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カラぴょん Karapyon
Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Crystal's Cubone
Debuts in Slugging It Out with Slugma
Caught at Mt. Mortar
Gender Male
Ability Lightning Rod
Nature Lonely
Current location With Crystal
This Pokémon has not evolved.

Bonee (Japanese: カラぴょん Karapyon), is a Cubone owned by Crystal in the Pokémon Adventures manga. As of With a Little Help From Hitmonchan, he is at level 73, and his Characteristic is that he is "highly persistent."


Gold, Silver & Crystal arc

Bonee and Crystal

Crystal first met Bonee when she was training to be a capture pro. It is there where an Arcanine was rampaging out of control due to an eye injury. Due to this, Crystal fell and broke her arms. Bonee and Monlee decided to intervene and attack the Arcanine to drive him away. After Crystal woke up, they led her to the Arcanine, which she managed to calm down. Crystal added him to her team after the incident and Bonee used his bones to help her recover.

Bonee first showed up in Slugging It Out with Slugma alongside Crystal's other Pokémon to help prove her capturing skills to Professor Oak.

In Suddenly Suicune I, Bonee battled Suicune to try and help Crystal catch it. Crystal started by having Bonee attack with Bonemerang, which is dodged by Suicune. Despite this, Crystal revealed that it was part of her plan; the Bonemerang reversed direction, surprising Suicune, although it was dodged again. After failing to catch Suicune, Crystal sends Bonee and Archy after it. Bonee rides on Archy and uses False Swipe while Archy tackled it. While it appeared as though Suicune blocked it, it soon became obvious that a translucent wall between Suicune and Bonee was made. Bonee, alongside Crystal and Archy, attempted to keep the wall from closing but in the end, Suicune closed it and escaped, breaking Bonee's bone in the process.

In Slick Slowking, Bonee battled Sham and Carl alongside Gold's Politoed, Polibo. Polibo puts Sham's Slowking and Carl's Magcargo to sleep with Hypnosis, allowing Bonee to attack Slowking with Bone Rush. However, Sham has Slowking strike back with Snore, preventing the Lonely Pokémon from landing a solid hit, and forcing Crystal to recall him.

Emerald arc

Bonee battling Brandon's Regice

In You Need to Chill Out, Regice, Bonee was loaned to Emerald for his Battle Pyramid challenge against Brandon and his Regice. Regice began the battle by stomping with its leg, with Bonee barely managing to block with his bone. Bonee managed to block the attack for a long time but his bone eventually shattered under the pressure and Bonee was knocked out. Despite fainting Regice is quickly knocked out by Emerald's Sceptile, who was brought back thanks to a Revive.

In Skirting Around Surskit II, Bonee worked alongside Monlee to help Emerald capture Jirachi. Emerald has Monlee use Mach Punch to prevent Jirachi from moving by threatening to attack with his super fast punches. While Monlee kept Jirachi distracted, Bonee whipped out a pair of nunchaku made of bones. Bonee threw the nunchaku, which spun around Jirachi's body and bound it. However, due to interference from Guile Hideout, the capture fails.

HeartGold & SoulSilver arc

In Pleased as Punch With Parasect, Bonee battled Team Rocket Executive Ariana and her Arbok. Despite putting up a good fight, he was easily overwhelmed and defeated.

Personality and characteristics

Bonee is a gentle and caring Pokémon, as shown when he took care of Crystal after she broke her arms. He is also a powerful Pokémon and one of Crystal's first choices when she needs a strong Pokémon. He shows no fear when entering battle and takes his opponents head-on, even when facing strong Legendary and Mythical Pokémon such as Suicune, Regice, and Jirachi.

Moves used

Bonee Bone Club.png
Using Bone Club
Move First Used In
Bonemerang Surrounded by Staryu
Bone Club Querulous Qwilfish
False Swipe Querulous Qwilfish*
Bone Rush Slick Slowking*
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


Language Name Origin
Japanese カラぴょん Karapyon From カラカラ Karakara and ~ぴょん -pyon
English Bonee From Cubone and -ee
French Osselou From Osselait and -ou
German Trago From Tragosso
Italian Cuby From Cubone
Spanish Cupeon From Cubone and -peon
Korean 탕구뿅 Tangguppyong From 탕구리 Tangguri and ~뿅 -pyong
Chinese (Mandarin) 可拉蹦跳 Kělābèngtiào* From 可拉可拉 Kělākělā and ~蹦跳 -bèngtiào
可拉 Kělā*
可拉蹦 Kělābèng*
From 可拉可拉 Kělākělā
From 可拉可拉 Kělākělā and ~蹦 -bèng
Chinese (Cantonese) 卡拉蹦跳 Kālāaibaahngtiu From 卡拉卡拉 Kālāaikālāai and ~蹦跳 -baahngtiu
Brazilian Portuguese Bonechi From Cubone and -chi
Vietnamese Karapyon Transliteration of Japanese name

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