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PS117 : Slugging It Out with Slugma
Gold, Silver & Crystal arc
PS119 : A Flaaffy Kerfuffle
Three Cheers for Chikorita
VS チコリータ
VS Chicorita
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 118 in Vol. 10
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 118 in Vol. 10
Series Pokémon Adventures

Three Cheers for Chikorita (Japanese: VS チコリータ VS Chicorita), titled VS Chikorita in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 118th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 28th chapter of the Gold, Silver & Crystal arc.


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At Professor Oak's second research center in Cherrygrove City, Professor Oak suggests that Crystal begin catching the Pokémon in the area. However, to his surprise, Crystal has already caught all of the Pokémon in the area on the way there. Professor Oak asks if she is going to take any with her, but she says she has her team already. After Crystal leaves, Professor Elm scolds Professor Oak for not introducing him to Crystal, and disappointingly tells Chikorita that he cannot go with Crystal on her adventure. Surprised and angry, Chikorita scratches Professor Elm on the face and runs away to find Crystal.

On Route 30, Crystal is trying to capture a Victreebel. She tells Archy to use Ember when Chikorita suddenly appears in front of Victreebel, forcing Crystal to stop the attack. The Victreebel then uses Chikorita as a shield, seeing him as a way to escape. Crystal then tells Chumee to use Mean Look, finally capturing the Victreebel. Crystal is glad to be able to catch both the Victreebel and Chikorita, and tells Chikorita that she is going to send both of them to Professor Oak. However, Chikorita refuses and shows that he wants to stay with her. Crystal is happy to hear that, but she tells him that she cannot bring a Pokémon that is weak. Chikorita flexes his muscles, trying to look strong enough for Crystal.

Crystal sends out Chikorita, but tells him that he has to battle with Monlee. Chikorita uses Razor Leaf, but is shocked when Monlee punches away the leaves. Monlee then uses Mega Punch and breaks the ground. As the ground starts to give way, Chikorita hangs on tight. Once the shaking stops, Crystal smiles and tells Chikorita that no Pokémon has ever taken Monlee's Mega Punch in the face before. She tells him that he has mega guts, and thus decides to name him Megaree. She explains to Chikorita about all the Pokémon in her team and asks Chumee if she could give Megaree her star pendant. Chumee agrees, making everyone happy.

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PS117 : Slugging It Out with Slugma
Gold, Silver & Crystal arc
PS119 : A Flaaffy Kerfuffle
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