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PS009 : ...But Fearow Itself!
Red, Green & Blue arc
PS011 : Buzz Off, Electabuzz!
Danger: High Voltorb
VS ビリリダマ
VS Biriridama
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 10 in Vol. 1
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 10 in The Snorlax Stop
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 10 in Vol. 1
Series Pokémon Adventures

Danger: High Voltorb (Japanese: VS ビリリダマ VS Biriridama) is the tenth chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

Red and his Pokémon are out for some fresh air on the hills near Vermilion City when he points out the ocean, then catching notice of a boat named the S.S. Anne, which he decides to investigate. A few minutes later, Red is in front of the ship, and he decides to sneak onboard, getting an opportunity by hiding in the shadow of a Sailor carrying a large box onto the ship. Running around the deck, he wonders how far he can go before he gets caught.

A rattling box on the deck catches his attention, not seeing anything at a second glance, he continues. His previous enthusiasm is gone as he sneaks through the hallways of the ship with a nervous expression on his face. An eye glints in the dark at him through the window to another room. Wondering what it could be, he looks through the window, and comes face to face with a mysterious Pokémon, causing him to yell and stumble backwards onto the ground, drawing the attention of the ship's crew, who kick him off.

Figuring that what he saw must have been a Pokémon, he wonders about what it was doing on a ship, as someone approaches him from behind. He is revealed to be a finely dressed man with a large beard and mustache. He notices Red's Poké Balls, congratulating him for being a Trainer at such a young age. He takes Red's Poké Balls, demanding to be shown what kind of Pokémon he has, as Red stammers and tries to get him to stop. With Red's Pokémon released, the man compliments them, declaring Red an honorary member of the Pokémon Fan Club. Now in Vermilion City, the man, who is the Pokémon Fan Club Chairman, walks him down to the fan club, inviting him inside.

Inside the building, as the Chairman, Red, and his Pokémon arrive, a group of Pokéfans are chatting about their Pokémon, the Chairman stating proudly that you'll never a group of people more dedicated to Pokémon than them. The Chairman calls everyone's attention, introducing Red as the newest member, much to Red's consternation. The members of the fan club quickly begin admiring and petting Poli, Saur, and Pika. One girl asks how long Red has had Poli for, and it's revealed Red has had him since he was a child and Poli was only a Poliwag, with the girl commenting on how well-behaved he is. As Red mentions they've been training and battling together for a long time, the fan club goes quiet.

The Chairman questions if Red has his Pokémon do battle, leaving Red confused, as he wouldn't know what else to do with them. He says that Pokémon need to battle to be able to evolve, to which the Chairman says that they all want to keep their Pokémon small and cute forever. Suddenly, a boy bursts into the club, yelling that someone stole his Exeggutor. The fan club lets out a collective gasp, and the Chairman lets out a few tears, saddened that yet another theft has taken place. It's revealed that the Chairman's Abra has been stolen only a month prior, and other members in the club say that it's been happening to them as well. The Chairman breaks down in heavy sobs in front of a framed picture of him with his Abra, bemoaning that there's nothing they can do.

Red rises to the challenge, demanding to be told everything he can about what's been going on. As the Chairman is being consoled, Red is informed that the abductions happen about the same point every month. As it would be too difficult for anyone except the Trainer to get the Pokémon inside their Poké Balls, he figures the thieves must have some way of transporting the Pokémon full-size. He wonders what could be large enough to store so many Pokémon, as he sees the S.S. Anne from earlier out the window, causing a realization in him. He asks where it's headed, and finds out that the Vermilion City Gym Leader Lt. Surge uses it to transport supplies to Cinnabar Island. Red wonders if a Gym Leader really needs a shipful of supplies, and quickly rushes to leave. The Chairman stops him, asking Red to leave behind Pika for the time being so they can cuddle.

This time, Red plans to enter the ship from a different angle, getting into the water and having Saur lift him and Poli up to the deck. Red sneaks back into the room where he spotted the mysterious Pokémon, finding it empty. Just as he starts to worry he might be imagining things, he spots a loose Poké Ball on the ground. Picking it up, it reveals itself to actually be a Voltorb, striking both him and Poli with an electric attack. Poli is able to repel the Voltorb back with an attack, but collapses onto the ground afterwards. Red tries to ask what's wrong, as Lt. Surge approaches from behind, explaining that Water-types conduct electricity very well.

A crowd of Electric-types surround Red as he holds Poli close. Lt. Surge remarks that he's known for running a tight ship, and won't take it easy on any trespassers.

Major events

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Pokémon debuts





  • The suspicious Pokémon locked in a room on the S.S. Anne is a Hitmonlee.
  • The English title is based on the words commonly seen on a high voltage sign, Danger: High Voltage.


  • Red says in this chapter that is very difficult to catch a Pokémon that already belongs to another Trainer, counteracting the fact that in the games, a Pokémon owned by a Trainer cannot be caught.
  • When Red calls the chairman a weird old man, it is misspelled as wierd.

Translation edits

  • In the Chuang Yi and VIZ versions, A states on the newsletter: "That's the last bath I'll take with my Tentacool!" This contradicts her later appearance in The Last Battle XIII, where she is seen bathing with her Tentacool again.

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PS009 : ...But Fearow Itself!
Red, Green & Blue arc
PS011 : Buzz Off, Electabuzz!
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