Pokémon Lover's Club

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Pokémon Lover's Club
ポケモンだいすきクラブ Pokémon Lovers Club
Pokémon Lover's Club.png
Pokémon Lover's Club
Region Kanto
Debut Hypno's Naptime

The Pokémon Lover's Club (Japanese: ポケモンだいすきクラブ Pokémon Lovers Club) is an organization whose headquarters is located in HopHopHop Town.

The club's headquarters is located at the very top of a skyscraper in the middle of the city. Its members appear to be mostly middle-aged adults who love and care about Pokémon. While the club owns several Pokémon, it is never mentioned if its members do or not.

It made its only anime appearance in Hypno's Naptime. After several children went missing in the town, Ash, his friends, and Officer Jenny were able to find a potential clue at the Pokémon Lover's Club. It was there where they learned that all of the members suffer from insomnia. After having the club's Drowzee evolve into Hypno, the club members had it use Hypnosis on them. However, an unforeseen side-effect caused children who were exposed to the wave to act like Pokémon, and all the Pokémon in town to become sleepy. With the help of the club's other Drowzee, the problem was solved, and the club stopped using Pokémon to help with their insomnia.


HopHopHop Town Drowzee.png
HopHopHop Town Hypno.png
Drowzee → Hypno

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 愛好寵物小精靈俱樂部
Mandarin 神奇寶貝愛好者俱樂部 / 神奇宝贝爱好者俱乐部 Shénqíbǎobèiàihǎozhě Jùlèbù
神奇寶貝迷俱樂部 / 神奇宝贝迷俱乐部 Shénqíbǎobèiàihǎomí Jùlèbù
Finland Flag.png Finnish Pokémonien ystäväin seura
Italy Flag.png Italian Club degli amanti dei Pokémon
Poland Flag.png Polish Klub Przyjaciół Pokémonów
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Pokémonvännernas klubb



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