Badge" to an e-mailer who they think wrote the best e-mail of the episode based on grammar and content. The badge is added to the user's P.U.C.L. profile, provided that they have a profile on the website.
  • Outro/"Closing Time" - The podcast ends with Thatch giving a new "Mailbag Question" for the next episode and mentioning the e-mail address for listeners to send their feedback. After a bit of chatter and encouragement to check out the podcast's various social media outlets, Thatch usually says, "Until next time on the PUCL Podcast, I'm Trainer Thatch," then after the co-host(s) mention their names, Thatch continues, "And here at Lavender Town Radio Tower [where the podcast has supposedly been recorded], it's closing time." Before a recording of a P.U.C.L. unique closing song was made, during or after these final lines, the song "Closing Time" by alternative rock band Semisonic played (with the first verse usually coming in right after Thatch says "it's closing time") until it faded out after the first chorus.

Episode list


P.U.C.L. sits at 279 ratings in iTunes with a solid 4.5 star rating. Currently, it has 237 five star reviews, and 23 one star reviews.


The website is also called the Pokémon Underground Champions League, but is actually located at and called on the podcast, PUCLPodcast.com. The site has been redesigned several times; the most recent site renovation, called P.U.C.L. 5.0, was completed on June 20, 2012.


"Badges" were introduced in P.U.C.L. 5.0 along with improved user profiles for users. Similar to video game achievements, they are awarded to users to do P.U.C.L.-related things, such as following the podcast and website on social networking sites, writing a P.U.C.L. Podcast review on iTunes, and winning P.U.C.L. League tournaments. Some badges require users to send an e-mail to P.U.C.L. stating that they've completed the task required to earn the particular badge, while others are given out for certain one-time-only events, such as the "PUCL 100 Badge" for watching the 100th Episode Celebrations live. Badges also have points attached to them, similar to Xbox Live Gamerscores; the top ten users with the most badge points are shown on a leaderboard on the website's sidebar.

Badges as of now represents someone's ability to enter the U.U.T.C. which is a P.U.C.L tournament. However only specific badges will allow the player accesses to the tournament, most of them gained by winning Pokémon battles against the staff members of P.U.C.L, or doing things involving there social media pages.

Badge list


The website currently runs its chat through Discord.

P.U.C.L. Block

The P.U.C.L. Block was a live video show hosted by Thatch and a number of past staff members, with Infinity the show's "Conan O'Brien" aka Big Kahuna would end with either small news segments or just a story of his adventures in Pokémon.


The "P.U.C.L. League" is the competitive battling portion of the Pokémon Underground Champions League. It has recently been redone for the new P.U.C.L. 5.0 site redesign.



Host, webmaster, and co-founder of P.U.C.L..
Current Secretary of P.U.C.L., and Musical Consultant
Occasionally a co-host.
"Artist formally Known as Mister Thingy" A.K.A Ethan
Admin / Author
Editor in Chief and Recurring Cohost
PokéNews article writer and Recurring Cohost
Tournament Organizer and Recurring Cohost
Social Media Outreach Professional
Beorn, LordJushiro, MickeyPanda, TheFluffiestWhimsicott, and SublimeManic
The remaining members of the P.U.C.L Writing Team.


All past staff mentioned here have been co-hosts on the podcast.

Professor Sycamore
First recurring co-host and co-founder of P.U.C.L.
Recurring co-host and "funny man".
The Apprentice
Recurring co-host.
Recurring co-host.
Recurring co-host
Mister Thingy
Writer/"Podcast Preparation Specialist".
Site sponsor.
Site developer from P.U.C.L. 2.0 to 4.0.
Green Tauros Guy
Former forums moderator.


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