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Hurray for Heracross/Heads On Heracross
VS ヘラクロス
VS Heracros
Chapter Gold, Silver & Crystal
Collected in Vol. 11
Round number 134
Location Ruins of Alph
Previous Round Absolutely Azumarill
Next Round Lively Larvitar

Hurray for Heracross or Heads On Heracross (Japanese: VS ヘラクロス VS Heracros) is the 134th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

Suicune enters the Ruins of Alph and sees Bugsy tell some researchers about the Unown. Suddenly, an Unown G comes off the wall. Bugsy sends out his Heracross and then uses his net to catch the Unown. Afterwards, Bugsy hands the Unown to one of the researchers to study. Bugsy then walks off, but sees something and decides to follow it.

He ends up at a chamber that has UnownA.pngUnownN.pngUnownA.pngUnownN.pngUnownU.pngUnownK.pngUnownE.png written on it. Bugsy determines that it is referring to an Escape Rope. He gets out an Escape Rope, which causes the wall in front of him to crumble. Bugsy almost gets hit by debris, but his Heracross protects him.

Behind the rubble is Suicune, who starts to battle Bugsy. He sends out his two Metapod and two Kakuna. Heracross rams into Suicune, but is thrown upward by Suicune. The Metapod and Kakuna all use String Shot and some more sticky material comes out of Bugsy's net. He reveals that it is a Capture Net, which uses the same material as Poké Balls. Suicune starts to be pulled into a Great Ball, but breaks the net with an Aurora Beam.

Afterwards Bugsy sees another chamber, this time with the inscription: UnownH.pngUnownO.pngUnownU.pngUnownO.pngUnownU.png. The next day, Bugsy tells the research forum that the inscription translates to Ho-Oh.

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Pokémon debuts



  • Bugsy
  • Bugsy's research colleagues




  • The Unown symbols that Bugsy finds translates to 'ANANUKE' yet when Bugsy's device translates it, it becomes 'ROPE ESCAPE". When he finds another set of symbols that translates to 'HOUOU', Bugsy translates it to Ho-Oh. Houou is the Japanese name for Ho-Oh.
    • Technically, that isn't an error, only a double translation. The 'ANANUKE' is the romaji of a shortened version of the Japanese name for Escape Rope. Since the symbols were backwards, the translation will be backwards too.
    • This error was fixed in the Brazilian and Italian translations by changing the Unown symbols to 'CORDA' and 'FUGA' respectively, which are a shortened version of the Brazilian Portuguese and Italian translation of Escape Rope, "Corda de Fuga" and "Fune di Fuga".
  • In the Brazilian translation, Ho-Oh is misspelled as "Ho-oh".
  • When Bugsy is talking about the 'HO OH' Unown Symbols on the research forum in the Brazilian translation, he says there are five ancient letters represented by these symbols, instead of four.

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