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Lapras Lazily
VS ラプラス
VS Laplace
Chapter Yellow
Collected in Vol. 4
Round number 50
Location Route 10
Pokémon Center
Abandoned Power Plant
Previous Round As Gastly as Before
Next Round Electro Magneton

Lapras Lazily (Japanese: VS ラプラス VS Laplace) is the 50th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Blue begins to tell Yellow what he was doing while Red was battling Giovanni.

In a flashback, Blue is surfing across the sea on his Golduck, when he gets attacked by a wild Lapras. After a short battle Blue catches the Lapras and heads to shore to check its Pokédex entry. As he does so, he is approached by a young boy who tells him to give his Lapras back. Blue comments that he shouldn't have been able to catch it if it belonged to another Trainer, to which the boy responds that he'd been tracking it for weeks. Blue points out that doesn't make it the boy's and begins to walk off, at which point the boy begs him for help.

Later at a Pokémon Center, Blue contacts his grandfather for advice, and is told that what the boy is saying is true. There are shadows that have been floating out of the abandoned Power Plant, attracting Ghost-type Pokémon inside. Blue than says that he will accompany the boy to the Power Plant to get his Haunter back, and heads towards the site, where a wild Magnemite floats around and an old lady stands, with Ghost Pokémon by her side.

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