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PS132 : Suddenly Suicune (Part 3)
Gold, Silver & Crystal arc
PS134 : Hurray for Heracross
Absolutely Azumarill
VS マリルリ
VS Marilli
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 133 in Vol. 11
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 133 in Vol. 11
Series Pokémon Adventures

Absolutely Azumarill (Japanese: VS マリルリ VS Marilli), titled Catch That Azumarill! in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 133rd chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 43rd chapter of the Gold, Silver & Crystal arc.


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On Route 42 Crystal is still trying to capture the Psyduck. She decides to look at her Pokédex, only to discover that is broken. Meanwhile, the Psyduck sneaks into a river and gets away. Suddenly, Crystal thinks of trying to catch other Pokémon, such as a Weedle, Caterpie, and Hoppip, and failing. She realizes that when she fell from the Tin Tower, her Pokédex broke. Since it is broken, the tracking system doesn't work, so she can't find Suicune. She remembers when she started to train.

Her only Pokémon was Chumee. One day while practicing throwing Poké Balls at a target, and not doing so well with her aim, a wild Arcanine appeared and chased her. She tripped and broke her arms, then fainted.

The flashback ends and Crystal says that she might not be able to complete the Pokédex like this. And she can't call Professor Oak because her Pokégear is broken too. Suddenly, a wild Azumarill appears and runs past with her mother in pursuit. Her mother is ecstatic at seeing her daughter and says hello to Crystal's Pokémon. She notices the new member of Crystal's party and asks what Chikorita's name is. Crystal introduces her to Megaree and her mother reveals that she taught Crystal to put "ee" at the end of her Pokémon's nicknames. She gives Crystal Poké Balls made by Kurt and asks her to catch the Azumarill. Crystal tries, but the Poké Ball bounces off the Azumarill, which sinks below the surface of the pond. Crystal tells her mother about what's happening to her, Suicune, and her mission to complete the Pokédex. Her mother tells her to go back to the place where she started training after yelling at her/slapping her.

Later, Crystal is at Mt. Mortar. She ties up her arms and begins to train again, while a Larvitar watches her.

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Translation edits

  • In the VIZ Media edition, the scene where Crystal is slapped by Mirei is changed to Mirei glaring at her. However, everyone in the scene is left unedited as if she had still slapped her.

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PS132 : Suddenly Suicune (Part 3)
Gold, Silver & Crystal arc
PS134 : Hurray for Heracross
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