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PS365 : Crafty Carnivine
Diamond & Pearl arc
PS367 : Suffering Psyduck
Floatzel and Jetsam
Victory and Fight Money
VS フローゼル
VS Floazel
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 366 in Vol. 33
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 29 in Vol. 4
Series Pokémon Adventures

Floatzel and Jetsam (Japanese: VS フローゼル VS Floatzel), titled VS Floatzel in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 366th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 29th chapter of the Diamond & Pearl arc. It is subtitled Victory and Fight Money (Japanese: 勝利とファイトマネー Victory and Fight Money) in the VIZ Media translation and Victory and Fight Money in the Chuang Yi translation.


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Platinum continues her battle against Crasher Wake at the Pastoria Gym, still covered in mud after the incident at the Great Marsh. Empoleon and Floatzel have taken their fight to the water, and are both swimming at a rapid pace. Right as Floatzel attempts to close the gap between itself and Empoleon, Empoleon unleashes a powerful Vacuum Wave. The attack knocks out Floatzel, leading Crasher Wake to call on his second Pokémon, Quagsire.

Empoleon hops out of the water and onto the platform where Quagsire stands. They both use Blizzard attacks against each other, but because Empoleon has already become tired out after fighting Floatzel, it is overpowered by Quagsire. Platinum is forced to send out Tru to take Empoleon's place. To Diamond's amusement and Pearl's frustration, Tru and Quagsire battle incredibly slowly.

Tru and Quagsire both push against the other, and Diamond and Pearl realize that this match will come down to strength. Quagsire lifts Tru up into the air, then swings it towards the edge of the arena. As Tru slides across the ground, one of its spikes hooks onto Platinum’s overalls. Both of them are thrown into the water.

The pool begins to cloud up with the mud that coated Platinum, obscuring the water completely. Crasher Wake spots bubbles coming from the surface, and realizes that Platinum must have passed out while under the water. He orders some Sailors in his Gym to rescue her, when suddenly her voice is heard behind him. Crasher Wake turns in shock to see Platinum and Tru on the other side of the arena. While he is caught off guard, Platinum commands Tru to use Giga Drain. Quagsire is knocked out, giving Platinum the victory.

Platinum reveals to everyone that she learned her strategy from the Safari Game. From the Carnivine the three had encountered in the Great Marsh, Platinum had learned the importance of using camouflage in battle; from sinking under the mud, Platinum discovered the use of bubbles to help people above the surface find someone's location. Pearl realizes that Platinum had used her overalls to create bubbles and trick Crasher Wake into thinking he knew where she was, and then swam to the other side of the arena with Tru.

Platinum approaches Crasher Wake and asks him if he will earn any prize money from the fight, as she recalls learning from an old woman that he uses his earnings to maintain Pastoria City. He assures her that he will, and she commends him for the work he does for the city, making him blush. Crasher Wake then awards her the Fen Badge.

Finally cleaned up and out of their overalls, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum continue their adventure to Mt. Coronet.

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  • The VIZ Media title of this chapter comes from the nautical terms "Flotsam", used to describe wrecks that are found in the water either because of purposeful or accidental discarding, and "Jetsam" refers to all objects that are thrown purposefully by a vessel due to emergencies of any kind. This is fitting as Crasher Wake is a Water-type specialist.


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PS365 : Crafty Carnivine
Diamond & Pearl arc
PS367 : Suffering Psyduck
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